Rinus Verhagen on August 6, 2020 said, “The movement of US troops from Germany to Belgium is now also becoming clearer. The Deep State Satanist Elite of Europe (Macron and his Mother, the Belgian royal family and Dutch pedophiles, Joris Demmink, Rutte and co, Guy Verhofstadt) their time is up.

“Organ political party D66 (Demons 666) cocaine sniffers, before Sept. 15 the whole Deep State in Europe is dismantled, and the Countries are Sovereign again.

“Nothing can stop the cleansing, to deliver mankind from these wicked Satanists. Their assets and possessions are now in conflict with the crimes against Humanity.

“Only now we get the information about their methods and tentacles to the Elite Adrenochrome pedophiles. See

Hubs Barcelona International Airport Fleet size 4 Headquarters Barcelona and Catalonia, Spain. Website

“Hundreds of abducted children were discovered during a random inspection by customs officials in a cargo plane on its way to Spain!

“A cargo plane taking off in Southern Sudan was inspected by customs officials during a stopover in Niger! The customs officials found several hundred screaming and crying children in the cargo plane! The next stop of the plane would have been Spain! You can’t imagine what the kidnapped children were for. Luckily they were discovered! See Fake NGO of Soros and Friends. See also…/terrorisme-juv%C3%A9nile-des….

“Youth terrorism: Children kidnapped in Chad. Nov. 21, 2019 Nicole Ricci Minyem. said, ‘The terror, the despair, the most total incomprehension because they are in an unusual place, a barn and in the presence of strangers are among others the feelings one could read in the eyes of these dozens of children this Wednesday.

‘Ausculted by the doctors and other health personnel they could not remain silent and through the walls of the hangar we heard the screams and tears of these little children, brutally torn by the affection of their children. parents and most certainly destined for a bleak future. Who is it this time? They wore suits with the initials of the NGO Children Rescue–International Fire Fighting Detachment. About 20 people who, in answer to the questions of the head of state Idriss Deby Itno, told him with incredible coolness and indescribable condescension: ‘This is the first time we’ve arrived in this country. We really had the guarantee that all these children were fatherless and motherless. If they lied to us, it’s not our fault and it’s really without our knowledge. To confirm the statements of his accomplices, the chief of the crew confirmed: We have Humanitarian and Chadian permits and we are in good faith.

‘An attitude that provoked the Chadian president’s wrath and, he felt, when he answered the journalists’ questions: ‘They came to kidnap the children to bring them to Europe. Is it to sell them within pedophile organizations, that is clear to me with regard to these images that I never wanted to see in my life. Maybe they also wanted to kill these little children to sell their organs or to turn them into guinea pigs in research laboratories.’

“For the Pres. of the Republic of Chad, ‘This is unacceptable in the 21st century. The whole world must witness. We will take all necessary administrative and legal measures to shed light on the abduction of these Chadian children and the children of Sudanese refugees.’


“This is not the first time that people with questionable morals have decided to focus on Chadian children. In 2012, under the flag of Ong arche de Noé, 6 French citizens tried to kidnap 103 children, arguing that they were orphans (the perfect password).

“For Ndoumbè Claude Abel, political actor: ‘What happened in Chad and what is happening in most African countries, even here in Cameroon, is terrible, I have no words to really describe the feeling that inhabits me, watch this video. While French policy tries to sow chaos, provoke wars, arm terrorists to remove heads of state, well or badly chosen by their peoples, these so-called Humanitarian organizations come to take our children to do what the human mind cannot imagine without shuddering.’

“And to add: ‘So advice to these politicians who are willing to do anything to gain power. These images must speak to them because, contrary to what they suggest, these Europeans in no way want the development and well-being of Africans. They have other plans, you have the proof.’

“A kidnapping attempt taking place on the day of the commemoration of the 30th anniversary of children’s rights.

“Here is a small example of the attitude of those who present themselves as perfect defenders of human rights. Little children kidnapped by the complicity of those whose god is a few coins, which they get back when they have done their dirty work. They do not hesitate to destroy those who represent tomorrow’s future.

“Strongly sir the Pres. of the Republic of Chad that things are different from what we experienced in 2012, so that this horde is judged and condemned according to the laws in force in your country. And let this serve as an example.”