Chapter 36: Netherlands – The Pedophile Kingdom and Sodom and Gomorrah of the Modern World

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Chapter 36 Netherlands: The Pedophile Kingdom and Sodom and Gomorrah of the Modern World

Joachim Hagopian

Cover Credit: Nora Maccoby with permission

DOC (38 Pages): Chapter 36 Holland – The Sodom and Gomorrah of the Modern World Chapter 36 Netherlands – The Sodom and Gomorrah of the Modern World

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The lineage of former Holy Roman and French nobility comprises today’s House of Orange- ruling over the constitutional monarchy of the Netherlands. The Dutch royalty owns major multinational corporations such as Royal Dutch Shell,  Royal Dutch Airlines, Philips Electronics and Holland-America Line.[1] The royal family has evolved its interests as a high-level authority currently operating as a branch of the Vatican’s Roman empire, wielding considerable influence over such powerful entities as the Rand Corporation, Koch Industries, Princeton University (founded in honor of the House of Orange), some of the world’s largest banks including AMRO and investment firms like BlackRock,[2] the largest financial asset management institution on the planet, worth an estimated $7.4 trillion in client assets.[3]

Coincided by design with the planned Corona scamdemic, this year BlackRock’s been busily bailing out the US Federal Reserve, buying billions worth of bonds to keep the house of cards economy from imploding, in one fell swoop in April seizing control over the US Treasury and Federal Reserve.[4] This private, unelected monolith has monopoly control now over the entire US economy as the centralized economic chokehold over the global masses prepares to tighten its death grip noose over humanity.[5] As the long planned implosion of the world economy goes up in smoke, by engineered design, this latest power grab amidst the so called pandemic crisis is all about consolidation of power and control into fewer and fewer hands, lending new meaning to the thoroughly bankrupted USA Corporation owned and operated by the financial juggernaut of “the Crown.”[6] The stakes have never been higher in 2020.

With the worldwide mafia pedo-crime cabal no longer an illusory paranoid aberration, the planetary controllers realize enough of the global masses are finally onto them, and as a result, are rushing to make their dystopic vision of one world governance a reality sooner than later. When it comes to sexual perversion, the House of Orange-Nassau of the Netherlands is every bit, if not more, perverse and decadent as the Saxe-Coburg-Gothe clans masquerading on both sides of the English Channel as the British royal imposters (See Chapter 33) as well as the Belgian royalty (See Chapter 35).

According to an April 2013 Financial Times article:

[Queen] Beatrix’s late 19th-century ancestor [maternal great-grandfather] Willem III (‘greatest debauchee of the age,’ wrote The New York Times) liked to stand on the balcony of his Swiss villa on Lake Geneva and open his bathrobe when a tour boat steamed past. In Dutch slang, he was ‘a pencil salesman.’[7]

In American vernacular, he was a first-class pervert. But Dutch scandals grew far darker and more disturbing as time went on. Queen Beatrix’s own mother Queen Juliana was allegedly raped and impregnated by her own father – consort Prince Hendrik (1876-1934), who also impregnated countless mistresses.[8] One of Prince Henrik’s illegitimate sons, after growing up a bastard in anonymity, at age 60 was suddenly discovered by a historian in 1979.[9] The newfound recognition was short lived though, as the official royal Orange coldly snubbed him. Seven years later he made the news again after shooting and killing his wife, reneging on his end of a homicide-suicide pact with his terminally ill spouse, and wound up spending a four-and-a-half-year stint behind bars in Holland’s pre-euthanasia era. With his life a sheer embarrassment to the royal family, he lived quietly in the shadows till his death in 2015 at 96-years old.

Though his German crown daddy Prince Hendrik lived a much shorter life reaching only 58 before croaking from a heart attack, leaving only one official offspring – his daughter Juliana the future Dutch Queen by his only spouse , the military officer, avid hunter and farmer sprinkled his Johnnie Appleseed like there was no tomorrow, siring up to ten illegit kids in all.[10] That’s some royal family-making… infidelity, incest and illegitimacy galore, all the classic trademarks of degenerate European royalty, oh and lest we forget the other royal tradition – pedophilia.

At best, the consort of Dutch Queen Beatrix, German born onetime Hitler Youth, Prince Claus von Amsberg (1926-2002) of minor German nobility, also shared a checkered past, allegedly caught cheating on the queen during their royal family visit to New York City in September 1982.[11] Reportedly Claus was influenced by his and his wife’s longtime friend, confidant and Queen’s legal counsel for 20 years Frits Salomonson. The alleged homosexual pedophile took his pal Claus for a walk he’d never forget on Big Apple’s wild side – the always lively orgiastic gay coke and poppers snorting scene of the early 1980s.[12] Dutch media began spinning titillating rumors of kinky promiscuity, apparently enticing the German periodical Der Spiegel to feature a sensational piece blowing the prince’s cover – his wholesome image as hetero-family man.

Struggling with the role as queen’s secondary appendage and nonstop lack of privacy since his wife was crowned queen in 1980, and burdened by the breaking scandal questioning his sexuality, Prince Claus apparently fell into deep depression and by November 1982 sought refuge and escape in treatment at a Swiss psychiatric hospital. Aside from those nasty rumors that wouldn’t go away, mainstream media settled on disclosing the queen’s consort was suffering from a severe bout of Major Depression.[13]

After a year of constant tabloid gossip claiming Claus was a homosexual with hints he preferred underage boys, eventually by late 1983 the press backed off from pursuing the sexual scandal any further. Der Spiegel never did run their feature bombshell story but only a watered down, heavily edited, much shorter version. Meanwhile, the sympathetic Dutch people mostly felt sorry for the overshadowed royal, grateful for his siring three boys to give the Netherlands a guaranteed male heir to the throne for the first time in a century. Since his shaky start of a marriage to the future Dutch queen in 1965 as another obscure German Hitler-linked import, the second one in a row just two decades after their bloody war against Nazis, Dutch citizens gradually warmed up to the unassuming charm of the soft-spoken prince, won over and impressed by his unassuming, low-key style and by Holland’s adopted royal sire’s due diligence at mastering the Dutch language with hardly a German accent. His efforts to fit in overcame Dutch citizens’ initial grudge.

Two decades earlier in 1962, four years before the German nobleman married the future Dutch queen, Claus was summarily dismissed from his West German diplomatic post in the Ivory Coast, due to sexual blackmail over an alleged affair with an East German spy.[14] Then on more than one occasion over the years, Prince Claus was observed and allegedly photographed in sexually compromising situations with 12 and 13-year old boys in Dutch brothels and at child orgies hosted by his sex buddy Salomonson in his notorious S&M torture chamber cellar. For decades as an alleged homosexual pedophile, Prince Claus was reportedly blackmailed as an unspoken royal liability, outside of occasional symbolic ribbon cuttings, the last two decades of his life sheltered away from the media, cloistered atop a Swiss mountain retreat. Despite maintaining such a low profile with increasing health issues culminated in 2002 with his death, like so many male members of European royal families, evidence remains strong that Prince Claus upheld the longstanding despicable tradition of the black nobility bloodlines – shamelessly sodomizing children.

Frits Salomonson, the kinky pervert hosting these sado-masochistic orgies, with Prince Claus among his high profile guests, also had photos taken and circulating of Frits all decked out in sadist drag with underage Moroccan boys inside his own basement crime scene, providing ample blackmail leverage keeping him somewhat in check, yet still protected from lifetime arrest due to his cozy royal relations.[15] The pics were offered to editor Willem Schmitt of the paparazzi magazine Prive, who turned them down. His reason:

I’m not going to press charges against the attorney of Her Majesty.[16]

In 1999 Frits Salomonson sued two adversarial neighbors for damages for outing his perversions in a letter to the Amsterdam mayor but lost.[17] After gunshots were heard, a meter-thick slab of concrete in Salomonson’s backyard was poured to provide a barrier for allegedly covering up his dead victims. After Frits was further exposed in the Van Traa Commission report over his laundered mobster drug money in the IRT scandal, in 1996 the royal favorite had to be let go as the crown counsel and, eventually humiliated by all his criminal overexposure, Frits hightailed his sick ass to friendlier, safer pastures in nearby pedo-friendly Belgium for his twilight years. With old Frits now 86, he’s sheltered by his fellow aging pedo-buddies – the powerful Lippens brothers, 78-year old Count Leopold Lippens, still mayor of Knokke after four decades, and 77-year old Bilderberger Maurice Lippens, chairman of the board of the 2008 defunct Fortis Bank that after a decade of fraud charges, Belgium finally dropped its case in December 2018.[18] Recall from last chapter that these cruel VIP sodomites go back to Regina Louf’s earliest memories of hometown abuse. More to come on the queen’s favorite pedo-lawyer Frits later.

Next comes the tainted legacy of Prince Claus’ predecessor father-in-law, fellow German prince consort to Queen Juliana – Prince Bernhard, exposed former Nazi SS officer,[19] notorious Bilderberg founder, scandalized for his million-dollar bribe from Lockheed,[20] and another alleged pedophile with a heavily tarnished reputation. Recall last chapter that the Belgian scandal’s key witness in Regina Louf as a 1980s network child sex slave alleged that she was trafficked to a party aboard Prince Bernhard’s yacht Jumbo VI.[21] Also Bernhard has been cited a hunter at royal child hunting parties,[22] an attendee at satanic cult rituals involving child sex abuse, torture and blood sacrifice, and reportedly on a regular basis sexually assaulted teenage girls.[23] Of course Bernhard had his share of bastard kids too, forced to reluctantly admit, two before his 2004 death with an illegitimate third daughter emerging AD, of course from three different mistresses.[24] See a royal bloodline pattern here? Just like the Saxe-Coburg-Gothes.

What is it about these sexually deviant German princes and their Dutch queens? Aside from the current King Willem-Alexander married to an Argentinian Queen Maxima, daughter of Jorge Zorreguieta, a cabinet member during the deadly military junta’s “dirty war” killing thousands in the 1970s and early 1980s,[25] and one other Dutch king in the distant past, every single other king and queen in Dutch history has always married a German, and nearly 2 out of every 3 House of Orange marriages have all been with German nobility.[26]

From Micha Kat and Juriaan Maesson’s scathing 2010 piece for on how Bilderberger’s first president Prince Bernhard’s three grandsons, one the current king of Holland Willem-Alexander, the deceased Prince Friso and the youngest of Queen Beatrix’s boys Prince Constantijn, carry on the royal family tradition’s “torch of treason,” blatantly moving the planet towards New World Order tyranny through increasingly centralized, megalomaniacal, blueblood control:

The objective: to dismantle the nation-state, strip the people of their self-determination and free will, and position themselves as sovereign rulers of the planet. Their common cause does not deviate from the age-old directive, but their means are custom-made to fit current times.[27]

Back in the days prior to Prince Willem-Alexander’s 2013 crowning, the future king focused on water management control, concentrating his energy cutting up the New World Order’s slice of the global pie, recommending:

The World Trade Organization develop and consider virtual water balances, using a resource accounting framework, when assessing and negotiating agriculture subsidies and trade in agricultural products.[28]

Harnessing the most basic life sustaining commodity – water – that should be a universal human right as yet another natural domain subject to strict global governance leading to privatization,[29] the Dutch king is a mere cabal tool whose “trained expertise” role is all about centralization and consolidation of royal power and control at the expense of every earthling’s birthright to privacy and individual freedom.

