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Please take time to read this article with supporting documentation exposing one of the biggest frauds on earth perpetrated by the Federal Reserve banking cartel.  This is a sanctioned white hat’s report.  I was given permission to publish the full article but SCRIBD is blocking me from accessing the supporting documentation.  Because of this I am linking to the full report until I gain access to embedded Scribd html code.

Please visit http://www.oneworldofnations.com/2018/01/our-last-stand-report-9-exposing-biggest-fraud-on-earth.html for the full report.  Below is a snippet for your review.

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One World of Nations
Our Last Stand Series
29 January 2018

Exposing the biggest Fed Quad Trillion Scam on Earth and putting the Spotlight on the Fed’s worst possible Nightmare. Remember how Madoff came down? Exposure and Closure!

Before we take you to the key and real case of trusting Yohannes Riyadi (YR), who has been deceived and betrayed for decades by the Washington and New York Zionist Cabal, each time he has tried from his heart to found Hospitals, Medical Centers, and make a real contribution to humanity and mankind, his US Treasury Check Fed account has been denied. Yet we had confirmed it as real. His is the largest US FRB-NY (Federal Reserve Bank of New York) and US Treasury / Agency scam on the planet and he is the innocent victim. As are many more. Such vast amounts have been plundered and wasted, so much as could regenerate the Global economies, and fund the long awaited nations currency RVs (Revaluations). The Travesty of Justice, that is the FRB-NY and HS (Homeland Security), has a lot to answer for. This truth can set America and the Elders free. Truth the world needs. It’s time now for a Free Democratic world. No more of their Banking Shylocks.

Now, at last following a trusted, highly reputable law office from a recognised sovereign nation is performing the Herculean task and endeavours to progress his long deserving case, China is coming on board via Beijing. Truth will be verified. His Ancestral case and history has been checked and also verified, as we also did, to determine that YR has a truthful and bona fide case. One of so many more unfortunate trusting US Hegemony victims. Like the other 4,500+ looted Elders accounts, all are victims. All trusted the US, and all paid. Ask the Native Americans about Hegemony?

The bad news for the US FRB (Federal Reserve Bank) is that China will soon become a partial Benefactor and they will be served with the biggest Chinese Redemption Marker you ever conceived. Those are Chinese Ancestral Assets they STOLE! Their secrets will not stay buried.

These assets, if correctly used, can rebuild America, Asia and Europe. Where have these vast funds been going to because None met the Elders Ethos. We need to free them up and Feed Need not Greed!

Payback time is coming. Why has Mr Riyadi never been been paid? Why keep renewing his contracts if not correct? Where have the vast profits gone? We could so much have helped America and the world. Mr Riyadi, from the heart, will assist nations and good causes once we unlock the claws of these Pariahs. What you will see will show you your Deep State. We need President Trump to Deep 6 the lot! Clean the Swamp! Let’s get America working again. Redeem Trust and Repay Mr Riyadi!

Expose and end these US Treasury and FRB-NY LIES! Pay back what is owed!

We will expose the mistruths about his nonexistent links to Saurin, the US HS (Homeland Security) criminal protected asset used to pull off the Pureheart scam in preceding Our Last Stand series articles. Not to confuse, this one focuses on trusting YR and his betrayal by unscrupulous US parties. The case is that these misappropriated funds must be redeemed and used for Global good! Including the RVs! No more funding false US bases. These funds are to fund humanity, not the FRB-NY Cabal and their ilk. Pay – Back what is owed and let YR help so many good causes and needs! Instead as with Leo Wanta and so many more, they lie, obfuscate, malign reputations and conceal truth. End the cover ups and redeem what is owed.

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