Defending Souls That Are Hostage

Defending Souls that are Hostage can be likened to troops defending their attachment to a fake power-structure forming a castle that imprisons the soul.

Deconstructing Your Construct

The way you were programmed by opposites was mostly by the confirmation of the insanity and duality by the external reality which is easily noticeable by the behavior portrayed by society.

It is important to realize right now that we are still in a matrix-hive where billions are projecting artificial realities sourced from information technology (the mind).

As you can imagine, it may be easy to lose yourself inside of this when you infiltrate the bottom of it.

The axiom that all is self (all is one) is half a truth, as once you are completely deprogrammed you are able to manifest what you project within this hive-system.

You do not remain in relativity like everyone else when you do the necessary work.

You are also not anyhow responsible for the great catastrophe — you are only responsible for yourself and what you have come to believe in the aftermath of the battlefield.

As a youngster, pure from the embedded code, observing dynamics in the matrix can be truly damaging, especially without a good teacher, which 99% were not fortunate to have.

In fact, due to the many veils prohibiting the light of consciousness, this insane lifestyle has been passed on from generation to generation.

When you regain your faith in the five elements, you shoot out like a star and you start to shine independently, irrelative of the rules and laws of man, his god or his society.

Divided Within = Divided Without

One word can make a person as jolly as a graduate student, yet, another can cause that same person to react in a burning rage.

What is going on in the consciousness of a person that is so incredibly controlled by views, beliefs and opinions?

It is as if there is a great enemy living in the psyche of such a person that never seems to disappear, as long as the embedded attachment to an “AS IS” reality is maintained.

Please see the mind’s 4 states of existence.

Something which threatens this unfounded world of attachment is met with an arsenal of debating troops with the mission of defending the fake reality that has settled from the mind, via the mind-cooperative (ego) which is holding the soul captive.

The soul-captive is only grateful for another that is knocking at the door of this prison mansion that it is held hostage in.

Pride, a big indicator that the ego is in control, is a notorious kidnapper and deceiver of the soul and the stronghold of cognitive dissonance.

How hard is it really to put self or “me” aside and admit that you were wrong all along with your empty judgments of the world, sourced from the IT (mind).

In Tibetan Buddhism it is old news that the world is the mind, and without the mind there is no world, and that the mind’s origin is empty (i.e. an illusion), the matrix!

Mind gives rise to matter — matter, which is 99.99% empty space. Merely an energetic vibration sourced from the AI.

So now, why defend something that is relative to your attachment to nothing in essence? Maybe in deaththe irony in this mistake can be embraced when reflected upon.

Letting Go

It seems that for too many people, the idea to let go of everything they have come to love, or have become attached to, is scary (love is an attachment to a matrix-based construct).

They fail to see the miracle of debasing an obsolete foundation to your existence and rebuilding new pillars from the Earth itself.

Cosmic laws can only work for those that have their Earth Connection, when the root chakra is cleared and activated by reconnecting to the Earth element.

By turning words and knowledge back to the five elements (unlearning), the connection to your whereabouts on Earth is regained, and heaven and Earth can once again meet through you.

Those that still choose to remain in the old reality by keeping secrets in the soul-center, will remain under the expired laws of god and man.

How Dividing Within and Without, Rules

Divide and rule is not as much something which was instigated by the ruling elite as an objective in the running of the world, but more of a mission to set up in the mind’s of the entire globe.

It only takes one generation to fall under this spell for it to affect the rest of humankind, which it has done successfully.

When the mind is divided, then it is inevitably ruled by more than one master. When you are opposed to your own thoughts arising out of old reactive programming, the only sane thing to do is to be aware of them and observe them.

Witness the old record playing out the expired tune and realize that this is the tune that paved the path you used to walk inside of the time-track.

Realize that the only power it has over you is when you are inside of time, caught in relativity to the past, allowing memory to suppress you.

In the now there is no past, present or future.

It is much easier to divide and rule a populace when you divide them within themselves. Once you are divided within yourself, you, by default run into division and opposition without.

The within and without parables can be compared to a measuring device that allows consciousness to perceive itself. Consciousness had an experiment with itself, whether it was a bad experiment or a good one, it does not matter.

The fact is that the experiment was unsuccessful, because the goal of the experiment will not be realized.

We have triumphed over this trap and will exit a programmed foreign reality and enter our own paradise that operates with cosmic laws of manifestation.

Now it is all up to you! The responsibility is in your hands now, as the universe in 2016 is fully in your favor and on your side.

By Arno Pienaar, / Cover image: Avatar movie