On the royal House of Orange website, at one point Constantijn’s resume boasted he was “programme associate of the Bilderberg conference.”[30] Prepping for his big family Bilderberg gig, the prince cut his teeth at Booz, Allen & Hamilton, the notorious military industrial complex intelligence consultancy private contractor, a central figure in war-gaming and spying on our every move. Constantijn’s next career move was the Dutch European Commissioner’s office and then onto the notorious NWO fixture, the Rand Corporation, where he assumed command at Rand’s Bruxelles office, writing papers on RFID tracking technology and global regulation of the Internet. Author of The Bilderberg Group Daniel Estulin sized up Rand’s importance in the NWO hierarchy this way:

The interlocking leadership between the trustees at RAND, and the Ford, Rockefeller, and Carnegie foundations is a classic case of Bilderberg modus operandi. The Ford Foundation gave one million dollars to RAND in 1952, at a time when the president of the Ford Foundation was simultaneously the chairman of RAND.[31]

Also from last chapter, there’s eyewitness Anne Marie van Blijenburgh’s account, forced to observe ritual child killings by her mafia husband whose crime family sponsored them for sexual blackmail, where a Queen Beatrix charity program dispatched Dutch kids from youth detention centers to be ritually sacrificed. Anne Marie maintains that the following VIP notables were invited blood sacrifice participants – the late second son of Prince Claus and Queen Beatrix – Prince Johan Friso and his wife Mabel Wisse-Smit, herself a former girlfriend of the 1991 murdered Dutch mobster-drug kingpin Klaas Bruinsma,[32] along with other infamous attendees that include global insurrectionist-terrorist George Soros, Dutch president Mark Rutte, head of parliament Geert Wilders, former justice minister Piet Hein Donner (loyal protector for accused pedophile Joris Demmink), and former justice minister-Bilderberger Ernst Hirsch Ballin.[33] All are Luciferian blackmailed Dutch reps from the international crime cabal circuit.

No accident that Soros and Prince Friso should meet up at an occasional sacrificial B.S. get-together. Friso’s gangster moll wife was also director of Soros’ Brussels based Open Society Institute – small NWO crime cabal world.[34] With Soros having a hand in the pot seemingly wherever trouble is looming in the world, the big question then becomes, did Soros know about Mabel Wisse Smit’s mafia past prior to hiring her? Or as a December 12, 2003 EIR article probes:

Did Godfather George Soros show his humanity and loyalty, by overlooking all the evidence about Mabel’s involvement with mafia thugs, drug deals, brutality and torture, to keep her on as the representative of his Open Society Foundation in Brussels? Or were these gold stars on her resumé, which, to begin with, made her the ideal candidate to represent the biggest drug pusher and mega-thief in the word?

This rhetorical question sides with the latter.

Though the hapless witness Anne Marie was horrified of the child blood sacrifice and notified police, courts, Interpol, and every authority she could think of, none were willing to investigate the elites’ systematic murder of throwaway institutionalized children. Again, from last chapter, recall that Prince Johan Friso’s name also came up in connection with the royal sport of lethal child hunting parties. That was prior to Prince Johan’s fateful run-in with an avalanche, while skiing the Austrian Alps in February 2012, leaving him in an extended coma for the next year and a half before his August 2013 demise.[35]

While studying in the US at Cal Berkeley during the late 1980s, the prince was alleged to have also engaged in homosexual activity with minors. Like father, like son, America just brings out the worst in these repressed, away from home royal degenerates. It’s no surprise Prince Friso would end up with the ex-girlfriend of Netherland’s very own Al Capone the #1 drug dealer. According to journalists Jurriaan Maesson and Micha Kat, Johan’s gangster involved wife Mabel blackmailed the pedigreed pedo-gay prince into marrying her.[36] Apparently compromised like his dad Claus, Friso had to voluntarily give up his next-in-line succession status to the throne while the prime minister quietly maneuvered past the obligatory parliamentary approval vote for every senior royal prior to marriage. Professionally, the onetime Goldman Sachs banker, Prince Friso acted as a royal economic hitman for the World Bank, dishing out unpayable loans to Third World nations for natural resource thievery. Friso was also affiliated with numerous NWO organizations involving microchipping, radio tracking, MRI body scanning and satellite spying technologies.[37]

The most media covered murder case in Dutch history occurred on Walpurgisnacht night of May 1st, 1999, a satanic holiday when child blood sacrifice rituals are regularly conducted. 16-year old Marianne Vaatstra never made it home from her boyfriend’s in the rural northern Dutch province of Friesland. Marianne was raped, strangled and had her throat slashed, found the next day in a field.[38] After years of allegations swirling around a local asylum center housing 300 mostly Muslim refugees, producing 10 arrests that went nowhere, years alter a 5 km radius dragnet was eventually set up whereupon 5,000 residents in the area voluntarily submitted DNA. According to media accounts, a local farmer Jaspar Steringa living 2.5 km from where the corpse was found stepped up to offer his own DNA evidence that led directly to his 2013 conviction.[39] From the unlikelihood of that illogical outcome, after more than a decade of the unsolved mystery producing an avalanche of speculation percolating over who would commit such a grisly act slashing the victim’s throat ear to ear on a satanic holiday no less, inevitably many would conclude the murder had to be a satanic blood sacrifice. Then a confessional from an anonymous witness’s firsthand observation surfaced:

[Prince] Friso was present at a satanic execution of a young woman in the province of Friesland in the night after queen’s day in 1999.[40]

Incriminating evidence linking the same royal prince to attending another child blood sacrifice ritual?

For more clues let’s take a closer look at the company the royal family keeps. As Queen Beatrix’s friend ever since their college days at Leiden University together as Minerva society members, it was natural that Frits Salomonson would become the royal family confidant, the crown’s personal attorney from 1975 to 1995, and even the appointed guardianship to future King Willem-Alexander. Known as “Uncle Frits” to their three boys, Salomonson was far more than just Prince Claus’ fellow pedo-perv in New York City. Throughout the 1980s as chairman of the board of a company called Text Lite, Salomonson was also alleged to have laundered some serious dirty drug money.[41]

Holland’s IRT drug scandal, finally exposed in 1994, was simply the European counterpart to the same global organized crime network of the Bush-Reagan regime and their underlings Lt. Col. Oliver North running drugs and arms while Lt. Col. Michael Aquino and Lawrence King ran their MK Ultra-Franklin pedo-scandal. Aside from Salomonson, since the 1980s the royal Orange-Nassau crime contingent was also represented by Frits’ HIV infected law partner,[42] Oscar Hammerstein (born in 1954, obviously not the famous American song lyricist), who shared links with underworld mafia, along with aristocratic law partner Count Rutger Jan Schimmelpenninck (born in 1949).[43] They were all covertly moving and money laundering a vast volume of heroin and cocaine into the Netherlands and beyond. In fact the IRT scandal of the 1980s resulted in the parliamentary Van Traa Commission of 1994, tasked with examining both Hammerstein and his mentor Salomonson’s improprieties.[44] Oscar was even briefly detained, accused of laundering 17.5 million guilders while law partnering with Count Schimmelpennink at their Bockel de Nerée law firm for the drug kingpin Klaas Bruinsma’s drug syndicate.[45]

According to a member of the Van Traa Commission:

Drug money was laundered by Text Lite. The murdered drug trafficker Klaas Bruinsma would have injected millions in startup capital in the firm… The now retired attorney, Mr. F. Salomonson, as advisory board president, would have been in the know of the criminal activities.[46]

Once the Dutch Capone was violently out of the way, quick to fill the power void to continue warm liaisons with the royal surrogates were Bruinsma’s mobster successors Etienne Urka, Charles Geerts and John Engelsma, the latter even helping Prince Friso’s wife Mabel Wisse Smit in 2003 lie about her relationship with Bruinsma.[47] Engelsma and Prince Willem-Alexander also both ran the 1999 New York City marathon together. Geerts was the longtime mafia player who ran the global child pornography network. One more connection between the royals, their sexually deviant legal protectors Frits and Oscar, the Bruinsma organized crime cartel, and both drug and child sex trafficking is Pakistani hashish importer and diamond dealer Fouad Abbas.[48] During the late 1980s and early 1990s, he centered his drug and child trafficking operation in Belgium and the Netherlands, while selling hash by the tons to Bruinsma. Further, Abbas was linked to money laundering through Salomonson and Hammerstein’s Text Lite. In the Netherlands, as the world over, it’s one big happy extended crime family. On top of all that, one time or another the royal Prince Claus, his son Prince Friso, Salomonson, Hammerstein and Schimmelpennink have all been accused child abusers, if not traffickers themselves.[49]

Bilderberg founder and Queen Beatrix daddy Prince Bernhard also developed the Gladio Stay Behind network in conjunction with CIA and NATO through his 1001 Club, fostering more collusion between security services, organized crime and Euro-terrorism.[50] Thus, the singular theme of royalty, intelligence community, heads of state [and church] covertly tied to organized crime operating the international trade of trafficked arms, drugs and child sex remains a longtime embedded historical fact.

Speaking of Church, an independent commission in 2011 estimated that Catholic priests sexually abused 10,000 to 20,000 Dutch children since 1945.[51] Moreover, the Dutch Public Prosecution Office maintained a policy for decades of simply filing away cases literally in a box, essentially subverting justice by never charging or arresting rapist clergy and deliberately letting the statute of limitations expire.[52]

As a related aside, Queen Beatrix was Grand Master Knight of the Order of Saint John,[53] affiliate partner to the Catholic Sovereign Military Order of Malta, in 1959 knighted by her SMOM father Prince Bernhard.[54] Current Dutch King Willem-Alexander is Honorary Commander of this same secret society[55] (See Chapter 5), as well as head of the Loyal Orange Order, an Irish Celtic Masonic Order. Queen Beatrix nephew, the Italian-Dutch Prince Jaime Bernardo of Bourbon-Parma, is also part of the powerful Farmese bloodline that established the Jesuits as another secret Catholic military order[56] (See Chapter 6), and as a Malta Knight, served as Dutch ambassador to the Holy See until 2018.[57] Also recall that the former Jesuit Superior General aka Black Pope, Peter hans Kolvenbach, hailed from the Netherlands. With roots and tentacles connected to Catholicism, Protestantism, Nazism, Jesuitism, in case you haven’t noticed, the black nobility House of Orange bloodline is known to finance and manage Luciferian cults and secret societies.

So we come full circle, the House of Orange, just as the House of Windsor/Saxe-Coburg-Gothe of both Britain and Belgium (See Chapters 33 and 35) and House of Rothschild (See Chapters 27-28), along with the Astor, Russell and Sassoon family bloodline dynasties, behind death cults and Luciferian secret societies, all have made vast fortunes immersed in the illicit drug smuggling trade.[58] For centuries the Dutch royals have profited off the sale of opium since the early days of the Dutch East India Company and Dutch Trading Company,[59] that by 2000 morphed into the world’s sixth largest bank ABN AMRO worth $480 billion,[60] partially owning Saudi Hollandi Bank of Saudi Arabia. The Dreyfus family has partnered with the House of Orange, opening up their Louis-Dreyfus Group in the Netherlands. Current head of the company, Margarita Louis-Dreyfus is now married to Philipp Hildebrand, the current BlackRock Vice Chairman.[61] The Koch brothers’ family is Dutch, originating from the Netherlands, with David and Charles Koch financed by the Dutch Crown.

While the Dutch royals are among the wealthiest monarchies in the world, today’s sobering consensus is that they are also heads of a full-fledged narco-state.[62] Continuing evidence of the ever-growing reach of the Dutch narco-state terrorizing the Netherlands erupted last September 18, 2019 when top defense lawyer Dirk Wiersum was gunned down outside his home in an upscale Amsterdam suburb.[63] Wiersum was defending a witness supplying state evidence against a rash of drug murders in recent years. Until the people realize that their idolatrized royalty and their friends are the overlords of this lawless mafia ruled pedo-world, we can expect nothing to change.

