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What is really going on from a higher perspective.

Today’s political environment is only an effect of what is happening on higher levels. It is like a soup the fire is on the dross is coming to the surface. The pure chaos, lack of civility, power struggles, salacious lies and deceptions pulling out all the stops with individual and collective mind control are establishing the true character of the dark hearted politicians. If you knew the bigger picture, the end goal of the Illuminati, Malevolent ETs and the workings of the Draconian Grid or Law we have been under what is unfolding is obvious. Most are unaware of the big picture. The white hat, black hat scenario is a simplification of a multilevel event unfolding. To understand what is unfolding and who the players are one only has to go back to the goals of the controllers and who the controllers are. They are the disease and war profiteers. They enslave the masses through dependency, keep them in ignorance, separated and competitive creating a false sense of lack. They use their corporate sponsored media to perpetuate these false hoods turning the masses against the white hats. They keep the masses dumbed down, fighting among themselves in endless cultural, religious and now gender wars. Their modus operandi is to keep the masses poor, ignorant and divided, use their wounds, traumas and grudges against them. Keep them tired and sick. They control the resources perpetuating manufactured lack tossing humanity a bone now and then and blame it on the other guy. Has this described our present-day civilization? These malevolent overseers seen and unseen are coming to an end. Those with the eyes to see are becoming increasingly aware of who is who, the masks are coming down.

New agers will often say that’s not my reality smugly oblivious to the pain, suffering and lack surrounding them. They are taught consciousness creates reality, evil is an illusion. Many of these be lie fs were created in think tanks again to control the masses and to give evil free reign. Some are even willingly or in ignorance serving the beast. Even the religions in error and opposition of their master’s teachings divide and separate creating the ungodly others. Some will say this is fear porn yet why are they in fear of addressing the obvious? There have always been two sides to the coin and half-truths are not whole. How can denial, fear and ignorance be the solution? There are no divisions in God/Creater/Great spirit or the unified field. There is a lot of miscreation and actions outside of Universal Law that need to be addressed. A walk through the jungle or outback might be an enlightening experience. The inner cities at night can also be an enlightening experience. Denial can be deadly in these environments. There are creatures that don’t care about your belief system. There are cultures and religions with the same feelings.

The reason there is so much inhumanity on Earth is because of non-human or otherworldly interference.

The Earth was created to be an Eden where life could evolve to its highest potential, all life. It is a galactic zoo, the product of many colonies from the Stars that was hijacked. This is the true history the enslavers do not want you to know.

A question one should ask is who am I serving? Am I creating Heaven on Earth. Am I operating to the best of my ability according to Universal Law. Do I promote Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All? The biggest question is Am I perpetuating the separation and division game? Helping those less fortunate to rise to their highest potential is the goal yet do we have to take from one to give to another? This is based on a belief system of lack on both sides. We need to ask the question how did one obtain their wealth? Was it in service to Humanity and the Earth? Are they working toward the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth? We also have to ask what are we doing to better ourselves and others. So many have a sense of entitlement demanding others support them yet that only creates a dependency. There are those resorting to violence if their demands are not met while at the same time professing anti fascism. Where is the logic? The personal responsibility?

How do you know who is who? By their fruits, a mans/womans character is established by their actions, their lives and the way they live them. Don’t use the lame stream media as a resource in this matter. There is a lot of doublespeak coming from people living in mansions on how we need to take care of the poor. There are those who profess to be champions of human rights fighting against others ignoring other’s human rights. The fighting is usually in favor of their chosen political affiliation, religion or race. There are fascists against fascism, tyrants against tyranny, combined with a lot of wounded angry people projecting their injustices on the innocent. When does the madness end and the healing begin? Those who are truly enlightened have transcended all religious, cultural, even gender boundaries. They take personal responsibility, own their wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences and are on a path of self- healing. Those who serve the controllers are perpetuating these divisions and boundaries not allowing the healing to come forward in a perpetual separation game. In fact they are using the victims emotional traumas against them fueling wars between the religions, cultures, and genders.

If you want to know who the controllers are follow the money. Who is financing all the political groups especially the ones engaged in violence. Who is pitting one group against the other? What is their end goal? This is not black and white there are many shades of gray, many levels of denial and mistakes will be made yet we have to ask ourselves, what is the intent?

One group wants to destroy America, why because America is the one nation standing in the way of a New World Order. Global Elites running the world in total domination having control of every aspect of your lives. America was founded by freedom lovers escaping tyranny yet unfortunately they became the tyrants concerning the indigenous people. The intent was good yet there are always those who fall away from the original intent, become self-righteous and act completely against universal law or the original intent. They use religion, cultural differences etc. to validate their actions. In truth it was the lust for power and wealth, insatiable greed at the expense of humanity and the Earth to one degree or another. There was genocide and abuse concerning every color in Americas history, the Native American, African American, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Irish etc. have all had to endure tyranny in America and abroad. There have always been those working for and against these atrocities. These transgressions are now being fueled by the very tyrants guilty of the past transgressions. The religious, cultural and even gender separation games are perpetuated by these tyrants who also perpetuate the class separation game. People have been duped into fighting among themselves ignoring the source of their problems. It’s called Tyranny, it is evil genius and playing the masses like a fiddle. They are the war and disease profiteers, financing both sides of every war since Napoleon. They are the puppets of an unseen hierarchical ladder of power and wealth involving Satanic, Child Sacrificing, soulless psychopaths who have sold their souls to an unseen negative influence that has been here since the fallen Annunaki. It began when Marduk made a pact with reptilians and turned against his own people for total supremacy.

