Education – Another Brick in the Wall

What are we doing to our children?

Why are we sending our children to school? What are the benefits, if any? Are they actually learning anything or are they just learning how to memorise facts, take a test and then forget everything.

Why are children becoming more and more unhappy with each generation?

Why are they given so much homework when they have spent the whole day at school anyway? When are they supposed to play with their friends?

Children should be laughing and playing, running and skipping not sat behind a desk trying to concentrate all day.

We are brainwashing and conditioning our children.

Each year more and more rules and regulations are taking over our schools, this whole situation creates more and more stress for the teachers and the children.

It’s like putting them in prison for the day. Yes they need to make friends and socialise but under these conditions?

What happened to children having fun, being creative, laughing? 

If a child doesn’t fit in with the system they are then labelled, they have attention deficit disorder, they are hyper active, they have learning disabilities. How did we get to this point whereby we are labelling our children?

It’s normal for a child to lose concentration especially a clever one, and it’s normal for children to be hyper active and not all children learn at the same rate in the same way.

All children have their own skills and talents, some like to dance, some like to paint, some like to talk and some like to run around making a lot of noise, they are all different and we are trying to make them all the same.

Instead of trying to bring out their own individual skills and talents we are trying to mould them all into the same shape.

We need to be opening their minds not closing them down.

We should get them out of the classroom into the fresh air take them for walks in nature, learn about the world.

We should be teaching them life skills, like gardening and cooking.

They should learn about the plants and animals of the world, the diversity surrounding us.

They need to have their minds opened, they need to learn how to think for themselves, to be creative and imaginative to work out their own solutions to problems, not to be sat behind a desk all day long having information thrown at them.

The authorities seem to want to get hold of our children as soon as possible, the age for starting school keeps getting younger and younger.

We are making them miserable, we are putting too much pressure on them, they have to take too many tests and exams, they are constantly studying, what for?

We are trying to make them conform to society as it is and society is in a great big mess.

The system isn’t working. We should be changing the system not brain washing our children to fit into the system.

More and more children are having breakdowns, suffering from depression, becoming suicidal and have behavioural problems.

The education system is creating these problems by putting so much pressure on our children.

Children are our future. We need to cherish them and open their minds not stuff them full of someone else’s opinions.

Homework should be banned.

Before children even start school they are put into childcare, so they are being conditioned from birth.

Somehow in the last 60 years or so it has become harder and harder to survive on one wage, so mothers have to work and leave their babies in childcare.

Less and less time is spent together as a family, more and more children spend most of their time in controlled situations.

Humans have free creative spirits but we are crushed throughout our lives, schools do not teach us anything useful, they are just control systems, teaching us not to think for ourselves.

It doesn’t end there. Once they have finished school the system is still trying to control and manipulate them by getting them into higher and further education.

We have brainwashed our children so much they feel they have to go to University even if they come out with huge debts around their necks.

The governments of the world have pushed University Education so much that teenagers believe they have to go, to get a good job.

Unfortunately there aren’t many good jobs available once students get to the end of their degrees, which leads me to believe that the governments of the world have created another scam to get money out of people.

They add interest to the student’s loans and the more young people they can get into University each year the better for them.

It also prolongs the student’s academic life and gives the governments more brain washing time.

It’s worked so well that even ordinary jobs now seem to require a degree so if you haven’t got one you are at the bottom of the heap.

So students are left without much of a choice.

Get a degree and lifelong huge debts, don’t get a degree and find it hard to find work and maybe struggle financially for the rest of your life.

The governments of the world have covered all angles, you can’t win either way.

And as always behind the governments of the world are the powers that shouldn’t be.

Smiling at the misery they are inflicting onto our children.

By Julie Alexander,

About the author: I realized what was really going on in the world in 2013. Since then I have been trying to make sense of it all and help others along the way. I am still learning more each day. You can visit my Facebook here and my website here.