Turns out the Dutch elite are notorious historical traffickers of both illegal drugs as well as human slaves. From author Louise Shelley’s Human Trafficking A Global Perspective:

The Netherlands… became the second most powerful slave trading state in the Atlantic slave trade.[64]

Long immersed in bigtime international drug trafficking, conjointly with illegal arms and stolen children, the Netherlands remains Europe’s major destination hub for both drugs and children,[65] particularly in the one nation where both soft drugs and commercial sex are legally available more than anywhere else on the planet.[66] As a result, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) lists the Netherlands as the number one destination for human trafficking victims,[67] and according to US State Department, it’s also Western Europe’s only country among the world’s worst five nations as a source for trafficked victims, in other words, in Holland, underage sex slaves are both coming and going at a record pace.[68] Moreover, 80% of all the trafficking victims inside the Netherlands are forced into labor as sex slaves, also higher than any other country… as the Sodom and Gomorrah of the modern world.[69]

In just a recent 7-year period from 2004 to 2011, with the number of globally trafficked underage girls more than doubling from 10 to 21%, and boys quadrupling from 3 to 12%, out of the total human trafficked population,[70] this trend has only grown worse in the last 9 years to reach a pandemic scourge blighting this earth. In a study from October 2017, combining both UN and national statistics, in the Netherlands from 2012 to 2016, there was an average of 1,320 reported cases of trafficked Dutch girls aged 12 to 17 each year, making up nearly half of the total reported female victims in the nation’s sex industry.[71] But when estimated unreported cases are included, the actual number of victims jumps to at least five times that amount. And this particular study was restricted to Dutch girls only, not the much larger influx of trafficked foreign girls from Eastern Europe and beyond. Plus, the borderless boundaries of European Union nation-state members and notorious EU policy record has only contributed to this ever-widening global pedophilia network.[72]

As a recent outrageous, mind-blowing illustration demonstrating just how disastrous and unsafe conditions are in the Netherlands for children, the national Dutch children’s shelters for Asylum that house its children from Vietnam have been responsible for losing 97% of its young Vietnamese residents to child traffickers.[73] In other words, virtually all the children under the Dutch care’s asylum program are apparently funneled directly into the child sex trafficking pipeline. In March 2020 National Rapporteur on Human Trafficking and Sexual Violence against Children, Herman Bolhaar, announced:

The suspicion that a large proportion of these children fall into the hands of human traffickers or people smugglers have been confirmed.[74]

This astounding news followed the story last June 2019 that an amazing 1,600 kids have gone missing from asylum centers in the Netherlands over the previous 4.5 years.[75] What does that blatantly say about how the Dutch government fails to take care of its children? It’s nothing short of a child sex trafficking accomplice. And it has everything to do with the fact that pedophiles and their friendly protectors have infiltrated the federal government, pretty much all federal governments in virtually all Western nations. Sadly, that’s what it says.

So what’s the Netherlands’ answer to their dire straits situation of so many missing children? Hire a 72-year old battle-worn Leiden U. Minerva alum gatekeeper for secretary of state for justice and security – Ankie Broekers-Knol. De Telegraaf prints a reader’s expressed opinion chagrin over Dutch “inner club” nepotism:

She [Ankie Broekers-Knol] is going to pick up asylum cases at the age of 72 and manage everything. With all due respect: you cannot take this seriously as a citizen. Was there really no one else available? So it is not about the knowledge and skills but it is about who you know.[76]

In February 2018 Herman Bolhaar replaced outgoing Rapporteur Corinne Dettmeijer after her dozen years of allowing thousands of children go missing on her watch.[77] Both Demmink and Dettmeijer are close Leiden U. Minerva society friends with Joris Demmink (along with another Minerva pedo-enabling justice minister Ivo Opstelten), so it’s obviously this pedo-club where all their loyalties lay, because it’s definitely not for the children. Also Bolhaar and Demmink were both students and friends of their mentor,[78] Rolph Gonsalves (1932-2002) who prior to becoming a lead prosecutor at home, brutally murdered, pillaged and plundered both adults and children abroad in Dutch New Guinea throughout the late 1950s,[79] and then promptly knighted at home by Queen Juliana in 1960.[80] Familiar theme of royalty saluting thugs and pedos… just ask Queen Elizabeth.

Herman Bolhaar’s job before letting all the asylum kids become the latest easy pickings in the sex trafficking trade, in addition to being senior fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, Bolhaar has worked as head honcho inside the Public Prosecution Service (2001-2017),[81] right alongside his pedo-buddy Justice Demmink. See what I mean?

In June 2019 an article in the Volkskrant newspaper pointed out the atrocious track record on children:

Lost in Europe is the name of the network of European journalists that has been trying to piece together the fate of disappeared children in Europe since last year. It concerns thousands of children, perhaps ten thousand figured out by Europol two years ago, although nobody knows for sure because the figures are kept so sloppily. They are off the radar and no one knows what happened to them. It is suspected that some of them have fallen into the hands of human traffickers, for sex work or child pornography or forced labor, because children to whom no rooster crows are good trade.[82]

Again, as long as gatekeeping pedophiles and their enablers are handpicked to remain in charge of children’s welfare and responding to violent crimes committed against them, nothing will ever change, and it’s obvious that in the nearly two and a half years since Rapporteur Bolhaar took over, conditions have only further deteriorated.

All of these unbelievably alarming facts in such a small affluent nation are the resultant consequence of a security services’ blackmail-controlled mafia amalgamation of royalty, banking and political elite operating openly in direct partnership cesspit with the country’s out of control organized crime. In effect, all the above unique dynamics render the Dutch Establishment among the world’s biggest criminal profiteering racketeers, holding the dubious shameful distinction as the intracontinental global trafficking epicenter of the planet’s most profitable illegal commodities – drugs, arms and children. Having reached worldwide crisis, the growing urgency to hold these elites accountable in their vast criminal global enterprise has become most dire, and nowhere is it more blatant than the little old wooden shoe-windmill nation of Holland. With the thumb in the dike, the dam’s ready to blow and all hell’s breaking loose.

The Dutch-Belgian connection is embedded even in the Dutroux X-Dossier compiled by Belgian police, disclosing details of a highly organized, integrated pedophilia network, based on the testimony provided by a Dutch victim-witness named “Catharina.” She supplied further evidence of the long practiced web of child sex abuse operating in the Low Countries, perpetrated by elite members of a Luciferian international cult.[83] Six months after the Dutroux scandal broke, PV 150.006 dated February 20, 1997 addresses the firsthand experience of a woman who was sexually abused as a young child for many years by her wealthy businessman father who belonged to the pedo-cult. Near her father’s estate in Lugano, Catharina claimed she observed the making of a snuff film. She also explained that the satanic cult included abduction of children in Belgium and Poland trafficked to the Netherlands. She alleged that she and other children were ritually abused and tortured at a number of locations – at a small airport in The Hague strictly used by the Dutch royal family, inside an Italian consulate, at the cult’s main headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland and at a UN building in Geneva as well as other sites in Belgium. Catharina stated that child victims abused in satanic rituals by the occult sect comprised of nobility, lawyers and army officers would often disappear “via a butcher shop in Rotterdam in the Van Hellemondstraat.”[84]

Again, another aristocratic family involved in both child sex abuse and drugs, the Schimmelpennink family owns several castle estates linked to a pedophile cult that abused and tortured young children, causing altered personalities inducing Dissociative Disorder, similar to MK Ultra mind control. Among the locations where the cult practiced satanic ritual abuse mind control was the Westerflier estate in Diepenheim near Markelo, owned by Count Rutger Jan Schimmelpennink.

From the police Dutroux X-Dossier, an anonymous letter sent in to the Dutch Justice Ministry dated December 13, 1996:

A group of 300 people formed a sect that exists in Holland. They organize orgies with children (3 years and older). Members = lawyers – jurists – judges – police officers. Meetings in rural estates – hotels – at one of the members [Schimmelpennink]… Example: Villa Westflier in Markelo [Westerflier/Nijenhuis estate, which, coincidentally, used to be a boarding school for girls from 1948 to the late sixties and has been in the possession of an aristocratic [Schimmelpennink] family] [and the] beach of Noordwijk. Meetings are held the first Saturday after the full moon as well as on dates of Christian feasts or on anniversaries. Groups of 12 people with children. Rapes and tortures of the children. Large meetings = 50 adults and 50 children – drugs, booze, orgies, rapes. Registration on video of abuse of kids… Apparently, a whistleblower who tried to inform the police was disbelieved and soon thereafter disappeared.[85]

A military intelligence operative that infiltrated the above pedo-cult alleged that he observed Prince Bernhard, consort to the queen, attending one of the satanic cult meetings at the Westerflier estate.[86] The Schimmelpennink family were friends with the royal family that owned an estate in Markelo (next town over) where Bernard’s mother resided from 1952 to her death in 1971. The prince, his wife Queen Juliana and their daughters including Queen Beatrix and eventually Prince Claus regularly spent holidays at the royal family estate in Markelo.

With a population of 17.5 million residents, the Netherlands is perhaps the most sexually permissive nation on earth where, like its neighbor Belgium, pedophilia runs rampant. In previous chapters we learned that its capital Amsterdam is the world’s child snuff porn headquarters and that Belgium’s elite pedophilia network is inextricably bound to the Dutch child raping web as virtually one and the same. Recall the London-Amsterdam-Berlin trafficking network that attracted dozens of British and German pedophile criminals like Warwick Spinks and “Welsh Witch” Alan Williams,[87] both instrumental in the startup and proliferation of many child pornography studios and boy brothels located in and near Amsterdam. In January 2014 it was reported that even a top BBC executive owned a 3-story home in the heart of Amsterdam where one floor was exclusively reserved for the commercial production and distribution of child pornography films, abusing British boys from care homes trafficked to the big Dutch city where sex never sleeps.[88] German implants Lothar Glandorf and Gerrick Ulrich also gravitated to fertile Dutch ground for child exploitation through trafficking and child pornography in Rotterdam and Zandvoort. These expatriates all found a home in Holland because of its sexually lax, highly permissive culture and tolerance for pedophilia.

As recently as a year ago last June 2019, the NL Times re-raised the issue of banning a 1000+ page pedophile manual circulating freely in Europe’s heartland, detailing the ins and outs of how to get away with committing acts of pedophilia against children without getting caught, debating to make possession and ownership of the manual in the Netherlands against the law.[89] But Dutch Minister of Justice and Security, Ferdinand Grapperhaus, said it would nearly be impossible to ban based on feedback from his ministerial lawyers, “because the manual contains no criminal material” [Boldface emphasis all mine].[90] The last time I checked, sexually molesting children even in “progressive” Holland is still a crime. Yet such inane absurdity in applying such letter of the law interpretation prevails in this nation that appears to bend over backwards protecting sodomites’ criminal rights over victims’ rights.

In 2000 the Dutch chose to legalize prostitution, believing conditions for its sex workers would vastly improve. Yet within a few short years it became increasingly apparent that such “progressive” legislation only created working conditions far worse and more dangerous for exploited, unprotected sex workers as victims, not to mention causing a growing influx of child sex trafficking primarily from Eastern Europe.[91] The law stands to be repealed since organized crime predatorily seized the moment, taking full advantage of this seemingly “anything goes” national policy.[92] Louise Shelley’s Human Trafficking A Global Perspective highlights yet another problem with organized crime controlling Dutch prostitution:

In the Netherlands, with its long-standing red-light districts, the trafficked prostitutes who cannot acquire work permits exist in an underground where they are paid less, suffer greater risks, and have no security for the future.[93]

She is referring to all those trafficked in minors who make up nearly half of the nation’s sex workers. The Netherlands, with its large mafia-controlled sex industry as the magnet drawing in trafficked girls from Eastern Europe, a whopping 90% of its sex workers are foreign, the most in all of Europe, and very many are underage.[94]

At the same time that the Netherlands was learning that its legalized prostitution wasn’t working out as planned, similar to Britain’s PIE (Pedophile Information Exchange) that operated politically from 1974 to 1984, in 2006 Dutch pedophiles opportunistically decided to launch their own political party (the Charity, Freedom and Diversity Party – NVD), advocating not only legalizing pedophilia but bestiality as well, lowering the age of consent from 16 to 12, with intent to eventually eliminate consent altogether.[95] An opinion poll at the time affirmed that 18% of Dutch respondents did not want the government interfering or stopping the new party from forming, with one in three believing that actively promoting pedophilia should not be illegal.

