I have been sitting on the notes I took from this amazing show for months now and I am finally feeling the sense to put it all together and share it here. It takes a lot of work to put these analyses together so I wasn’t looking forward to doing it but apparently now is the time.
This show, in addition to many others, is very important as it lays out what is currently happening on this planet. They delve into ascension, classified super-soldier programs, the Illuminati, evil corporations, the second coming of Jesus and many other things. As I have mentioned before I am not religious but as an impartial researcher I believe it is my job to keep an open mind about everything and include all  information when researching something.
I would also like to note that the story line corroborates the information we were given by Corey Goode in regards to the Anshar, who are beings from the future that traveled back in time millions of years to correct an ‘issue’ that they found here during our time. This is the main plot of the show.
  • Show Summary
People from our future take people from various points in time and augment them with certain ascended abilities, mostly just one per person. This is to help stop extremely evil beings from taking over the world and to help turn Earth into a paradise. Basically this is a battle between Good and Evil.

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