Earth-shame Vital Signs

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | Anonymously


When a Mother protects her children, her unconscious motive is to, really protect her children from herself, just like when a Slave-catcher Cop protects Elite sex-slaves, their unconscious motive is to, really protect us from themselves, so spiraling up a few Ascension-discernment Heaven-steps further, when a Government protects Earth Sex-slaves, this Satanic ISIS Reptilian Statist Stasis motive is to, really protect us from their hidden cannibalism migrant-genocide.

Paid Mom/Cop/3ltr Mafia-money protection/projection, “Can we picture it?” comes from Goons beating the crap out of “Mom & Pop”, until they say “Uncle Sam”, to get them to stop, by paying them off, but if Mom/Cop/3ltr protectionaries, didn’t, already harm their hostages, in projections from their own previous traumas, there would be no need for protection from the Reptilian Statist Stasis Collective Mom Sex Kid Cop Rob Rot Mob Posse-worship Bully Collective Stockholm Syndrome sick-loyal Authoritarian Centralization Karmic-habit Hive Consciousness.

Shame-base Karmic-projections appear for protection from Bullies, themselves, so Karmic-victims, already appear from past lifetime Bully-replications, even before we knew what Karma hit us. Mothers love their children, more than they Love themselves, so this Spiritual Love-lorn split-soul motive co-creates codependent-resentment in, both the Mother-hate protector, and the fused-relationship children projections.

Sex-slave catcher Elite-bankster Cops are, already abused, too much to avoid living, and let-live Spirit Light complicity, so Cops are, really protecting us from themselves with New Car pay, and vacations provided, while their Bully motives, that come from projecting their Parent-perpetrators onto everyone else, as if everyone needs a good lashing from split-tongue, or the Evil Law-letter Projection-judge Pen.

Bureaucracy is, just another term for sleeper cells in Capitol buildings that look more like bee hives, so the left hand, never knows what the missing right hand does to, both lead us to our own self-paid genocide. Like with “Mom & Pop” Blackmail hostage-taking, Mom, and Cop protection/projection humiliation isn’t any different than our governments fantasizing about our need for Human-sacrifice armies hidden in their Mafia-sleevies, we pay for, just to pretend we don’t need protection from neat little honey packets hidden in Capitol dome Mafia-bureaucracy Sleeper-cell Satanic-minions to a Reptilian Statist Stasis protection/projection-fail default… disgrace.

So is it a disgrace for Moms to project their own predator-hate out onto Male-patsies, and then act like Kids need protection from their male-projections? Is it a disgrace for Cops to project their own past traumas out onto their self-fulfilling Collective-quanta expectation-triggers, and then act like their hostage slaves need protection from their fantasy-projections too? Isn’t it a total disgrace for Governments to cause the same War-traumas in their shame-fantasies, and then act like “Mom & Cops” do to force us to “Mom & Pop” pay for what their Blackmail-projection default-traumas immoral batten batteries do?

A Spiritual Sovereign Singularity Kind way to see all this evil is to wake up inside, and realize there will be no protection/projection-fail disgrace… default, with Holy Spirit forgiveness nurturing Grace in charge of enlightening The ONENESS Spirit Conscience Golden Rule compassion, because all Mafia-protection/projection comes from acting out physical illusion Karmic role-reversals onto others what we, really need for ourselves, deeper inside.

Moms are the ones who need protection from Sex-slavery Rage, and as long as Mom-victims act like she owns her children, what Moms do to children is to make Sex-slaves, just like her, as if it was, all someone else’s fault, by default-fail… disgrace projections.

Cops are the ones who need protection from Sex-slavery Rage, and as long as Cop-victims act like they own Elite-slaves, what Mafia-owned Cops do to us is to make Sex-slaves, just like them, as if it were, all someone else’s fault by default-fail… disgrace projections.

Governments are the ones, who need protection from Sex-slavery Rage, and as long as Government-victims’s act like they own us, what Government-victims do to us is to make Sex-slaves, just like Sleeper-cell Bureaucrats, as if it was all someone else’s fault, by default-fail… disgrace projections.

On a personal note, aside, when someone has shame from doing harmful things to others, already, and as they will, always react in defense when this same, very shame is triggered, defending oneself reveals the attacking oneself protection/projection tell. We, all know how men protect women, so now we can see it’s not, just to have sex with their “Mom & Pop” woman-victim Blackmail-hostages, but to make a Sex-slave, just like Moms, Cops, and Governments do to own us all in ridicule, and humiliation.

I would trade all protection in for a telepathic Spiritual Sovereign Singularity Creative Intelligent interconnection to absolute unborn infinity Sentient Light Being Crystalline Light Existence Love of all Life, where there is no physical-Patsy-projection, other than Light to the Spirit Kind affinity Light into Ever-new Joy & Harmony “Mom-less & Pop-less” timeless reverie infinity. If Holy Spirit forgiveness nurturing is Kundalini-awakening within the Pineal Portal experientially, and once inside-devotion takes over for us, the hidden truths would stop giving away our innocent pearls to the protection/projection Collective busy Hive Mafia Mob Posse-worship Consciousness victim/predator-swine.