A 2013 Guardian article casually mentions that a 1987 Dutch study actually “found that a sample of boys in pedophilic relationships felt positive about them.”[96] Another Dutch study featured in the Spring 1983 Alternative Lifestyles journal published an article entitled “Pedophile Relationships in the Netherlands: Alternative Lifestyle for Children?,” focusing on the positive value that 25 boys aged 10 to 16 attributed to their sexual relationship with their pedophile male partner of average age 39.[97] A progressive social science attitude exists in the academia world of Europe and the US that views society’s hang-ups as automatically programming, predisposing and prejudicing a lack of social acceptance of pedophilia through placement of such negative value judgment. This attitude is illustrated below in a passage from the above referenced 1987 study conducted by the same Dutch researcher as in the earlier 1983 study:

Our society’s vision of sex and sexuality is rather unstable. For a decade or so it can be rather supple, generally approving, and then, only a little later, everything sexual is seen as troublesome or problematic. This is especially true of sexual contacts between adults and minors. Toward the end of the 1970s many Dutch newspapers, news and family magazines carried relatively positive articles about ‘pedophilia’ – positive in the sense that an attempt was made in them to understand how both partners involved in pedophile relationships felt. At the same time, however, they invariably stressed the adverse judgement of society at large.[98]

This cultural perception appears to still be prevalent in the Netherlands. After recently informing a Dutch owner of a Bali restaurant located in the onetime Dutch colony that I was writing a book on the scourge of worldwide pedophilia, with a serious, quizzical look, he queried, “What’s wrong with pedophilia?” All these multiple reflectors along with the preceding alarmingly hardcore facts collectively provide all the tall tale signs that kids in Holland are not safe from lecherous child sexual predators since pedo-promiscuity appears a culturally embedded societal norm, at least amongst a sizeable portion of its adult male population. As with all Western nations, the royal and political elite are taking full advantage of this normalization process towards blasé acceptance of pedophilic relationships. No doubt that’s precisely why the sexualization of children is so pervasive in global mass media (See Chapter 2).

Despite the already presented evidence of pedophilia amongst Dutch royalty and friends, the “lone gunman” syndrome in the Netherlands applied to the Dutch pedo-scandal has centered around “unproven” allegations toward the most accused pedophile in the nation’s history, the now former Secretary-General of the Justice Ministry – Joris Demmink. From an April 18, 2016 article covering the civil case brought primarily against the former justice minister:

A court in Amsterdam has begun hearing testimony from nine witnesses into allegations that senior politicians knew about and used underage male prostitutes in the 1980s.[99]

Apparently with gatekeeper Joris Demmink running the Dutch justice department, access to criminal court remained off limits to his pedophile victims. This unprecedented Dutch legal case of historic child sexual abuse in the 1980s and 1990s was filed by victim-witnesses against Demmink. Witnesses told the newspaper they had observed boys “no older than 15” get into his government car in The Hague’s Schilderswijk neighborhood, one adding that he regularly took “an Arab-looking boy.”[100] Witnesses also claim that Demmink was apparently a client during the 1980s of a known pimp of underage boys Dick Willard, who allegedly was murdered in 1991 by two of his former “sex slaves.” One witness recalled:

Willard boasted about his customers, also about this Demmink.[101]

Alleged victim Koos van Woudenberg testified that during his youth in the late 1980s, he was trafficked to an Amsterdam apartment belonging to Free University modern history Professor Ger van Roon (1933-2014), where a number of underage boys were regularly sodomized by former Justice Minister Joris Demmink, former finance minister and IMF head Onno Rudding, former Amsterdam Mayor Ed van Thijn and even Prince Claus, husband of Queen Beatrix.[102] Another witness in the 2016 abuse lawsuit was 43-year old Bart van Well, who alleged that at 15 years old, Demmink forced him to have sex in the back of his chauffeur driven government car.[103] Bart said that for several years he was routinely drugged, sexually abused and passed around by prominent men from the halls of government, and that much of it was filmed and sold as child pornography while simultaneously doubling as sexual blackmail evidence.

Professor van Roon maintained close ties between his powerful VIP friends and such notorious pedo-brothel owning procurers as Rotterdam’s German Lothar Glandorf (mentioned earlier as well as last chapter) and Dutchman Karel Alex Maasdam.[104] Boys trafficked from Britain, Belgium, Germany and Eastern Europe arriving at Amsterdam’s central train station would be routinely picked up and delivered to van Roon’s home for christening orgies in the Dutch pedophile boy brothel network.

Yet another Dutch government honcho linked to this same pedophile ring under investigation in the 1998 Rolodex affair was former Defense Minister (1982-1986) turned Amsterdam Appeals Court District Attorney (1986-1991), the now deceased Job de Ruiter (1930-2015). A sling and arrow from an October 24, 2006 Metro article:

And then we aren’t even talking about the then Secretary of Defense Job de Ruiter, who, I read, not only was guilty of this cover-up [defective landmine affair in which top Army officials were involved], but was also blackmailed over the fact that he was committing immoral offences with underaged boys.[105]

Hans Laroes, the NOS Journaal editor-in-chief, wrote in 2004:

The name Joris Demmink had been given to me in conversations with detectives. These spoke about a 1998 investigation, ran from a very secret location in Utrecht: an investigation into a network of top public officials, two district attorneys [one being Henry Hans Holthuis out of the total of 19 at the time in the Netherlands], a former minister [Onno Rudding], a former attorney of the Queen [aforementioned Frits Salomonson] and a single professor [aforementioned Ger van Roon] who would have sex with underaged boys. The investigation had begun at the direction of the College of Prosecutor-Generals – instigated by the district attorney of Amsterdam, [Hans] Vrakking.[106]

Prosecutor Hans Vrakking had collected enough information to move forward with the Central Detective Information Service (CRI) conducting searches on some of the above suspects, several of the district attorneys – primarily Henry Hans Holthuis, Jan Wolter Wabeke and Henk Wooldrik.[107] So just as the police were closing in on busting the biggest pedophilia scandal in Dutch history in 1998, Chief of the National Police Services Agency Joop de Wijs, Holland’s top cop overseeing the Rolodex investigation, then leaked it to the then Justice Secretary General, Demmink’s predecessor, Harry Borghouts. According to DA Hans Vrakking:

And then something very strange happened. I will never forget it. One morning the telephone rings: Harry Borghouts, the secretary general of the ministry of justice calls. What are you involved in, he yelled. You are busy investigating one of my officials. I said: about whom are we talking here? He said: Demmink. Then I said: we investigate many things here, but Demmink is not part of the investigation.[108]

Though Demmink’s name had arisen regarding complaints from his driver Rob Mostert, and Demmink was Professor van Roon’s friend listed in his rolodex, apparently Vrakking’s main purpose for the police investigation was simply inquiring about involvement of his fellow chief district attorneys. Again, in Vrakking’s own words:

In the intelligence work it turned out that compromising information by the BVD [Dutch intelligence, now AIVD] about Demmink. The driver of Demmink, Rob Mostert told the BVD that he ‘couldn’t stand it anymore.’ He was troubled that Demmink occasionally had sex with boys in his government car. In the end, after a discussion with [Fred] Teeven, it was decided not to investigate information about Demmink, because it lay outside the reach of the Rolodex case. We tactically focused ourselves on two chief officers [Wabeke and Wooldrik] and the VU professor [Ger van Roon]. Thus the name Demmink was most certainly mentioned, but not investigated deeper.[109]

Seems very odd that only fellow DA’s listed in Roon’s rolodex file were of interest to Vrakking while the more powerful Demmink and cabinet ministers also listed in Roon’s file were allegedly not pursued. The obvious reason would be that pedo-investigations never go as high as government ministers. Though Demmink was already implicated as a pedophile four years before taking over the Justice Ministry, already in 1998 because of his rising star status and political clout, Demmink no doubt was considered off limits and untouchable. So long before Demmink was cherry-picked to lead his nation’s justice system, the Dutch government already was well aware of his criminal behavior, but because he was a compromised, controlled puppet by blackmail, he was the perfect groomed candidate for the job – in Lucifer’s world.

Amsterdam DA Vrakking’s boss, Prosecutor-General Rene Ficq weighed in on the aborted investigation:

To this day I don’t know how Borghouts got it in his head to call me up while it involved secret intelligence. Borghouts claimed that he heard about the Rolodex investigation from Demmink and Demmink says he heard about it from some chief officer in the Justice Department [Hans Halthuis]. That is absolutely impossible. I was the only chief officer who knew about the investigation.[110]

Meanwhile, CYA Borghouts said he didn’t recall the conversation with Vrakking, insisting that Rene Ficq revealed the investigation to him.[111] Obviously someone’s lying and evidence leads to Borghouts.

Almost two decades later two detectives from this 1998 Rolodex investigation were called in as trial witnesses on behalf of victim-plaintiffs in the 2016 civil suit. After all, Professor van Roon’s rolodex file included names and numbers of some of the most powerful pedophiles atop Netherlands government. By the time police raided Roon’s home in 1998, Demmink had already tipped the professor off and all incriminating evidence had been removed from the premises.[112] Despite what the big boys were saying, the court testimony of the two police witnesses in 2016 implicated Joris Demmink as a prime suspect in their aborted inquiry into the Dutch VIP pedo-network. But in keeping with every child sex abuse scandal to date, an order from above suddenly commanded police to cease and desist midway through their probe. That order from on high originated with the nation’s corrupt pedo-protecting Police Chief Joop de Wijs.

Meanwhile, Rolodex detective Jaap Hoek reported that underage boys were in possession of secret phone numbers belonging to top Dutch officials.[113] Vice squad officer Leen de Koter confirmed that the Rolodex investigation was “destroyed,” dead in the water thanks to his boss of bosses Joop de Wijs, who should have minimally faced obstruction of justice charges. One of the former detectives in the Rolodex probe commented in court in the 2016 civil case:

I’ve never come across an investigation like it being halted halfway.[114]

If he conferred with his cohorts in Britain or Belgium, he couldn’t say that. As soon as prominent child rapists are about to be arrested in every national cover-up, an order from on high is always given to abruptly halt all police investigations and destroy “missing” evidence as standard cover-up protocol.

Despite the cat already let out of the bag by Hans Vrakking, in early March 2014 the then Dutch Minister of Security and Justice Ivo Opstelten still continued lying through his teeth, emphatically claiming that Demmink did not appear in any way in the Rolodex investigation.[115] See how puppets like trained seals in the circus system are reflexively taught to always lie, lie, lie and deny, deny, deny, right to their bitter end? Opstelten’s bitter end politically came a mere year later in March 2015, forced to resign in disgrace after being caught in yet another lie with fellow fibber Fred Teeven, both minimizing the amount the state secretly compensated in a payment to convicted drug trafficker Cees Helman, both falsely insisting it was 2 million guilders when in fact it was a whopping 4.7 million.[116] In January 2017 yet another political casualty over the faux pas of restarting the livelihood of a busted drug dealer is yet another Minerva member and justice minister, Opstelten’s successor Ard van der Steur.[117]

Why would the government owe money to any convicted major drug trafficker anyway? So they can make more money harming more people dealing more drugs? Converting that large sum of money to USD, what the fuck is Holland giving a convicted drug trafficker almost two and a half million US dollars, regardless of any initial overcharge? It’s like the government’s in bed with the criminals… oh yeah, they are. When we’re living in an insane world gone mad, that’s what thoroughly corrupt, drug pushing, pedo-infested governments do, the cabal finances the traffickers. A final point, if these two dipshit politicians would bother lying over their secret cashback deal with a major criminal, they most certainly would lie to cover up and protect powerful child rapists guilty of involvement in the biggest pedophilia scandal in Dutch history.

