Day Out of Time ~ Planetary Liberation Transmission

Source: Jenji and the White Wolf Tribe
Dearest brothers and sisters, Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time with news that all of you have been waiting and praying for. It has now begun in earnest.

The old frequencies that kept this realm locked into the hellish 3D Matrix have reached their end days. It’s important that we remind you that this stage of Humanity’s collective Awakening will reveal truths that will utterly shock you to your deepest core.

However, this is not the place for us to speak about the atrocities that are being exposed currently. All of the mainstream media will be reporting about the dismantling of what is known as the Deep State – the cabal.

We’re in the end days of Kali Yuga [- the Dark Ages -] and the opening stages of Satya Yuga~ the Golden Age. These two timelines are operating concurrently at the moment, and therefore it’s crucial that you’re continuously aware of where you’re focusing your God-given almighty attention and intention.

We advise you to not feed the fears or indulge in any victim narrative in these energies, as all that you focus on will be amplified exponentially in this current energetic climate.

Last week’s solar eclipse in Cancer was extremely potent for many of us ascending ones. And please know that many of you who are still in 3D karmic relationships and are not listening to and following the promptings of your heart and sacred intuition, please know that you are being tested now to your absolute core.

All those who are holding onto these relationships through false 3d beliefs of obligation and sacrifice will have to go through a more challenging initiation to assist in freeing themselves from these old obligatory templates.

Trust the signs that your higher self is continuously sending you. If you ignore the messages of your higher self, you leave it no choice but to have to shout louder. For some, this will be through more intense physical symptoms and potential emergency situations.

Of course, we in the higher realms don’t wish to see this for any of you, and we’re praying that you listen and take heed of the guidance that your higher self and the Galactic team is pouring down upon you now.
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These energies are no longer supporting third-dimensional based relationships, especially for the 144,000 First Wavers.

[Editor’s note ~ Magenta Pixie and The Nine have said the number is far greater now in this FaceBook post.]

Everyday we’re getting closer to the solar flash event known in Hinduism as the Samvartaka. As this occurs, please know that the Earth plane is continuously being bombarded with photonic light particles that are transforming every single being on the Earth, whether they’re consciously aware of it or not.

At the moment of the Solar flash event, the 144,000 will meet the Doorway of Light. We’ll be invited to step into the Doorway of Light and it’s important that all Starseeds trust this process and surrender, knowing that our higher selves will take us out momentarily in order to implement the Architecture and Creation of our Crystalline Light Bodies.

Please know that all will remain conscious throughout this Ascension (Doorway of Light) experience, and what can feel like hours and hours or even days in the Higher Realms can take place in a split second on the Earth Realm.

There’s nothing that anybody needs to worry about. This has been written in all of the Sacred Scriptures and in all of the long-count calendars. This has been known by our indigenous cultures since time immemorable.

Earth is shifting density from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension. This is happening right now as Earth ever succinctly aligns herself with the very heart of our Galactic Sun, Alcyone. As this alignment occurs, Humanity is continuously being bombarded with gamma rays. In many ways, these rays are very much like keys that interact with our locked DNA, sending information to our so-called ‘dormant’ DNA that it’s time to move out of their dormant state, enlighten, and activate.

The Cosmic energies are now building in earnest towards the Day out of Time.

The Day out of Time is celebrated in the Mayan calendar as the Cosmic reset day, and marks the end of the Galactic year and the beginning of the new Cosmic year.

On this date (July 25), we’re being called to come together to assist our Galactic Teams, especially those from Lyra, Sirius, Arcturus and the Pleiades, to assist Gaia to remove the last dregs of the illusion of control that the lower frequencies have held over Humanity for the last 14,000 years.

A call went out from our Galactic Star Family to come together on the Day out of Time to assist in this final push in attaining full planetary and personal liberation.

Please know that we, the Ground Crew, are being called to come together to assist our Galactic friends to fully and completely release the last final residues of control and manipulation from this old, archaic, dark energy.

It’s important to know that our Galactic elder brothers and sisters require us on the Earthly plane to stabilize and anchor these energetic intentions. Therefore, we’re invited to step forward as Awakened Ascending Humanity to assist our Star Family with this huge endeavor.
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The work that we’ll be called to do in these transmissions is on the etheric blueprint level, where all manifestation takes place. Therefore, please know that what we’re being called to do for all of our brothers and sisters is both extremely potent and important ~ not only on the Earth but throughout the entire multiverse.

As ever, all those who come forward to take part in this transmission will invariably receive an auspicious gift for their own personal evolution. Please know that taking part in this work massively accelerates everyone’s evolution and timeline, enabling all of us to easily stabilize in fifth-dimensional consciousness.

We’re getting so close now to the solar flash event, and it’s absolutely imperative that as many of the 144,000 Starseeds have stabilized in 5th dimensional consciousness. We invite all of you who are reading these words to make this a priority with your morning intentions and be open to all the ways that will assist you to fully stabilize.

We truly are living in the most exciting times that have ever existed upon the Earthly plane.

Please know that nothing is random and everything has been pre-planned. The Divine Collective Awakening of Humanity is being intricately overseen by our Arcturian brothers and sisters, who love us so very deeply, and who are the overseers of this planet’s ascension into the 5th dimension.

A gentle reminder that we’re currently in the Sirius Stargate, which is infusing us with deep and profound blessings and is assisting many First Wavers in the formation of our crystalline light forms…..

The Cosmic energies are now our building and aligning towards the 8:8 Lionsgate, which will bear witness to an absolutely unprecedented level of Twin Souls coming into physical union.

We’re the ones we’ve all been waiting for. We truly are doing it.

In love and eternal light ~ Jenji and the White Wolf Tribe