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Gepubliceerd op 18 feb. 2018

Teresa Yanaros of Divine Frequency recaps Conscious Life Expo 2018. She describes the Ancient Aliens event, Susana Puelles’ “Unleashing Feminine Healing Power,” Teresa’s lecture about magic, and the Cosmic Disclosure panel. Teresa lays down some serious synchronicity between her and David Wilcock’s experience with inspired writing from childhood that played a huge part in their future paths and careers. Photo Credits: Jimmy Church, Fade to Black Radio (Pics of the Ancient Aliens Panel) http://jimmychurchradio.com K B (Pics from after Teresa’s Talk) GaiaTV (Pics from Beyond Belief and Wisdom Teachings) Buy Teresa’s new book on Amazon now! What is Magic? http://bit.ly/whatismagic Stay up to date with Alternative News Media: http://thedivinefrequency.com http://stillnessinthestorm.com Susana Puelles Info http://www.feelonpoint.com/ Ascension Project http://bit.ly/ascensionproject Corey Goode Update https://spherebeingalliance.com/blog/… David Wilcock’s Website http://divinecosmos.com