Covid-19 is Cover for a Globalist takeover of the World

Bytruthhunter on April 30, 2020

covid is a globalist takeover

Covid-19 appears to be a biological weapon that is being used by the globalists to take over countries. (Now I am not saying it was designed to be a weapon, just that it is being used as one. A brick can be used as a weapon even though it wasn’t designed as such). The goal of the coronavirus is to control your money and control your movement. 

Control Your Money

Controlling your money has come in a multifaceted attack.  The first step was to limit your entertainment spending and control your information. The stopped sports and concerts, theaters and carnivals. They closed Poll Halls and Bars, Strip Clubs and gyms.

If you want entertainment, go home and watch TV.

Next, they determined what businesses were “essential”, and if you take a look around, I bet you will see there are a lot more “essential” big corporate stores. (the official lists seem vague enough to not show there hand. However, when clothing stores are not essential, but groceries and hardware are, then big box stores that sell those and clothes stay open while the mom and pop stores that only sells clothes have to shut down.)

If you need a new jacket or a new pair of shoes, go to Target or Walmart. You don’t need to go to the boutique downtown. They weren’t “essential”. But in most places, you can still buy a car. Go to Home Depot, have the Orkin man come by, buy a TV (as long as it is from a corporate store) etc. You can also get food, but take out only (we don’t need that pesky waitstaff looking for tips).

How many of those non “essential” mom and pop stores do you think will survive this?

Control Your Movement

Unbelievably, next they took away our right to move freely. The right to assembly? No, that violates social distancing rules. They closed parks and beaches. In Florida, some places completely closed the beaches. Then others restricted use to swimming and walking/jogging. No sunbathing allowed. Of course, some beaches has no restrictions at all. In some cases these beaches were miles away from restricted beaches and so everyone congregated there, violating social distancing rules. 

Many places in Florida have closed down rentals and will only let hotels rent to people with local ID’s. So you can’t get a bed & Breakfast or an AirB&B, but you can stay at the Hilton. But only if you are local. We don’t want people traveling… Unless we need them to. 

To make sure you don’t do any un necessary traveling, we are going to ask your neighbors to rat you out. We are going to use drone’s to find you. We are going to trace your movements and who you come into contact with by your smartphone.

But This Is Temporary.

A large percentage of the population is willing to give up freedoms if they think it will keep them safe. And let’s be clear here. This isn’t about saving “lives”. It is about saving “My life”. The people that are pushing for everyone to stay locked down to save lives don’t care that the UN said hundreds of thousands of kids will starve to death because of this economic crash. They don’t care about “deaths of Despair” where 77,000 Americans are likely to die from suicide and drug overdoses as a result of layoffs. They don’t care about Alcohol related deaths. They don’t care that he death rate for the unemployed is 63% higher than for people with a job.

They don’t care that Child abuse spikes when drunk/high unemployed parents are home with their children all day. And let’s not forget about all those elective procedures that people are not getting done that had been scheduled because “early detection saves lives”.

They don’t care because that is not them. And they would rather those other people die and suffer if it protects them from an illness that has a 99% recovery rate (the 2 links below show that the actual mortality rate of covid-19 is likely between 0.1% and 0.5%). 80%+ of people who get it will not even need to be hospitalized. (and it is likely a much higher percent that have mild  to no symptoms if the recent antibody tests are accurate. Here and Here)

But this is only temporary, and then things will go back to the way they were. The problem is, That isn’t going to happen

We already pointed out that many small businesses will not even make it through months of being closed. Small businesses employ 48% of Americas workforce. Eliminating many small businesses helps the globalists in 2 ways. First, it cuts down on competition. This lets the big corporate stores control the prices of goods. Next, it lowers the supply of available jobs. When the supply of jobs is low, and the demand (people looking for jobs) is high, wages go down. Therefore, eliminating small businesses allows the corporations the ability to control the wages as well.

The False Narrative To Continue Restrictions After Covid Has Already Started

The New York Daily News recently reported that Miami has gone 7 weeks without a murder for the first time in decades. They report that “Miami’s vice seems to be on lockdown. For 55 days this year – from Feb. 17 to April 12 – the city of Miami had zero murders, a first since 1957.”

This is a careful manipulation of the numbers. Why? To make you feel like you are safer with your freedoms removed. After-all, if you are willing to give up your rights to be safer from coronavirus, then why not give up those rights to be safer from crime?

The problem is, this is not true. The Miami Herald is reporting a 33% increase in murders in the Miami area since the lockdowns began.

How can both of these numbers be true? It is simple really, Miami is much larger then the city limits. In fact, inside the Miami city limits, you will find mostly high rise office buildings, bars, restaurants and clubs and small boutique stores along with very expensive housing. 

If you close down the boutique stores, bars, restaurants and clubs, and force stay at home orders, then all the poor and working class people stay outside of city limits in their suburbs. And all the crime stays with them.

So taking away your rights makes the rich elitists safer because it keeps you away from them.

We are also seeing more articles pushing the idea that Covid will be seasonal, or come back in the fall. These stories are setting the seeds for what is sure to be future justifications for the continued use of contact tracing tech on your cell phones to track you and use of drones to monitor your movement.

Earlier in this article, I linked to antibody studies that suggest that Covid is far more widespread than was previously thought. This is a problem for the official narrative because it shows that Covid is not as deadly then they are telling us it is, and it shows that lockdowns are not stopping the spread. Remember, 2 weeks ago they were telling us that antibody tests were needed before we could reopen society, But what are they saying now that the tests are not giving the results they want?

The media says that those tests are unreliable and they are doing everything they can to discredit those reports. (some more anti antibody test propaganda here, here and here) It doesn’t matter that these studies are taking place independently of each other using different methodologies in California, New York, Germany, and other places all yielding similar results. These results disrupt the narrative, so the mainstream media has to say they are not reliable

An Additional Note on Covid & Control

Earlier this week a couple of Doctors in California released a press briefing video that concluded that the lockdowns were unnecessary and should be lifted. This video was removed from Youtube. Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube, said: “anything that would go against World Health Organization recommendations would be a violation of our policy. And so remove is another really important part of our policy.”

A few days later, The World Health Organization stated Sweden’s way of acting during the corona pandemic may be a model for the future. This is the opinion of WHO crisis management officer Michael J Ryan. (Since Mainstream media in the US is currently not covering this story, click this link and use Chrome’s auto-translate feature to read it.)

As we all know, Sweden did not close their economy or impose mandatory lockdowns. And although their numbers aren’t the best, they aren’t the worst either. (and they would be expected to be worse then lockdown nations because if you are not “flattening the curve” then more people will get sick and die sooner, but the numbers will also drop sooner and even out in the end. Therefore, we can’t judge their numbers until this is all over).

So, even though Youtube took down the video that claimed we should lift the lockdowns for going against WHO recommendations, WHO later changed their recommendations to say that lockdowns are not the best way to deal with Covid. 

But no one in the US is reporting that because it goes against the plan to subjugate you.

As they say: “Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste