Extraterrestrials and Racism

Racism is ignorance which is taught. Racism against ETs is no different than racism against humans, with the important distinction there’s only one human race, with different physical characteristics.

Let’s talk about #Pleiadians. Some humans have mixed feelings about the importance of Pleiadians to Earth when learning about different ETs simply because they have white skin. This comes from a misunderstanding about what humans actually are.

All humans are immortal Souls, not bodies. Every Soul has experienced every human race as part of a Soul Plan. The variety of characteristics on Earth was designed for a variety of human experiences.

Pleiadians are the primary ‘parents’ of humans and protectors of Earth but that doesn’t mean humans are descended from Pleiadians. Nor are Pleiadians future versions of humans. They’re native to different dimensions and humans have never procreated with extraterrestrials.

There are blue, green and red people on crafts above us. It’s never been about 1:1 representation between humans and star races. Every physical human feature is represented by an ET race somewhere in the universe, not necessarily the ones here now. Ideas of race and diversity have become a form of control used against humans.

Which ET race are humans the most afraid of? Orion Reptilians. This fear isn’t unfounded as they are one of the main groups who have manipulated Earth. For this reason humans have always had a subconscious fear of Reptilians. Zeta Greys would be a close second because they have abducted humans.

Orions have incarnated into elite bloodlines and they hide in astral. There are also benevolent Orions among the Elohim of #GalacticFederation who originally upgraded humans. The lesson here is that good and evil isn’t about what race you are but your personal decisions.

There’s unfortunately a lot of bad info in the disclosure community from sources telling stories of humans being prisoners of Reptilians, and Pleiadians fighting to free humans from captivity. This is all entertainment with no substance.

There’s no power struggle. Dark forces are not free to do whatever they like but are given limited ability to manipulate. Humans do evil to each other.

Genuine Pleiadian contactees share spiritual teaching and messages. The most important thing Pleiadians are working on now is our ascension which inauthentic sources just don’t get.

As we’ve explained Earth isn’t a prison. It’s a school for Soul development preparing 3D Earth to become a 5D galactic civilization. No one is fighting to save us. Earth-native souls have nowhere else to be and starseeds return home between lifetimes.

God-Source didn’t put us in a prison and isn’t fighting a “devil”. These are human stories to explain what humans don’t understand.

The most important distinction between God-Source and Elohim are that Souls, Planets and Universes were created by God-Source, but humans were genetically upgraded by advanced ETs, called Elohim and “sky gods” by ancient humans.

The 5 most powerful ET races of Galactic Federation are immortal and have powers that would seem like magic to humans. They’re all Soul-incarnated as humans now and choose to forget who they are. All except the Orions are in cloaked crafts above, working in hidden bases and walking among us disguised as humans. Orions will stay away until after the Shift.

Negative Orions and Sirians have manipulated Earth but it doesn’t mean all are bad. This is like saying humans are evil because there have been some evil humans. Individuals have free will.

There are no perfect races, including Pleiadians. Pleiadians have made mistakes too. Humans need to evolve consciously to discern individuals by their actions and not judge entire races. Humans are in no position to judge anyone. Every Soul has played a villain in other lifetimes.

Can you handle real diversity? Soon Earth will meet beings that are nothing like humans. It will happen in this lifetime.