Getting back to the Dutch pedophilia problem, another victim-witness interviewed by detectives during the 1998 Rolodex investigation prior to its shutdown stated that he had been abused by VIP pedophiles since he was 14-years old. His statement to NOS Nieuws:

I had to go with [procurer] Mister Maasdam to the Festival Bar. I have been in the SM [Sadomasochism] Cellars of Frits Salomonson [former house lawyer of the royal family] on the Keizers canal 497. That’s where I saw Prince Claus. I also saw people, which I know have disappeared later on, no one heard from them again. I was brought to Salomonson in a black car. His house is decorated with lots of Marble details. There was an enormous living room. On the right, a stairway down into the Cellars. Leather hats, whips, chains, all that sort of things would hang on the walls. That’s when I saw Prince Claus. I was under the influence of drugs and was penetrated. Mister Karel Maasdam abused us in Salomonson’s Cellars.[118]

If the above description of S&M abuse in a cellar torture chamber referring to those who soon disappeared sounds eerily familiar to the Marc Dutroux case, it’s because it is the same interlinking network operating in bordering countries. As alluded to in last chapter, Dutroux made many trips to the Netherlands in his role as both child pornographer and network procurer, and many underage victims in the Netherlands were trafficked from Belgium and vice versa. This same witness had this to say about prime suspect Joris Demmink:

Demmink mainly had anal sex with young boys. He is abusive. He was able to become SG [Secretary-General] of the Justice Department because he has ‘sensitive material’ on Prince Claus, which has been recorded at Salomonson’s house. I am prepared to declare that in front of a camera too. Demmink is in contact with foreign intelligence services and he shared the material of Prince Claus with them.[119]

In 2016 the Dutch pedo-Establishment sent disgraced junior justice minister puppet Fred Teeven into the civil case courtroom in Utrecht to defend Joris Demmink. Back in 1998, Teeven worked in the Public Prosecution Office with DA Hans Vrakking, so he was there to testify in order to directly contradict both the victim-witnesses’ and police investigators’ court testimony, bogusly claiming that Demmink was never considered a suspect in the Rolodex investigation.[120] Despite the known catalogue of allegations of protracted abuse piling up on Demmink, dogging him for close to three decades (a familiar theme among the more infamous unindicted VIP pervs), including charges that in 1995 Turkey, Demmink raped two more boys aged 11 and 14 at the time,[121] yet it never seemed to obstruct his ascending career path. You can be the biggest sodomizer in the world, and as long as you do what you’re told, you’re home free to live a privileged life in renowned luxury as a so called “pillar of society,” again only in Lucifer’s world.

As soon as Piet Hein Donner was selected Justice Minister in 2002, Demmink was promoted as his Justice Ministry’s Secretary-General for the next decade right up to Demmink’s November 2012 retirement. As mentioned earlier, Donner was among the invited guests to a Dutch elite’s child blood sacrifice. Is it any wonder he’d no sooner become Holland’s Justice Minister and appoint Demmink his top civil servant in charge? And in response to the recurrent allegations of Demmink abuse, Donner threatened media with lawsuits if they dare even mention his name, refusing to open an investigation, smugly replying:

There is not a trace of smoke, let alone fire.[122]

Emile Broersma, head of the CRI surveillance operation into justice department officials’ pedophilia, exposed all the liars and deniers, maintaining that in late 1998 prior to the Rolodex investigation shutdown, Demmink, were all suspected of “organized child abuse.”

As the Justice Department’s rising star, when his raping Turkish boys kept coming up, Demmink simply had the Dutch Embassy lie, claiming the accused pedophile hadn’t set foot in Turkey since 1986.[123] Meanwhile, travel documents confirmed Demmink had been there at least five times since the 1995 alleged crime and depositions from both Dutch and Turkish law enforcement officials called him out as a child rapist. Turkish police officer Mehmet Korkmaz has gone on record stating that he was assigned to head security for Demmink during his trips to Turkey, but instead was requested to abduct young boys off the street so the predator could rape them.[124] Additionally, there are four police reports and six victims who identified Demmink as their alleged abuser in Turkey alone.

Yet the same stooge that threatened defamation suits and lied to keep Demmink’s ass out of jail went on to become longtime Dutch Minister of State until 2018 and, as of 2019, Piet Hein Donner is The Hague’s current Carnegie Foundation chairman, rewarded for his years as a pedo-enabler to lead an institution that quintessentially represents the NWO crime cabal. See how the system works in Lucifer’s world, where no misdeed goes unrewarded?

Repeated complaints from both Demmink’s government limo drivers and heads of federal transportation had already been common knowledge to the BVD intelligence services prior to his appointment in 2002 to head the Justice Ministry.[125] But with Demmink’s extensive involvement and support from both Dutch intelligence and how the inner elite’s pedo-club operates inside and out of the Netherlands, through sexual blackmail, since the 1980s the accused pedophile’s meteoric fast track rise in professional standing was actually enhanced. In September 2015 the Turkish government ultimately refused to hand over its extensive files regarding the long beleaguered 1995 Turkish rape case as a deal had been struck a full two decades earlier between the Dutch pedo-Establishment and Turkey.[126] Vulnerable to blackmail, known pedophiles the world over are compromised and controlled pawns in Lucifer’s “Great Game” of chessboard geopolitics.

In exchange for the accused serial pedophile’s non-prosecution, Turkish officials blackmailed Demmink in 2002 to ensure that Kurdish gangster Huyseyin Baybasin, living in the Netherlands, received the maximum life imprisonment sentence for drug smuggling and conspiracy for murder allegedly based on false evidence, according to former Dutch Criminal Intelligence Service (CID) Chief Klaas Langendoen.[127] But then Klaas Langendoen himself is not above reproach, allegedly allowing large heroin shipments to pass through Dutch customs in Haarlem during the 1980s IRT scandal. This all comes out after the former CID head himself conducted a Demmink rape investigation in Turkey. A UPI article stated in March 2013:

[A report labeled] EK RAPOR prepared by [Turkish] intelligence officer Huseyin Celebi, revealed how Demmink’s sexual tourism in Turkey under different aliases was used to blackmail the Dutch authorities to neutralize a senior Kurdish separatist leader [and notorious drug trafficker].[128]

A Turkish journalist showed Langendoen a video of Demmink’s Turkish driver stating he was also required to procure boys for Demmink as well as a report showing the blackmail deal struck between then Turkish Prime Minister Tansu Çiller and the then Dutch Justice Minister Winnie Sorgdrager.[129] In July 1998 under Winnie’s watch, Reuters broke the story in the thick of the Zandvoort scandal that a Justice Ministry employee (supposedly not Demmink) was fired for distributing massive amounts of downloaded child pornography images and file videos within the internal Justice Department network, implicating inside the ministry legions of child porn consuming pedophiles. The Reuters article asserted:

Since those [June Zandvoort] revelations, Dutch police and justice officials have been criticized for alleged slowness in responding to leads and for brushing aside tipoffs. Dutch newspapers have criticized police for spending more time hounding [Marcel Vervloesem’s anti-child abuse NGO] Morkhoven for the material in its possession than on tracking suspected members of the ring.[130]

Again, huge cover-up of nasty players infested throughout the Dutch government and high society, scrambling desperately to cover up the world’s largest internet child porn bust in history at the time, with direct tentacles implicating lots of the most powerful sickos not just in Holland but the entire world. This child pornography web hub stumbled upon in Holland has direct links to the child sex slave network operating internationally by the pedo-crime cabal throughout Europe, Russia and the United States.[131] And evidence of a list of worldwide VIP child porn customers was never followed up but simply suppressed. After all, those powerful players around the world of course had to be protected, that was the Dutch Justice Ministry’s job, hence the “slow response.”

Under the unwanted glare of a growing number of cover-up allegations, Justice Minister Winnie Sorgdrager reportedly fired all the top brass in her department except Joris Demmink.[132] Meanwhile, journalists in both Netherlands and Turkey along with families of alleged Demmink victims have had their lives threatened, imprisoned and personal rights grossly violated by a concerted campaign to neutralize threats seeking justice and exposing the truth. From the March 2013 UPI piece:

Turkish authorities allegedly possess a video of Demmink raping an under-age boy together with other incriminating evidence of Demmink’s sexual tourism in Turkey in the 1990s, which he continues to deny having visited at that time. Former Chief of Police of Istanbul, Necdet Menzir, and [Officer Mehmet] Korkmaz, who was responsible for Demmink’s security during three visits, both contradict his [Demmink’s] claim that he hasn’t visited Turkey.[133]

Now let’s look at the other blackmail dealmaker securing protection for Joris Demmink – Turkish Prime Minister Tansu Çiller. After taking her post doctorate studies at Yale University (notorious CIA recruiting ground) and becoming an American dual citizen in 1970, the rising star became Turkey’s youngest female professor at 36. And just eight years later in 1990, Tansu Çiller entered politics. Within three years she is miraculously elected as her nation’s first female prime minister from 1993 to 1996. Talk about a meteoric fast track to success, with a little help from her CIA friends, she proved quite a wheeler-dealer, aligned ever-so-tightly with Western elites. As Turkey’s CIA puppet leader, in 1995 when Joris Demmink was busily engaging in his alleged sex tourism rapes, under her “leadership,” a deal was struck with the Netherlands. No prosecution for Joris in Turkey for full prosecution in Holland for the Kurd Baybasin. In 1997 at a NATO meeting serving as Turkey’s then foreign minister, Tansu met her only female NATO member counterpart, war criminal Secretary of State Madeleine “we think the price is worth it” Albright, infamous for her May 1996 “60 Minutes” performance on national TV justifying her coldblooded decision killing half a million Iraqi kids.[134] In Brussels just nine months later, the star-struck, giddy, two-peas-in-a-pod Tansu nearly peed her pants exclaiming:

It’s the two of us, Madeleine. I’m so excited![135]

Tansu’s Çiller’s unbridled groveling towards her US idol aside, by century’s end, the Western pawn was about used up, having fallen out of political favor with her own people, and subsequently investigated for her widespread corruption that on technicalities she managed to dodge, no doubt with a little more help from her fellow American friends. She had proven to her people she’d rather stay in good stead with her Western masters than protect little Turkish boys allegedly raped on her watch by a reputed Dutch untouchable despicable.

An added twist of foul play suspicion – the 41-year old Turkish “Super Prosecutor” (as he was dubbed) assigned the Demmink rape case, Murat Gök, suddenly wound up dead at his home in April 2013.[136] Add to the “suicided” list Dutch government chauffeur with a conscience Rob Mostert, who saw the backseat predator-in-action, registering a complaint against Demmink and then found mysteriously dead in 2000.

From the previous Chapter 35 on Belgium, recall the persecuted to death anti-abuse NGO leader Marcel Vervloesem’s uncovering of the Dutch Zandvoort File containing an enormous child porn collection and the alleged snuff film made aboard the murdered German porn king Gerrick Ulrich’s boat Apollo, and the abducted 12-year old boy Manuel Schadwald missing from Berlin. Before the system killed him, during a radio interview Marcel V. corroborated earlier sources that the VIP on board the Apollo when Manuel was snuffed was none other than Joris Demmink.[137] Keep in mind that Zandvoort, Wonderland and the Rolodex scandals were all breaking stories during that same eventful pedo-year of 1998, a mere two years after the Dutroux bombshell erupted in Belgium. Prior to the massive quad-cover-ups, initially the bread crumb trail led to Demmink being investigated as the potential headliner in virtually all four.

Incidentally, also in April 1998 the NCRV’s television program “Netwerk” broadcast a police wiretap conversation between the Rotterdam boy brothel owner-child trafficker from Germany Lothar Glandorf and a Dutch government official named Joris, not Demmink but apparently another Joris named Francken, a senior policy officer at the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.[138] The interdicted dialogue had to do with Francken consulting his boy orders with Glandorf, specifically involving the Dutch senior civil servant returning from a trip to Poland, crossing back into Holland at the German border in clandestine company with the trafficked boy. The evidence was used to prosecute both criminals, Glandorf receiving a 5.5-year prison sentence while the ministerial official quietly got off jail-free with only 6-months’ probation and 240 hours’ community service, just to save the Dutch government a little embarrassment during an already scandalous pedo-year in Europe. See how discreetly lax the Dutch justice system is when it comes to pedo-trafficking and protecting their own?

With all the rumored accusations flying around, the aired NCRV program apparently had wrongly implied that the man named Joris high up in the Dutch government was Demmink. Ultimately Joris Francken not only got a gentle hand slap as his punishment, he also got to keep his upstanding government career intact till his honorable 2010 retirement. His protective boss from 1994 to 2002, Health Minister Elst Borst, who served as deputy prime minister from 1998 to 2002, was ultimately murdered in her home in February 2014 at age 81. Her murderer, Bart van U., confessed his motive for killing Borst – her responsibility as health minister for enacting the Dutch euthanasia law in 2001.[139] A year after killing the high profile politician, the apparently untreated psychiatric patient reportedly murdered his own sister for offering him a cookie that, according to him, she knew he didn’t like, culminating in his pathological mind a life of her bullying him, leading to her violent stabbing death as well, and in March 2017, Bart’s 8-year prison sentence.

