Earth’s Success will Echo through the Universe

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By Louis Nunez

In the late 1980’s I was doing Custom Picture Framing and Selling Art in my own Anchorage, Alaska business when a friend introduced me to the Farm Claims Movement. I heard about the actions of General Roy Schwasinger and others. I was given a three page worksheet to fill out my claim and sent it in along with an administration fee of $100 to Delma Sherwood at 8440 Crenshaw Blvd in Inglewood, CA. 90305

By 1995 the administration fee for each claim had risen to $300 and the Claims against the US Government averaged about $20,000,000 for the 336,000 US citizens who filed a claim.

The Farmers lost their farms in the 1920s due to Fraud and Collusion by the Bankers and some US Government agents. It was taken to court and ruled in favor of the Farmers by the US Supreme Court.

Since then it has taken 98 years to put corrective solutions in place with NESARA and GESARA. Round that off to 100 years to make an impact on correcting the slavery and injustices that have continued for thousands of years and what do you have? Earth is a good example of how low a civilization can fail and still be brought back from the almost total disaster of Nuclear War. The knowledge of Planet Earth’s record recovery will spread through the universe and provide a shining example for any civilization that is experiencing similar evils. Below is one, shortened account of how we managed to accomplish this feat:

The Grand Plan for Earth

Planet Earth’s Beings Rise to Greatness Begins with the Correct Actions of the Alliance Working Ceaselessly, Lawfully and Ethically Cleaning out cabal VIPs, then coercing their minions To Work for the Greater Good of All Beings.

Thus it becomes much easier to do our work Of Lifting Mankind to a higher Awareness In the Calm of a Safer Environment.

Appreciation and Love for Oneself Is a Very Old Wisdom – Still True Today That a Love for Other Beings and Their Future Intensifies In the Presence of Love for Oneself With Increased Joy of Caring for Other Beings and our Planet.

All beings at their Innermost Core are Basically Good And will return to that Basic State When Millenniums of Lies, Traumas, and Deceptions Are made Known and Blown Away by Truth.

With Intention and Actions of the Alliance, Love and Assistance from above and below, And Patriots at Heart…ALL of US…Unified in Striving to Achieve True Humanitarian Goals, Earth’s Beings will Attain Peace, Prosperity and a Healed Planet.

The Steps Now Known For Ascending to Higher States of Existence Can be Magnified and Quickened Enabled by Worldwide Funding for Humanitarian and Job Creation Projects.

The Long-Predicted Glorious Future on Earth Labored for, Cried for, Wished for, Died for Now Truly Rises on the Horizon.