Good Afternoon Chosen Ones:

Today’s SITREP will take on a little different tone due to the reality of the RV arriving and performing this weekend.

Yes, the RV was delayed by the Atlantic hurricane. Sobeit. There was just no escaping Florida’s intake importance (there is lots of folks with currency in Florida, Atlanta and Dallas–lots and lots) as it relates to starting a North American RV publicly.

And while the “internet group” believes themselves to be a critically large “private group,” we are neither critical, large or private.

What we are is a small public grouping of highly focused currency holders that will be allowed to engage in Privately Negotiable Exchanges (PNE) like sovereign family members around the world. We compromise less than 5% of the total currency redeemers but 95% of all ZIM redeemers. Thus, we have been affectionately dubbed the “Chosen Ones” by Wells Fargo and Abbot Downing.

Know that the NPTB have been meeting around the clock to determine a new weekend start time, and determine when all coastal redemption exchange sites will be up and running again, as well as what travel conditions are like on an hour by hour basis.

The last, last thing the NPTB want is a senior citizen traveling in high winds and heavy rain with unconverted ZIM in their glove compartment. That’s just dangerous on multiple levels.

I mean, just imagine trying to stop Martha from driving after the 800#s are released? Talk about dangerous. She’s a category 5 hurricane everyday!

Love ya Martha:). Happy new year:)
We’re hearing Florida will be 100% back up by tonight, and South Carolina by tomorrow night early. That’s when they feel he storm will have officially passed.

Now does this mean no RV again tonight? Maybe, maybe not. It sure meant no RV Thursday @ midnight which was the initial plan. But the good news is they have an organic make-up day on Monday because it’s a federal bank holiday (Columbus Day).

So are we back on for tonight? Perhaps? Saturday night is more likely because if you’ll recall between 8pm Saturday and 2am Sunday is the optimal system transition time because all banks and markets are closed worldwide.

However, that macro system transition already happened back on September 30 / October 1… so who really knows what they’re thinking.

Some sources say it’s going down tonight no matter what, while others say Saturday and give us multiple windows. We believe Saturday at some point is probably a wise forecast for 800# release, but is that 12:01am or 11:59pm… we don’t know.

Now to address all the recent anger and on going frustration in our currency community, especially here at the very end, I want to offer some different consciousness. And I wish do to so from a place of absolute certainty about the RV preforming this weekend and infinitely abundant due to optional sovereign rates and structured payouts.

Often when we are consciously leaving one reality for another, there are reminders of our departing past that screams for our departing attention and sometimes cause us great temporary discomfort (hence the post picture).

If anyone has ever gone through a tough break up or watched a child leave home you know of which I speak. I call these screams for attention “echoes” because they originate from a life already lived, and are not real, but sure feel real in the moment.

These echoes are vibrational mimics trading our new life, and they come with a familiar frequency that used to give us joy (think hunger pangs when you’re on a diet). And while they can and do scream very loudly initially, ultimately they fade because there is no emotional substance behind their cries.

Basically, you’ve spiritually moved on and the physical sound of your past life echoes with disapproval.

So in the future whenever you read negative information or posts regarding the RV as a scam, USA, Inc. acting malevolently, evil cabal dis-Intel providers, NWO, Nuclear War or whatever is not in humanity’s bests interests… recognize such cries are but echoes of how the world use to work but no longer does.

This higher consciousness will help you cope with lower vibrations pre-RV release as well as post-RV confusion. It will also isolate you from ignorance.

That said, expect some very smart, professionally trained, beautiful people to be scrambling for understanding post-RV as suddenly you are wealthy beyond measure, and they’re not.

Yet they have noticed absolutely no change in the world. Meaning, they will be frantically searching for answers from main stream media that’s just won’t be there. And they might even physically act out in anger and perhaps rage because they missed the boat.

This behavior is but echo of a decision that cannot be undone. They didn’t buy currency, they didn’t buy ZIM, they didn’t study their world, they didn’t surrender to God as omnipotent.

And the world they know, the only world they’ve ever known, has rapidly disappeared and they have shamefully but quickly realized this truth. They are invisible figureheads with no fiscal relevance in the new world.

And they long to find equivalent value and meaning in this new world in–but it’s too late–they chose. So did you.

Only through a full and sincere surrender of ego to the will of God over the will of man can they be redeemed. This consciousness is where all
answers now lie and they can restore meaning in their lives.

Because no matter how gently or accurately you tell them what has happened over this last decade, they were asleep at the wheel and they more than likely cannot “hear” the truth.

Their soul choose to invest their core vibrational identity in an old, collapsing era. While you choose to invest your core vibrational identity in this new era of love and light. Sobeit.

This transition of eras is simple to understand if a soul is willing to accept it on a spiritual/galactic/ethereal level–but damn near impossible to comprehend let alone accept from a purely physical/logical/scientific POV.

Transition over transaction.
Service over self.
God over man.

Hence, this is why you can expect to start hearing and recognizing more and more echoes from your former life and also let go of those people who helped create that vanquished reality.

We must move on now because the ark doors have closed. There is no more recruiting into the currency community–as the abundantly conscious have already been identified and blessed.

So be patient with these echo makers (critics, spouses, employers, trolls)… as they’re just doing the best they can for what they know. We all are.

God is with us.