A mere month after Demmink’s own November 2012 retirement as head of the Dutch justice department, it was reported that during an earlier off-the-record conversation with two Dutch magazines Gaykrant and Panorama, Joris Demmink admitted to having sex with young gay boys and that he did not always ask their age. It was audio recorded and is still posted in Dutch language at the website, which means Demmink cover-up, an excellent site holding ample evidence cataloguing Joris Demmink’s protracted pedophilic crime spree.[140] Remaining a never indicted free man after ten years in charge of all legal cases in Holland, and essentially admitting to sexually assaulting multiple minors, his in-our-face, over-the-top hubris and psychopathy appear boundless.

In April 2014 former MP and editor of the gay newspaper Gaykrant, Henk Krol, testified at a hearing in Utrecht civil court in a lawsuit initiated by the De Roestige Spijker (Rusty Nail) Foundation, clarifying whether the persistent allegations hanging over Joris Demmink the past few decades held any merit or not. During initial preliminary witness examination phase, the foundation was able to gather considerable incriminating testimony from former police detectives and justice officials that the Dutch government engaged in subversion and obstruction of justice. Again under oath, detectives Broersma, de Koter and Hoek all confirmed that Demmink, Jan Wolter Rabeke, Hans Holthuis, Henk Wooldrik and other significant figures within the justice department in 1998 were all considered viable suspects.

It was Henk Krol who in 2003 solicited feedback from park-goers at Anne Frankplantsoen in Eindhoven, confirming that Demmink was a frequent park guest picking up young boys.[141] Krol explained that the minister’s government pass had even been carelessly left behind in the grass as further indication of the more than strong likelihood he’d been trolling there hours earlier. Krol even traveled to Prague in the Czech Republic where a doorman and a driver both confirmed that Demmink was a frequent guest at a particular sex club with underage boys, showing up in an officially dispatched government car from the embassy, catering to the perversions of yet more Joris sex tourism playtime indulgence. Additionally, through Demmink’s likely murdered driver Rob Mostert, the powerful Dutchman who enjoyed his sex tourism holidays abroad in Turkey and Prague, reportedly knew British criminal Warwick Spinks who made his fugitive residence permanently in Prague once it grew too dicey for him in Amsterdam.[142]

Besides Demmink, Henk Krol also spoke in court of another suspect in the Rolodex investigation, Jan Wolter Wabeke, the chief public prosecutor in Breda in 1998, a gay lawyer and judge who proudly calls himself the architect of same-sex marriage in the Netherlands, the first nation to pass such a law.[143] Though the notorious leak in the 1998 police probe prematurely aborted the investigation years earlier, with suspicions never fully substantiated, legally they were never lifted either, which technically renders Wabeke, Demmink, Holthuis and the others named as still suspects. Like Demmink, allegations of raping underage children haven’t hurt Wabeke’s career path either, who went on to become an appeals court judge in The Hague for 8 years until 2010.

During the late 1980s Wabeke and his homosexual friends formed an ad hoc coalition that culminated in the 2001 same-sex marriage law. Henk Krol was part of Wabeke’s coalition and disclosed during his testimony in April 2014 that Wabeke had shown Henk a homosexual porn video entitled “Das Fickende Klassenzimmer (The Fucking Classroom),” given to him as a gift from Joris Demmink.[144] The star of the film was Demmink’s now former long-term boyfriend, Czech actor Libor Ctvrtlík. The head of the Dutch justice ministry was gushingly proud of his very young strapping stud boyfriend’s leading role performance in the sleaze film set in a school classroom with underage schoolboys. Krol conveyed in court that Wabeke intended to share the video with him and pass it on.

According to an anti-child abuse organization Gezin in Gavaar:

The photos from the film on the internet leave little doubt that the film has an unequivocal pedophile nature: it is about homosexual acts with adolescent schoolboys. [145]

Rolodex investigative detective Jaap Hoek had this to say about Demmink’s prized boyfriend’s flick:

There are clips here of boys who are definitely not 18 years old, but I can’t say if they are 14- or 12-years old.[146]

Regardless, the legal ramifications of clearly hiring underage boys as actors in a child porn flick is serious violation of the law, but to have it then be proudly passed around among the highest members of the nation’s judiciary is totally disgusting, not to mention a crime in and of itself, illustrating the sickest mindset of absolutely deranged psychopathic predators currently running and ruining our planet.

Once it was released that under oath that witness Krol outed Wabeke and others, the board of the Court of Appeal in The Hague came out with the following statement:

According to a witness – the board understands from the media – the police had in 1997 indications that three chief public prosecutors (including Wabeke) were involved in the sexual abuse of underage boys.[147]

Based on the above statement, one would automatically assume that announcing a formal investigation would come next. Think again, we’re talking about a nation that prides itself on its progressive, anything goes world view:

The mere fact that a negative statement about a member of the judiciary comes into the public domain cannot be a reason to question his position.[148]

Despite the “negative statement” being child rape coming from a professional law enforcement officer or MP based on concrete incriminating evidence that made the judge a suspect not only to police but Amsterdam’s chief prosecutor’s office as well. And so it goes, forever protecting their own.

Speaking of which, less than a month prior to Joris Demmink’s retirement, on October 4, 2012 a hearing in Washington DC entitled “Listening to Victims of Child Sex Trafficking in the Netherlands,” was sponsored by the US Helsinki Committee for Human Rights.[149] A December 2012 UPI article specifies:

USHC Chairman Chris Smith [R-NJ] testified that Joris Demmink, secretary-general of the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice, has been accused by witnesses in Amsterdam and Turkey of pedophilia with boys aged 11-15.[150]

Rep. Smith even proposed a resolution in US Congress to move the UN’s International Court of Justice from The Hague, because The Hague as the seat of the Dutch national government demonstrated nothing but commitment to protecting the pedophile in charge of its own justice system, avoiding all accountability for his litany of child rape crimes.[151] Panelists at the congressional hearing presenting evidence against Demmink about rampant Dutch pedophilia included a victim-witness, an attorney representing both Turkish and Dutch victims, and aforementioned former CID chief Klaas Langendoen who investigated Demmink’s child rape allegations and concluded the Justice Secretary General was wrongly never brought to justice. No surprise that these particular panelists would speak out against pedophilia perpetrated by their national leader in charge of the Dutch justice system. But a visit to the website of the Netherlands Helsinki Commission (NHC) and its “About Us” page incredibly displays as one of its sitting members on its executive committee, the country’s most accused pedophile in history – Joris Demmink! Granted the position of investigating himself both in his own Justice Department and NHC, no wonder he has escaped justice for decades as supreme gatekeeper in charge of protecting not only himself but his entire nation’s infested pedophilia cesspool. Of course it never hurts to be chums rubbing shoulders with criminal planetary overlords like perennial Bilderbergers and the Dutch inner club of Minerva society members that includes Holland’s former queen and current king, their pedo-friends Salomonson, Hammerstein and Schimmelpennink along with virtually all the justice ministers.

Given such unlimited power to both abuse and be protected, the now 72-year old Demmink remains forever out of reach, living out his golden years with never a worry of ever having to answer for his alleged sexual assault crimes. In retirement he sits on the advisory board of E.M. Meijers Institute and law faculty at his alma mater Leiden University. Hans Holthuis, the onetime DA and fellow child abuse suspect that Holland’s top cop allegedly leaked the Rolodex investigation, also with never a worry over his past sodomizing underage boys, comfortably serves on the Leiden faculty’s advisory board.

As a footnote of momentary inconvenience, Joris Demmink was once finally required to show up in a courtroom and briefly take the witness stand for all of 20 minutes in early June 2016 in that mock trial civil suit. Of course, he flatly denied all accusations and walked out 20 minutes later untouched and unscathed.[152] The media coverage sparsely failed to even disclose the lawsuit outcome. The criminal complaint that began in 2014 against Demmink ultimately found its way to the Arnhen-Leeuwarden Court of Appeals whereupon three years later on August 18, 2017, it proclaimed the outright falsehood:

A very extensive and thorough investigation has taken place, with no stone left on top of the other.

In so many words, how many times have we heard “no stone” unturned followed by justice denied? The whitewashed final verdict:

The investigation has convincingly shown that there are only speculations and assumptions with regard to the suspicions that have arisen. There is no evidence that Demmink was in Turkey in the years 1995, 1996 and/or 1997. Also, on the basis of all the findings in this investigation, it is highly unlikely that the later judgmental criminal judge would be able to come to evidence of rape on the basis of the present report, nor would it be established that it was Demmink who was responsible for that fact, is responsible.[153]

So there you have it, another three-year phony deliberation rigged from the outset that Demmink would walk, confirming that he and his Dutch VIP pedophilia slate were completely wiped clean by standard cover-up protocol, as always. Demmink remains above the law to this day because as a member of the inner club, he holds the dirty goods on international royalty as well as heads of church and state. As long as the Luciferian insiders’ global pedo-alliance and mutual self-preservation pact of silence remains as tightly sealed as it ever was, this pathetic sad story ending will always remain shamefully the same.

While the powerful guilty never fail to go free, the opposite fate always awaits victims and truth tellers. In every single pedophilia cover-up around the globe, those who seek to expose the child sex crimes do so at their own peril. Countless numbers are murdered for knowing too much, others are targeted with character assassination – nonstop ridicule and harassment by court litigation and media attacks, resulting in damaging retribution and forced imprisonment in the criminal or mental health system. The chronically debilitating effects of child sexual abuse make victims easy vulnerable prey as both children and adults if they live that long. With no justice coming, the more vocal victims become, speaking out against their powerful perps, the more punishment they receive over and above their devastating original abuse. If they are persistent enough, the corrupt system possesses a myriad of ways of removing them as threats, simply by labeling them mentally ill, safely discarding them behind insane asylum walls, overly-sedated into oblivion so they cannot talk or function, or worse yet, murdered by unsolved crimes to appear as accidents or natural causes as well as quietly murdered by euthanasia laws. This method of destroying potential threats is becoming more viable with more nation-states passing euthanasia laws. Leave it to Holland to again be the world’s frontrunner in 2001. With every kind of gaslighting resource at their beck and call disposal, evil powerful perpetrators can increasingly elect to misuse the mental health system and euthanasia as their convenient lethal weapon of choice for neutralizing the more vulnerable potential threats, primarily the child abuse victims themselves.

Case in point – in May 2015 the Daily Mail reported that the year before a woman in her 20s who suffered severe chronic child sexual abuse from age 5 to 15 was “put to sleep” by the state in the always “progressive” Netherlands, disposed of by its loose application of its own 2001 euthanasia law.[154] The doctors and psychiatrists decided the young woman’s symptoms from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression “were incurable,” and elected to kill her with their “kindness” in the form of a lethal injection, despite the woman making progress through intensive trauma therapy within the last two years of her life.

Many suffering in the throes of depression may verbalize a desire to die as a means of escape from their torment and despair, frequently attempting suicide, but nearly as often as a desperate cry for help. Yet placing someone’s life in danger out of a pretext of charitably “putting them out of their misery” through euthanasia legislation is a dangerous slippery slope, easily misused and abused by an oppressive state granted legal license and excuse to willfully kill, fully sanctioned, aided and abetted by its own lethal laws deceptively masked in sheep’s clothing.

