Did You Go to Law School or Legal School?

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

If you went to Law School you learned that Law is an outgrowth of religion and ethics.

If you went to Law School you learned the complete History of Law in the Western World from the time of the Ancient Babylonians and Hellenistic Greeks to the present day.

If you went to Law School you learned all the various kinds of “Common Law” and the verbiage associated with them.

If you went to Law School you learned about Lord Mansfield and the pollution of the British Common Law with Admiralty Law in the 1750’s.

If you went to Law School you also learned how that development triggered violent debate and was one of the causes of the American Revolution.

If you went to Law School you learned how this corrupt form of British Common Law now practiced as Equity Law turned judges into proxies for the British King, allowing them to arbitrarily take the property of the British People (provided the King gets his cut, of course) and give it to the King’s Cronies, including themselves under Color of Law.

And that is where “Law” separates from “Legal”.

If you went to Legal School this corrupt form of “Common Law” now practiced as “Equity Law” is what you were taught.

If you went to Legal School this system making the Judges mini-sovereigns and reducing everyone else to serfs or slaves is all you were taught.

If you went to Legal School great emphasis was placed on finding supportive case law to excuse injustice and on procedure which could be used as another excuse to the same ends.

If you went to Legal School what you learned was how to corrupt and pervert actual Law and Justice so as to better serve the economic greed and political agendas of your masters.

If you went to Legal School as 95% of you did, while paying to go to Law School, you’ve been cheated.

If you went to Legal School, you are only competent to “practice” Law.

If you went to Legal School, something less then two percent (2%) of you ever receive a Certificate to execute actual Law, and then only in Admiralty Courts.

Actual Admiralty Courts.

If you went to Legal School you know virtually nothing about your own purported profession and less about the history of the world. You’ve paid thousands of dollars for an education you didn’t receive.

In fact, what you’ve been trained to do like donkeys in a treadmill, is to act as British Shipping Clerks. That’s what journeyman “non-certificated” attorneys are. And all the supposedly great Law Schools in this country? Subverted to that end by British Sympathizers who glutted at the King’s Table on American bread and butter.

Harvard? Useless, politicized to a point of stupor. Yale? Even worse, the home of economic barbarism practiced as a fine art and believed in without question. Stanford? Shall I show you how many Stanford alumni have their names blazoned across Patent Applications that do nothing but destroy this planet and the people on it?

The very basis of Law is Ethics, yet you have been taught none. That has been the very furthest thing from your basic curriculum.

Your minds have been honed in self-interest and tricks and sneaky ways of doing things, semantic deceits, sophistry and its brand of logic, oh, all these things you have been taught —- and not a thing about the actual Public Law or Justice.

And all because the Kings and Queens of England wanted you to grow up and be little cogs in their version of Commercial Feudalism.

How does it feel to be so completely, utterly duped? Left so pathetically ignorant after spending what? — $300,000.00 for a “Law” School education?

Even more to the point if you are an American — how does it feel to be part of a gang of privateers pillaging and plundering public trusts, robbing your own people for the aggrandizement and unjust enrichment of foreign governments and evil Monarchs—living your lives as traitors to America and to Justice?

Stealing “title” to babies?

Have you no shame, no decency at all? Not even a regard for your own necks?

Wake up. Sober up. Realize just how far behind the curve you really are. And also realize that there are penalties for ignorance of the Law — that is, the actual Public Law.

If you are acting as members of the Bar Associations, if you are participating as Officers of these Courts, you had better carefully check the facts and become familiar with the American Common Law, because that is the form of Law that the people of this country are owed.

And you have no right in Heaven or on Earth to apply any other kind of law to them. Not Statutory Law. Not Talmudic Law. Not Equity Law. None of it.

Despite falsification of the Public Records to better grease the wheels of what amounts to a National Identity Theft and a mercenary crime of genocide on paper– there are millions of us fed up with your ignorance and your activities on our soil. You are nothing but pirates acting in violation of our Treaty with Westminster and in violation of every principle of Justice.

The fact that you are nearly all too ignorant to realize it doesn’t change a thing.

The penalty for inland piracy is death by firing squad, hanging, guillotine, or lethal injection.

Are you sure you wish to continue your membership in the Bar Associations?

If not, there remains one honorable option.

You can tear up your Bar Cards and act as Counselors at Law and you can assist the millions of Americans who have been mis-addressed by the so-called Equity Courts operating under Color of Law— and you can do your actual duty to Justice and to America by putting these other courts out of business.

You can realize that just as other Americans have been defrauded, so have you been the victim of this same pernicious British Bunko. Oh, yes, Bar Association Members, this fraud scheme is so mammoth it includes you, too.

You can learn how to re-establish your own standing as an American and help others re-establish their natural political status in the public records of these fifty nation-states as people and as American Persons, not as presumed-to-be British Territorial slaves.

Start by reading Brent Winter’s The Excellence of the Common Law. That will start you on the Long Road Home to sanity and justice and the country you call home.

When you look back at how arrogant and stupid you were, thinking yourself and your fellow attorneys as so superior to everyone else, you may have cause to be embarrassed, but at least you will be an honest man or woman again. You will not be living in the shadow of the gallows or mindlessly betraying your countrymen for the sake of European greed.

And considering the penalties involved otherwise, that is not a small recompense.


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