So after years of covert operations, a countless number of lies to ensure the safety of the human psyche, and repeated negotiations with beings that see us food, slaves, and cattle, they’re going to throw it all out there and launch the ZOMBIE Apocalypse protocol?


• First off, if you don’t have a name, then don’t post. For all anyone knows you’re creating fairytales in your Mom’s basement with your four buddies because you got bored playing Dungeons and Dragons.

• Secondly, one of the Cabal’s favorite delay tactics is the “major announcement” that’s always supposed to be coming a little later. Have you ever heard an announcement that was powerful enough to release the RV? No. Because they’re trying to keep it quiet so we can safely complete our exchanges and go change the world. And that has a devastating impact on the energy when you are looking forward to something like that all day, it doesn’t happen, and you end up going off in your mind because it’s “so typical” and you start thinking “is this ever going to happen?”

I’m telling you right now: THERE WILL BE NO PUBLIC 800# ANNOUNCEMENT

• 3rd of all, the Republic military, the Elders, the Galactics, and the entire Alliance have crafted a plan of execution so precise and so methodical that there just isn’t chance of a public show, an uncloaking all of their behind-the-scenes work.

It’s the opposite of the energy they’ve created throughout this entire process. And even they know it’s awful waiting around for an announcement that isn’t coming.

• 4th, they have launched an all-out flash bang. It’s the FLASH BANG of FLASH BANGS! Trump is under serious scrutiny. Right-wing underground websites say it’s all part of his master plan. Other sources are saying this was always the commitment made by President Trump to step down after he drained the swamp. Everybody is getting accused of sexual assault. The Clinton Family is getting torched with all types of damming evidence. Russia, the uranium fiasco, Flynn, the FBI, Clinton cover-ups, contempt being filed against the FBI, 4000 indictments waiting in the wings, and all this is just leading up to the real corruption. So, no, they didn’t do all this right now for nothing.

It might not be released to “certain providers,” OK, but it sure won’t be a public announcement with 800#s on television.

And the Quantum Simulator? If you say it enough times we’ll believe it, but I’ve neither seen nor heard any evidence of such a thing except from two unnamed sources. That pseudo-information is designed to scare people, creating yet more of that NONPERFORMANCE ENERGY.

Repeat this. It is NOW.