Another case in the Netherlands in June 2019 involved sexual abuse victim Noa Pothoven, still a minor at only 17-years of age who opted to end her life.[155] She even wrote a book called Winning or Learning about her struggle coping with effects of sexual abuse, suffering from PTSD, depression and anorexia. It was also a constructive critique of the mental health system. She had reached a point in her young life where the pain was too unbearable to continue, her last post on social media being, “I have not really been alive for so long.” At 16 she attempted to die through the Dutch euthanasia law but the hospital refused without the consent of her parents. Her death was initially misreported as euthanasia but it was suicide at home after she stopped eating and drinking. The takeaway here is how the universally broken mental health system failed her after her first sexual assault at age 11 followed at age 14 by two men raping her. She was not psychologically supported or prepared to formally report the crimes, so her assailants are still out there likely reoffending and her caregivers were unaware of her abuse until years later. Stuck on waiting lists of so few treatment centers adequately suited to address the complexities of sexual trauma, an eating disorder and major depression, Noa was shuffled from one acute inpatient hospitalization after the next, up to 23 different institutions between 20 and 33 times. At one point she was kept in isolation for months against her will, and another sent to a facility that treated youth with behavior disorders among boys prone to violence, re-traumatizing her and exacerbating her anorexic symptoms that went untreated.

All the wrong interventions at the wrong institutions with limited treatment focus only caused her illness to spiral out of control. Both her autobiography and life courageously confront the systemic gross failures and mental health crisis plaguing this troubled world, especially meeting the acute psychological needs of sexual trauma victims prone to multiple disorders and symptoms. A dire reflection of this thoroughly broken system amidst the digital age of social media is the fact that the adolescent depression and suicide rates have soared over 60% and 56% higher respectively from 2009 to 2017 in the US alone,[156] with a parallel trend worldwide.[157] Noa is a case in point of how victims of child sexual abuse, regardless of nation or system, be it mental health or legal system, are totally inadequate in providing the necessary care and support to facilitate a viable pathway to healing and health. Historically the system has viewed abuse victims especially from the care system as a throwaway population the world over.

As a clinician who worked with young abuse victims for many years and had clients commit suicide, I always have mixed feelings regarding these kinds of tragic life and death situations. My therapeutic role was to provide unconditional support and awareness that reaffirms life and reduces clients’ motivation to want to end it all, regardless of how bad they may feel at any given moment. If over an extended period an adult over 18 becomes so overwhelmed by their crippling pain and debilitation that it increasingly becomes too much to bear, after exhausting every available treatment option, and the client is still determined to exercise what little control they perceive they have over their life and still wish to die, in most nations, states and provinces therapists by law are mandated to make every effort to ensure the safety of those in their care no matter what. Required by law to keep a client safe from self-harm, when clinical judgment indicates clients may still be at risk of hurting themselves, therapists will generally err on the side of caution, even to the point of arranging involuntary hospitalization.

Where euthanasia laws apply, I would never be willing to actively assist another person commit suicide. Therapists are mandated to do everything in their power to sustain human life. If and when a client beyond our control still chooses to commit suicide, it’s devastating for loved ones as well as peer friendships, especially if it appeared to come out of the blue, though most often there are warning signs. As a therapist losing a recently former client and one current client in a career spanning over a quarter century, it wahen I lost a client, and I can think signsanasia t to keep that person alive at virtually all cost. risk, then sometimes invols only natural to struggle with a sense of guilt for not doing enough. But knowing I did everything in my power to help them, as sad as the tragic outcome always is, ultimately I came to understand, realize and accept that it was their choice and passing value judgment on them is not up to me nor others who never walked in their shoes. Stories like Noa’s are today’s abysmal reality where far too many fall through the ever-widening cracks of our shattered system. The lesson from her life is we desperately need drastic major systemic change. Often the root of depression is the sense of powerlessness and lack of control to change one’s life and circumstances, so in the end, suicide may end up what they view as their only choice still available that they do exercise control over. Unfortunately, Noa’s horrendous experience within the mental health system left her feeling she had no other choice.

Regarding the 2014 euthanasia case of the Dutch woman in her 20s, in my years as a mental health clinician, I can attest that if unscrupulous psychiatrists through Big Pharma overmedication wish to turn their victimized patients into zombies, they can easily get away with doing that and more, simply by abusing existing “mercy killing” laws through nefarious manipulation and coercion of incapacitated victims signing their own death warrants on a readily available dotted line. Thus, under existing laws, legal murder by the books may be common enough, especially if targeted as a threat by prominent sexual predators posing as pillars of society who readily, psychopathically resort to murder in order to silence or eliminate their victims. It happens way more than we will ever know and through liberalized euthanasia legislation passed in recent decades in the more progressive nation-states under pretense of compassionate, humane and merciful care, child rapists and their enablers with medical collusion easily become murderers of child victims because they can legally get away with it. Here’s a bizarre mind-bending irony – the 2014 euthanized murder of a mentally and emotionally impaired sexual abuse victim by the Dutch medical legal system could have been the source of twisted inspiration that motivated Bart van U. to stab to death Holland’s former health minister Elst Borst, the one person most responsible for shepherding through his nation’s euthanasia law as his publicly stated prime motive for murdering her.

As in Belgium, North Wales, the BBC and the Nebraska Franklin scandals, always the cabal mafia will readily resort to neutralizing many potential threats by assassination, with the Dutch pedo-scandal no different. Already mentioned are the premature, suspicious deaths of disgusted government driver Rob Mostert, tired of watching Demmink do his damage in the backseat, he turned the predator in to police only to suddenly be attacked by a fatal heart attack at only age 50. His wife didn’t offer additional information except to say she was paid off by the Justice Ministry… seemingly a hush money bribe from Demmink himself.[158] Then the early sudden death of 41-year old Turkish prosecutor Murat Gök, working diligently on putting the child rapist away, but the overriding shady deal between the Turkish and Dutch governments got in his way. Then there was the abduction-snuff film murder of 13-year old German boy Manuel Schadwald with Demmink allegedly present at his crime scene death. Little British Madeleine McCann who disappeared in Portugal in May 2007 was allegedly sighted just days later in Amsterdam prior to her suspected murder,[159] with a German sex offender now under investigation as the prime suspect.[160] As is standard in all pedo-scandals, a large number of abrupt, highly questionable, tragic endings come to those either associated with or determined to bust this Dutch pedo-narco trafficking operation.

There’s the extremely bizarre, corrupt case mired in decades of cover-up of an underage boy turned alleged serial killer, sexually abused, aided and abetted by The Hague Court vice president, conniving pedo-Judge Cornelis Stolk, who died at age 87 in 2004. The infamous Dutch serial killer Koos Hertogs (1949-2015) allegedly murdered 12-year old and 18-year old girls in 1979 and an 11-year old in 1980 before being apprehended and put away for life in 1982, the same year Joris Demmink switched from Defense Ministry employment to the Justice Department. According to Koos Hertogs, right after the first murder in 1979, Judge Stolk sent in his wife and confidant Liane Latour, posing as a psychiatrist to befriend Hertogs,[161] no doubt to monitor and keep an eye on him. Though his wife was not a psychiatrist, she actually had been a KLM flight attendant turned first female pilot for the royal KLM family during the 1950s.[162] Stolk’s first wife reportedly committed suicide, perhaps realizing she married a pedo-judge.[163]

Based on separate, independent research by both author-psychologist Patrick Oomans as well as TV crime reporter Patrick de Vries, Hertogs is alleged to have been sexually abused as a minor by prominent high court Judge Stolk. De Vries estimates that sexual relations went on for about 12 years.[164] When Koos became involved in petty crimes, the judge literally bailed him out, using his influence to keep his young stud out of jail after alleged armed robbery,[165] paying for his driver education so he’d stop getting cited for driving without a license. The ploy to have the judge’s second wife masquerading as a psychiatrist to intercede on Stolk’s behalf was intended to keep Koos (and hence the judge) out of trouble. The judge’s feeble attempt feigning a sense of altruism that motivated him to take on the charity case of not allowing a good boy to go bad was a deceptive front to cover his own lecherous ass. Despite Hertogs private disclosures, his diary entries and letters written by Stolk all confiscated by prison authorities, indicating a long-term homosexual relationship, the judge was desperate to cover up his sexual liability by any means necessary, perhaps even framing his exploited, scapegoated “serial killer.”[166]

It turns out that the only reason Hertogs ever even admitted to killing the girls, which he held off till 1989, was to qualify for a possible early release allegedly offered by the state (as long as he stayed quiet). Koos Hertogs freely admitted to abducting and sexually abusing the three victims, but later retracted his homicidal confession after realizing he may never see freedom again, insisting that other accomplices actually killed the girls, naming Judge Stolk as the murderer of the first victim Tialda Vissar,[167] maintaining that Stolk electrocuted Tialda in Koos’ home in The Hague, likely in the attic where a makeshift torture chamber not unlike Dutroux’s dungeon and Salomonson’s cellar existed, further imparting a common connection between the three. Patrick Oomans concluded that Hertogs did not fit the profile of a serial killer, alluding to the judge and a larger criminal network. At the time of Hertog’s July 2015 death, the 65-year old inmate had been the longest serving criminal in Holland. Several months prior to Koos dying, a 2015 book was published entitled Police, Justice and the Case Koos H. His Story insisting that he never killed the girls.

Montenegrin Slobodan Mitric aka Karate Bob fashioned himself the Yugoslav James Bond as an apparent hired gun security agent assassinating targeted enemies of the state.[168] While still in his mid-20s, he moved to Amsterdam in 1973 and never left till his death at 68 in 2016. Meanwhile, as the Iron Curtain grip let up in his home nation, it backslid into political chaos amidst a NATO led war leading to balkanization. Mitric did some serious prison time in Holland for killing three government targeted Serbs, sentenced to 13 years in a Dutch prison. In 1974 Slobodan got to know Koos Hertogs as another fellow soldier of fortune outcast. Mitric’s mercenary services were hired by a Gladio-like Dutch network led by the close friend of Prince Bernhard, Hans Teengs Gerritsen.[169] While in prison between his covert assignments, Mitric began writing novels about his craft operating in dangerous espionage missions. Passages from one of his nonfiction books entitled Nederlands Mafia revealed that Koos was framed for the child murders and when Mitric came to his friend’s defense, he was threatened with more imprisonment. From Karate Bob’s book:

Children were ordered to be brought to wealthy and influential customers – some were even ministers … If a girl threatened to talk, she was murdered. If the real truth comes up, I think the Netherlands will fall apart.[170]

This was the exact same scenario as the Belgian pedo-operation. Mitric stated that he knew of 20 young girls who were raped, tortured and assassinated. For his part throughout the 1980s trying to set the record straight, Slobodan dared to file a police statement in Drenthe. To silence him, the state quickly gagged and charged Mitric with raping prostitutes and wives of top criminals. About Koos he wrote:

A deal was made with Koos Hertogs… If he kept his mouth shut, he would be released earlier… Koos was but a small pawn in the whole game.

Similar to Dutroux, except perhaps not a killer. But the parallels are strikingly similar between the lethal pedo-operation in both Belgium and Holland. To prevent Hertogs from making trouble for the VIP pedophiles, despite keeping quiet, the state reneged on its promise, never releasing him. The Montenegrin went on:

Koos had told me everything in confidence before he was arrested … I told a lawyer in confidence which important person it was [in charge], because I believed that mankind could not tolerate such a thing… After all, they were all innocent children abused by this dangerous pedophile gang and then murdered.[171]

That important person Slobodan Mitric refers to could possibly be Frits Salomonson, jointly protected to this day by the protected Lippens brothers and Low Country royalty. In response to Mitric informing authorities he was planning to disclose the truth in a novel, he was promptly sent to a psychiatric penitentiary. Slobodan said he would refrain from mentioning the pedo-ringleader by name but was transferred and placed in isolation at another prison anyway. The security services told him he’d be released as long as he stayed quiet. But when the state framed Koos, sentencing him to life in 1982, Mitric testified that Koos was innocent of the murder charges. This resulted in Mitric receiving brutal beatings by police and an actual death threat from Attorney General HRG Feber.