What many call Satan, Devils and Demons, others call fallen Annunaki, negative greys, reptilians, serpent beings, etc. If you knew the real history of Earth it is replete with encounters with these beings. It is also replete with Bearded Gods some benevolent some tyrants with advanced technology who fell from Universal Law. This is where the contradictions of a Jealous Wrathful Genocidal God and an All Loving All Forgiving God originated. The source of most religions. This has all been written about in the past in the Sumerian Tablets, Emerald Tablets, Nag Hamadi, on temple walls and almost every ancient sacred text. Annunaki Return, the latest book covers this.

If we are to evolve and live under Universal Law we need to know our ancient history and how we fell from Universal Law. We need to know who is responsible for this fall and hold them accountable, not just in the past but NOW. Yes they are still among us. We are not alone in this endeavor, there is a multidimensional force assisting us. Just as there are the fallen ones there are the ones who did not fall, those who continued to evolve spiritually and technologically. They are what many refer to as the Star Nations, our ancient ancestors here to fulfill the prophecies. There are those who many refer to as Saints, Sages, Ascended Masters within all the cultures who have been trying to lift humanity for thousands of years back into Universal Law.

The higher realms are supporting the White Hats. The dark hats are entrenched in what many refer to as the deep state. They are entrenched throughout Hollywood and the corporate main stream media. If you want to know who they are they are the ones who are perpetuating the separation game creating divisions, againstness and wars within cultures, religions and genders. They are the accusers of what they themselves have been or are doing tenfold. There have always been problems yet these problems are being amplified and guided to an end goal. That goal is the take down of America. Why? Because America is standing in the way of the Global Elites agenda? Divide and conquer is the tool and it is being used by the lame stream media to amplify and fuel division, the religious, cultural and gender wars. There are many who be lie ve they are fighting just causes in ignorance doing the bidding of the tyrants and again the tyrants and controllers are not limited to the physical world. You can boil it down to the self-serving and the service to others. Those who believe they are separate and entitled to those who understand the oneness, the unified field in which we all live where everything is connected. There will be a lot of doublespeak and false perspectives playing out in the days to come. People who have fooled even themselves attacking those who in truth are the very ones working to free them.

A good example of this behavior is the extreme left and the democratic party. There are rhinos in the republican party as well carrying out the N.W.O agenda yet it is replete now throughout the democrats. Here is a history lesson about the democratic party. They were the party of the southern confederates. They were against freeing the slaves, equal rights, African American right to vote, the Women’s right to vote and equal pay. Lincoln was a republican. The prisons were filled to capacity with African Americans and Mexicans during the Obama administration and his war on drugs. The pictures you see of illegal aliens in cages were taken during the Obama Administration. Hilary Clinton said her greatest mentor was senator Robert Byrd a high-ranking member in the KKK. The democratic party is the party of the deep state. The illuminati, George Soros as their front man finance the deep state and most leaders in the democratic party who support the separation games often referred to as Media Matters, Open Boarders, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Planned Parent Hood, eugenics through abortion etc. We are living in a world of opposites. The illuminati also own the lame stream media. In other words you are being played like a fiddle, especially African Americans who are suffering from Stock Holmes syndrome supporting the long history of enslavement and abuse from the Democrats. I was told the media is owned by the illuminati and their corporations and our President elect is owned by the same group yet why is the main stream media viscously against the President? Does not add up does it? The Democrats claim to be the voice of the African Americans and Women’s rights? This is historically incorrect. Their claims do not add up to their actions. The greatest perpetuators of the race and gender wars are the democrats financed by the illuminati to separate divide and take down America. They are using the wounds, traumas and grudges of the past in the religion, race and gender wars to fulfill their agenda which is take down America. I heard a woman define feminists as angry, lesbian women who hate men. I would hate to put anyone in that category. What does anger and hate have to do with the divine feminine? How does that heal anything and is it not completely void of love? Hate will make you sick, wonder why? What happens when you get rid of all the men, where will the young women and daughters come from? A test tube? Many want to take all the money away from rich men and the corporations. So what happens when the money you have taken runs dry? How are you going to fend for yourself? Have you created anything or are you vampiring off others? The solutions you have been given are not solutions they are a means to an end which is a very dark future for humanity. Yes there are problems, this civilization is in need of a lot of healing. War, hate and division are not the solutions. Unity consciousness and Universal Law are the solutions.

We have to unite as a self-governing civilization under Universal Law. This will not come through religions or governments. It will come through the hearts and minds of the people. Those people who choose not to participate in the religious, race and gender wars. Those who walk away.

America was founded on the Bill of Rights and the Constitution both divinely inspired documents. It has its flaws and history where it strayed off course. Overall it is the best thing going once put back on track and though a few adjustments can be made it is the closest example to Universal Law. Don’t let it be stolen from you by the tyrants and the double speakers with hidden agendas.

As for those who vehemently hate this message.

Thank you for establishing your character and your ignorance as well as well establishing your role in human devolution. It is wise not to become the very thing you are against. Denial will not carry you through the days to come.

Be well, be wise, be kind to each other and the Earth.

Walk Away.