The explanation is obvious: They don’t have any death certificates or autopsy reports

If by now you are not asking questions about the Las Vegas shooting it is clear the masters that own you have done a great job at the PSYOP they continue to perpetrate on you and most Americans.  The entire aftermath of events demonstrate that if the police, FBI, and MSM were telling the truth, there would not be all the confusion. To clarify:

*The police and FBI have changed the timeline a few times while totally ignoring witnesses seeing 2 shooters.

 *We have not seen any casino and hotel footage of the shooter “Stephen Paddock” which would probably clear up so much.

  *The 2 security guards have no licence for the state of Nevada which should have made it impossible to work at any event or casino and the representative of the casino lied on a MSM news report saying he did not need one.

   *Photos that were shown on the news and videos were staged.

  *Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter are deleting videos that have evidence of a hoax, which violates freedom of speech and sends a message they have something they are hiding.

 *The FBI collected witness phones and scrubbed everything off the phones that pertained to the shooting.  

   *A couple of weeks before the event a person from 4chan warned others to stay out of Vegas for the next few weeks due to an event that will bring in body scanners to casinos.        

  *A group, “Crowds on Demand” were advertising on Craigslist for Crisis Actors needed in Las Vegas for an event a few weeks before the shooting drill. \

    *There were videos of shootings at other casinos the same night as the concert and the police have continued to deny it happened.

    *Last but not least the obituaries and grave sites of the victims should clear up the confusion for people as to why these issues have not been addressed.
The police, FBI, and MSM however are not concerned about these issues due to what they think about the American people.  “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.” -George Carlin  They believe that Americans have short attention spans and will forget or really not care about the story after a week or two.  Researchers or conspiracy realists will be shamed, harassed, or ignored by mostly everyone, therefore, doing the job for the officials who are deceiving the masses.  The PSYOP that has been perpetrated on the public these last few years is expressing outrage to anyone that would consider shootings a false flags or worse a hoax.  This has been rolled out by the MSM and the gullible American people, have fallen for it each time. This should, at this point in time, bring up a red flag for everyone. The officials that fool us with every false flag or hoax get away with it continually, because Americans let themselves think with their hearts and emotions versus rational thought.  If Americans would step back and think without the emotional manipulation they would see there is plenty of evidence supporting no deaths and no concrete evidence that there were.  The evidence in this blog should be the smoking gun needed to make everyone stand up and take notice.