EU Globalists – Enemy of the French and English

Emmanuel Macron may be a few inches taller than Napoleon Bonaparte, but he isn’t qualified to carry the baggage of the emperor. In order to correctly understand the current EU globalist imperialism practiced by the technocrats in Brussels, one needs to comprehend that the Rothschilds hated Napoleon. M S King writes in NAPOLEON vs THE OLD AND NEW WORLD ORDERS!

December 1800: Jacobins nearly kill Napoleon

“Two months after their ‘Daggers Plot’ to kill Napoleon had been foiled, Rothschild’s Jacobins (forerunners of Communists) nearly succeed in blowing up Napoleon’s carriage with a massive bomb (Plot of the Rue Saint-Nicaise or “The Infernal Machine”).”

President Macron is a lap-dog of the European Union tyrants. The modern day equivalent of the Rothschild Jacobins is the EU Empire of dictatorial totalitarian collectivism that has turned Europe into a third world sewer. While the French have a long history of social unrest, make no mistake about it that the numerous factions that are taking to the streets are not united under one banner.

Breitbart reports that Macron’s France: Hundreds Detained as ‘Yellow Jackets’ March on Presidential Palace, “The grassroots movement began as resistance against a rise in taxes for diesel and gasoline, but quickly expanded to encompass frustration at stagnant incomes and the growing cost of living.”

From such a humble beginning, the confrontation has accelerated into a violent uprising not seen in decades with no sign of ending anytime soon. The Corbett Report offers this assessment in Mais Non! The People vs. The Paris Agreement.

“Given the number of fake, Soros-backed, globalist-friendly “color revolutions” that have arisen in so many countries over the past two decades, it is understandable if readers maintain some skepticism about the reality of this latest, color-coordinated protest movement. But unlike those well-funded, globalist-backed protests, this one is hoping to ultimately topple the administration of Macron, the former Rothschild & Co. investment banker who was touted by the MSM as France’s “sensible” answer to the populist wave sweeping Europe. In other words, it’s doubtful that Soros or his fellow travelers are rooting for the yellow jackets to succeed.”

Appreciate that the never ending global warming hysteria is designed to impose a universal tax on the planet that would become the model for the impoverishment plantation that would harm most of the misguided socialists who favor their yellow fashion vests. As the turmoil spreads, Clashes as yellow vest protests grow in Belgium, Netherlands, demonstrates that disgust with Brussels is one of the few growth movements that confirm that the supra elites are viewed as autocrats in this new age of arrogant aristocracy.

Lest one forget, Macron’s call for an independent EU military capacity reflects that NATO needs to expedite a European foreign policy while diminishing the influence of the United States. Even with America funding the bulk of the NATO budget, the European Union is hell bent on destroying the America First initiatives of President Trump.

All of these factors serve as a backdrop to the betrayal of implementing the Brexit Defiance of the EU. The Sunday Times provides a disgraceful capitulation in Theresa May to ‘handbag’ Brussels in frantic bid to save Brexit deal.

“Theresa May will seek to emulate Margaret Thatcher by travelling to Brussels to demand a better Brexit deal in a last-ditch attempt to save her government from collapse.

Ministers and aides have convinced the prime minister that she needs “a handbag moment” with EU bosses if she is to have any chance of persuading her own MPs to support her.

They expect May to announce tomorrow that she will launch a final throw of the diplomatic dice with a dash to Brussels, a move that could result in Tuesday’s vote being postponed.”

Prime Minister May has never supported Brexit and this latest treachery proves just who rules the continent, the British Isles and the rest of the 28 member states. Once again, the Anglo-Saxon descendants and their Norman successors have been ruled, by a German monarchy for so long, that the principles of English common law apply no longer. Such a deceit can be traced in an examination of the fraud in The truth about the European Union.

“We have already seen that a key architect of the European project was Winston Churchill who had founded the European Movement (originally called United Europe Movement) in 1946. The European Movement’s first presidents were Churchill’s son-in-law Duncan Sandys, followed by the Belgian Paul-Henri Spaak.

Like his father Lord Randolph, Churchill was a close friend and collaborator of the Rothschilds and had a bank account with N M Rothschild & Sons (which indicates a special relationship). As the Churchills were long-standing friends of the London Rothschilds, so the Spaaks were long-standing friends of the Belgian Rothschilds.

Co-architect of the European project Jean Monnet, was an old friend of Lord Kindersley – a Lazard partner and director of the Rothschilds’ Sun Alliance – and had close links to the French-Swiss banking group Edmond de Rothschild whose head Edmond was a member of the Bilderberg steering committee (de Villemarest, vol. 2, pp. 31, 79). Monnet was the founder of the Action Committee for the United States of Europe (ACUSE) which, together with Churchill’s European Movement, was at the forefront of the unionist effort.”

For all those Anglophiles who worship Churchill, facing up to the actual political objectives of the British Bulldog may be painful to admit. While President Macron is antithetical to the audacity of Napoleon, the globalists that created and foster the European Union are the adversary to the oppressed populists in all the EU countries.

The New World Order is designed to castrate the beleaguered masses and destroy European culture and heritage. When Emmanuel Bonaparte: Macron Declares He Will Govern Like a Roman God, made his intention known, it did not take long to expose that this faux emperor wears no clothes.

“Summoning over 900 politicians from both houses of the French parliament to a rare Congress at the palace of Louis XIV – the ‘Sun King’ – in Versailles, he threatened to overrule lawmakers with a referendum if they try to frustrate the “reforms” he wishes to impose on the legislature. Such assemblies are usually reserved for times of national crisis.”

The protest riots need to focus on the EU Globalists and take their road trip to Brussels.

SARTRE – December 11, 2018

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