Explanation of the Old Occult Financial System Structure – (Pindar, Dragon Families, M1, Black Book, Spiritual White Boy)

This information may be good for research purposes, especially those who have been following the occult financial matrix over the last few decades. 


Sovereign People of Planet Earth Acting Knowledgeably




by Kim-Possible

In order to understand all this information that is being presented to you M1’s, Marcos, Trustees, Claimants you firstly have to understand the ORDER, the STRUCTURE and the PLAN. Marcos held the position of PINDAR aka “Penis of the Dragon”, the PINDAR was/is the controller of the families. The 13th seat, the highest ranking member of all DRAGONS. Marcos legally died in the 80’s but continued his position for many years later until 2015 when a new PINDAR was appointed.

That position has changed hands 2 more times since, every year in October as each one failed to do what the “Families” wanted. Votes were cast, virgins sacrificed and to whom may you ask? Well lets get down to that now.. What do the families want? CONTROL. One World Council, Divine Council of 13. Full control of all assets a task given to the Pindar each time a new one is appointed. In the picture below is a 6ft long 3ft wide document. In the middle you see the Sun Tzu Wheel, this is the hierarchy of the ORDER..No Pindar here. 3 in the middle, a Father Mr. A, and his two Sons, Mr. M (Not marcos) and Mr. E… All gone now, but this is their old structure. The next layer out on the wheel is “The Parents” herders of “The Children” 21 originally.

Next layer out you have Coven Masters,Then Coven Members, these were the makers of alchemy and black magic summoning the Jinn/Demons/Lucifer/Satan etc… Then you have a whole brood of “Slaves” in the big block below them.. Still not to THE FAMILIES yet… Below the big block of initials you then get down to “The Families” and “Governments” below.. This is why I tell you, names? Trustees? Sukarno? Keenan? Hudes? Wolfgang? Monroe? Old documents? All just crap for the Slave Masters to feel important. Titles? Rings? Who cares. Given to Slave Masters to make them feel important so they will sell their souls.. The Title of this Document is GLOBAL MARSHALL LAW which this planet WAS sequestered to for 16,000 years. No longer as of 2016. Peace was declared.

The members in the Sun Tzu wheel lost, we won. The parties whom appear in the block all agreed, no longer Slaves to the Slave Master. Do the “Dragon Families” know this? Oh most certainly, they just keep changing out Pindars. I liken this to appointing a new Captain to the Titanic.. “Hey people the ship sank” but whatever. THESE ARE NOT CODES THESE ARE NAMES. I heard some people ranting “blurry codes” THESE ARE NOT CODES..

Here in the Sun Tzu wheel you will notice only a few positions being held by “HUMAN” hmmm.. The parties I had to listen to every day for 5 years were the three in the middle..You have no idea what Evil existed in this world until you met THEM. Thieves, liars, herders, conquerors…

Now lets address the questions all of you have been asking.. Mr. Filipino man, Did he say his name? I dunno.. didn’t watch the whole video.. Here we go..

Spiritual White Boy Accounts were all SUB ACCOUNTS, none of them could be accessed directly, you have to go through the MASTER ACCOUNT and they ARE NOT and WERE NEVER based at UBS.. Now is this “Proof” of existence so super secret and so special? Those accounts are all over the dang internet.. I can package them up for you in a pretty bow, special binder, gold seal, green seal.. Is that Proof? No. It is proof you can google and print.. Yeah! Most of you can do the same. For the Record “Anthony Martin” was a Filipino about 4 ft tall, looked kinda like Tattoo from the show “Fantasy Island” and died in 1998. He worked for Marcos. The accounts were under the name “Morning star” as in Lucifer.. were used mostly by “An Agency” and people were given ledger books. No more details on that one, but you get the picture. Anthony Martin was an order taker of an order taker of an order taker and so on…

Google “Anthony Martin Spiritual White Boy” and pull up the accounts this man claims he controls yourself.. You now are the new M1 Congratulations.. lol.

Lets talk about Keenan and his “Black Book” Sure the book is “Black” in color, big with a lot of numbers in it he got from Some guy in Indonesia. How nice. It is old, outdated, he doesn’t know what to do with it, it was created BEFORE everything went into Quantum System, and he has been trying to “SELL IT” ever since. Apparently he couldn’t sell it, so now he will give it to Trump. Hey, Trump is a smart guy, maybe he knows what to do with it because no one else does.. Again, the Families were “Mushrooms” Fed Sh*& and Kept in the Dark” by those above them. BLACK BOOK? Let me explain..

The Black Book is real, does exist, went electronic, Gold Platinum contained there in physically was moved in 2013. All that is left is some old papers. Codes Changed. Black Eagle, Brown Eagle and YES GREEN EAGLE. None of you believed me when I told you who Brown Eagle was.. Green Eagle no better. Just titles of Importance given to minions with a pretty ring, now move along little slave masters. AAIA or it is now the AAA I hear, either way that group’s motto is “If you are not white you are not right” so figure the rest out yourself. They no longer have access either, Render unto Cesar, when hell freezes over Aryan. That is all they were and they need to get over it. All names removed, agreements over.. Now YOU are the NPTB please realize this, embrace it.

Lets talk about Imelda.. Imelda, Marco’s wife. Wife of the Pindar. Well, lets say she had accounts assigned to her by Marcos in the past.. She never really controlled any of them, just another member of the family, who reported to the pindar, who reported to others who reported to others and so on…

I hope this helps you understand more of who WAS who. I surely wish they would stop trying to convince you they are “Superior” and “More Important” than YOU. Some of these people are good people who managed to get a hold of some documents here and there and want to help. Some of them are not good people “wolves in sheep’s clothing”. That is for to decide.

-Kim “Possible”