Slobodan Mitric exposed crime journalist de Vries as a state agent and royal shill, and the cabal using Koos as a convenient scapegoat:

As for Peter R. de Vries: he is a friend of those influential people, who have also given him a great deal of money; his purpose is to shove all the blame and guilt in the shoes of Koos Hertogs… Koos is no darling … a very vulgar and slick security service man… worse than any real criminal … But he has served enough time in jail for his part in this whole affair … I think they want to make him disappear from this world forever… Especially because the mafia has been blackmailing the top figure in this affair for years and they no longer need Koos Hertogs… It would be a shame, because Koos knows too much…You Dutch should really be ashamed of yourselves … all the trash in this world in the last thirty years comes from your corrupt secret services …[172]

Hertogs was the criminal cabal’s fall guy and patsy, serving his last 35 years behind bars till 2015 for murders he most likely did not commit. Only a year later, death overtook Slobodan Mitric as well. Meanwhile, the guilty always remain free… to quote a David Byrne song lyric, “same as it ever was.”

More cases of egregious injustice through most probable assassination… Dutch pediatrician Dr. Joyce Labruyere, through her family physician practice, stumbled upon abused children.[173] As she was among the first to begin unearthing the powerful network operating in the Netherlands, one night on her way to her parents, she suddenly disappeared around February 22nd, 1991. Several weeks later on March 17, she was found nude, lifelessly floating in a lake, no longer weighed down by basalt, reportedly murdered to shut her up from revealing what she’d come to know.[174] At the time of her death, Joyce was estranged from her spouse and in the process of obtaining a divorce.

Former child prostitute Frank Leenders provided evidence against Joris Demmink with journalist Fred de Brouwer for Panorama, who died mysteriously in Chonburi, Thailand. Brouwer had written early articles outing Demmink as a child sexual predator as early as 2003. Fearing for his life, he moved to Thailand where while riding his scooter, he was chased and run down by a white car, dying at the age of 58 in 2014.[175] Meanwhile in 2009, Leenders’ lawyer Gerard Hamer, at just 54-years old while riding his bicycle a short distance home from his office, abruptly keeled over from a supposed heart attack.[176] Coincidence, probably not. Is it any wonder Leenders flip flopped some of his allegations towards the dangerous justice minister? We’ve seen this same kind of murderous skullduggery in Belgium, and all scandals where high profile pedophiles are threatened with exposure.

Attorney Wilfried Brinkhuis arranged sex parties in Utrecht exclusively for adults only, but was allegedly approached by senior officials representing the pedo-network, pressuring Brinkhuis to expand his services to include children.[177] Wilfried drew the line with kids and contacted Public Prosecution Services. He was dead before his 47th birthday, reportedly murdered.

Labor politician in the Dutch parliament, Maarten Van Traa, led the controversial Van Traa Commission investigating the police and judicial investigators in the IRT drug scandal and was believed by some to have been killed in a car accident at age 52, just months after the commission report was released in 1997.[178] Speculation that his vehicle had been tampered with after becoming obsessed with digging too deep into organized crime, even after his inquiry had officially ended, and exposing the collusive unholy marriage between Dutch government, the royal family and organized crime likely led to his self-undoing.

Yet another murder victim who spoke out of school was longtime druggie gangster Charly Wong, fingering Salomonson’s Text Lite company for its money laundering.[179] Wong knew the underworld biz but was in tight with higher-ups in the legal, media and business worlds as well. Figuring he was well enough connected to impart incriminating information about Salomonson, by virtue of Frits’ protection from royalty, it was Charly who disappeared in 1993 with his body found months later in the woods.

The first acknowledged political assassination in over 400 years of Dutch history was that of flamboyant gay anti-immigration populist politician Pim Fortuyn in 2002, just nine days ahead of what would have been his victorious election as prime minister, despite his demonization by the Dutch press (not unlike Trump). Pim was the voice reflecting the will of the people. The pedo-crime Establishment cabal was not about to have the people’s voice represented by a top national government leader (same response to JFK). It turns out that his assassin Volkert van der Graaf, an alleged radical animal activist-environmentalist, already freed from prison by 2014, allegedly wanting to protect Muslims, was actually financed by the Rockefeller-Orange royal family-Bilderberg-Soros NGO cabal.[180] Fortuyn’s attorney was none other than the royal-mafia linked cabal player Oscar Hammerstein, Frits Salomonson’s buddy. Nothing is as it seems at surface appearance, distorted by mainstream media lies based on what the crime cabal wants you to swallow and accept. When the same powerful suspects keep showing up, the truth becomes readily apparent. It’s always about the underlying hidden power grab agenda, usurping authoritarian tyranny promoting centralized monopolistic technocratic control. Thus, any populist anti-NWO leader would upset the crime cabal’s apple cart and never be allowed. According to cabal rules, all major threats must be ruthlessly, violently rooted out and vanquished.

When the Dutch Court of Appeals decided to investigate the evidence against Joris Demmink in 2014, the case was chaired by Judge Rob van den Heuvel. However, in March 2017 a “freak boating accident” was allegedly caused by a wave created by a passing cargo ship,[181] apparently upending the row boat carrying Rob and his fellow rower who also died. It was never properly explained because it was most likely not an accident at all, not when the fate of Joris Demmink’s possible prosecution was hanging in the balance.[182] Judge van den Heuvel was judicially replaced by the state’s “sure hands” Henk Abbink to bogusly close the case out. Just like the infamous Clinton body count, the Demmink saga continues…

The most common means within the cabal’s arsenal for silencing/neutralizing unwanted truth tellers is legal harassment through unending court litigation and imprisonment. A lesser known, covert, reprehensible method increasingly misused without oversight in the 21st century is bombarding victims with nonstop electronic terrorism in the form of psychotronic weaponry.[183] The weapon used against the most visible, relentless, chosen target determined to expose longtime accused pedophile Joris Demmink and the elite’s larger pedo-network is anti-New World Order activist and onetime journalist Micha Kat, who has spent well over a decade in and out of courtrooms and jails, oft gagged, driven into exile and thoroughly persecuted for all his efforts to bring justice to victims and perpetrators alike.[184]

After years of aborted Demmink investigations, Kat took it upon himself to boldly write “danger: pedophile” in Dutch language on Joris Demmink’s home.[185] Micha Kat’s flamboyant persona has provided more than enough ammo for the crime cabal enemy to utilize against him, smearing his name, credibility and reputation into the mud at every turn. In stark contrast, while guilty evil ones never fail to remain fully insulated and protected, living like gods above the law till death do them part, typically victims and truth tellers are mercilessly raked over the coals until inevitably decommissioned and/or destroyed, literally and/or functionally. At 56-years of age now, the long branded “conspiracy theorist” has been made a perennial laughing stock, either ridiculed or ignored by MSM. Yet the pesky Micha still manages to survive, currently living in Ireland, his unsilenced voice still sounds off daily on Twitter at[186] and blog[187]

Astute geopolitical power structure analyst, Dutchman Joel van der Reijden, presents on his treasure trove of info website a compelling dot-connecting picture of the CIA-Gladio-Bilderberg-Le Cercle-1001 Club-organized crime network linked to the Belgian-Dutch pedophilia web, teasing out the nuanced biases and opposing disinformation campaigns. But from my POV, his lengthy piece on Demmink et al has the totality effect of clouding and obscuring the truth. Though I rarely disagree with his conclusions as he tends to meticulously do his homework, spot-on with highly detailed, well documented, fine-tuned shades of grey on full display, but regarding his Demmink article, his multi-grey shades used to expose so much conflicting information, disinformation and outright false rabbit holes lies that, IMHO it feeds right into the guilty enemy camp Modus Operandi. That cabal’s highly effective propaganda machine manifests through its never-ending barrage of false narratives, profusely peppered by a wide array of high dosage shill disinfo and flat out lies, thereby permitting the guilty as sin crime cabal to continue its crime spree unimpeded, successfully planting enough seed of doubt and confusion in the public to render them unable to know the truth. After reading and digesting Reijden’s article on Demmink, I was similarly left with such a vague and confusing overall impression and conclusion that after all was said and done, as a reader I didn’t know what to believe, coupled with a sense of exhausted futility at not arriving any closer to any discernable, actual solid truth, which of course is exactly the same outcome that the unindicted criminals in charge desire.

Therefore, at risk of drawing an overly simplistic, closer to black and white as opposed to Joel’s detail-laden, grey conclusion, this writer still holds the black nobility aristocracy as the pedo-overlords with their accomplice controlled Dutch tentacles extended to heads of church and state, all the usual suspects linked by Lucifer’s unlawful Big Business – child, drugs, arms and money laundered trafficking that makes this blackmailed, extorted world go darkly round. Disinformation and conflicting contradictory evidence may blur a few facts, but the global reality of the pedo-scourge, who’s behind it and its universal cover-up, consistently remains the same across the planet’s space-time continuum, regardless of the particular localized or national scandal. The reason – because it’s one globally interlocking network operation with centuries of practice keeping the masses blindly ignorant. After all, the elites are masters in both deception and murder.

Whereas Joel Reijden leaves plenty of room for doubt that Joris Demmink is a hardcore serial pedophile, accused repeatedly over numerous decades, I believe Demmink is most definitely guilty as charged, but simply used his lofty gatekeeping clout atop the Justice Ministry to circumvent investigation, arrest and prosecution, sitting in the driver’s seat, getting head from the backseat, while holding blackmail dirt on the rest of the major network players. It’s an old cabal trick in every scandal to single out one alleged pedophile, and then by concluding not enough evidence to prosecute, countless times repeated in Britain, despite throwing all the focused slings and arrows on the one “lone pedo,” it effectively misdirects public attention away from the other VIPs in the larger pedophilia network, in this case, Dutch royal family males, Frits Salomonson, Oscar Hammerstein, Rutger Schimmelpennink, politicians and shadowy organized crime figures. Another strong indicator of Demmink and his cabal crimes are all the dead bodies posing threats to Demmink and company, as always standard fare in every scandal. It’s only the guilty who have the most to gain by murder, definitely not accusers who have everything including their lives to lose.

Like Savile, Epstein, Lawrence King, Coach Sandusky and Dutroux, on and on we go in every single chapter, this formulaic cabal game gets played out as a constant, always singling out one individual to pin the pedo-tail on the designated donkey asshole as convenient sleight of hand methodology escaping full network exposure. It’s the same go-to bottom line reality and running theme throughout this entire monster of a book… the “lone pedo-gunman” theory misapplied ad nauseam to intentionally obscure the horrific bigger picture. But this transparently feeble, worn out attempt fails miserably to hide the glaring, blatant reality that all of it is, without exception, one interwoven planet-wide criminal cabal network, just different regional strands and tier levels belonging to the same satanically driven quacking duck. And with this massive child rape operation comes harvesting and trafficking of bodily organs and adrenochrome, weapons and drugs, legal and otherwise, along with perpetual war, poverty and growing austerity for the masses, all manifestations and profitable end-products driven by the same diabolical global crime cabal engine. With each passing year, this disturbing truth has never been more apparent and in-our-face than in today’s upside-down world of intentionally designed chaos and destruction.

The internationalist robber barons of the late 19th-early 20th century industrial age seamlessly morphing into the corporate oligarchs and NWO globalists molding, shaping and controlling the 21st century unfoldment always had/have their eye on the same endgame prize – their dystopian vision of one world government tyranny. Fact: throughout recorded history a handful of black nobility bloodlines have retained power and control over virtually all structured earthly affairs for millenniums (See Chapter 34), all the while secretly practicing cabalistic occult blood sacrifice and sexual torture ritual of child victims. The scale of this powerful pedophilic network behind today’s booming child sex trafficking trade has only grown exponentially as technological advances, amplified stealth and continual public ignorance permit. The brazen controllers aren’t even hiding their quest to depopulate the planet and gain absolute despotic control over every surviving organism still left. With so much irrefutable, more than solid evidence readily available nowadays, we as a human species can no longer afford to condone nor accept their rampant criminality, unspeakable acts of perverse cruelty, horror and heinous destruction committed against our most defenseless, vulnerable population or our fast-dying planetary eco-system. Denial, passivity, sense of impotence and continued ignorance are no longer an excuse, not any more.

Since Germany is the most significant, dominant continental mainland player in both stature and power within the Euro crime cabal, it’s the next stop on the pedophilia empire deep state pedophilia tour.


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