Entry Submitted by The Golden One 

Hi everybody, I have been channeling the Guardians who are 12th dimensional beings for a little while now, and today they requested to spread a message to this wonderful community to help those coping with the constant disappointments. I thank all the intel providers and Patrick for their amazing work, as often times we hang on your every word, just hoping that this ride will end. Thank you all.

-The Golden One

Dearest Intel Community,

It has come to our attention that many of you involved in the wondrous community desire more up to date information that truly reflects the energy that surrounds the Earth at this time. What we mean by this, is that many of you are fed up with hearing about information that never comes to pass from sources that do not fully understand the scope and magnitude of this undertaking. We are here to assure you that all is well. As many of you realize, Donald Trump will never be sworn in as the President of the United States. You will be happy to know that this is due to the fact that the New Republic is on the precipice of being announced. It was supposed to have been announced last week, and again this weekend, as the goal has always been to transition the new government before the elections came to pass. Obviously, this did not happen, however there is no reason to be dismayed. The new age of prosperity is upon you! We love you all so much and wish to describe the feeling you will get when you finally see the world that us in the cosmos have been watching develop for eons of time. It has been a long journey for us too, and although we do not experience time the same way you do, we still experience similar (although not as extreme) emotions to you when events that we wished to transpire do not come to pass in a timely manner.
As we have assured this channel, it has all been for YOUR benefit. There is a good reason why you are all still reading these words on your phones or computers, instead of actually being at the bank and redeeming your currency, which will then propel you into your new life. We are here to assure you that the time has come and the time is now. We will not give a specific time, as many times we have volunteered that information, only to have some members of the powerless cabal step in and cause some chaos in the process. This saddens us deeply, as we wish nothing but the most beautiful happiness for each and every one of you brave lightworkers. You would not believe how many ships in your sky are dedicated to watching each and every one of you and are tasked with helping to keep your vibrations high as you face constant and consistent disappointments on a seemingly daily, and often times hourly basis.
All is well in the Universe and if you only saw yourselves the way we see you then you would be more at ease. It is important to remember that here on Earth we cannot do it all for you; you are powerful co-creators of your destiny as well as your reality, and your thoughts manifest into the most wondrous realities if you remember to keep them as high as possible at all times. This will speed things up tremendously, and it will make our jobs easier. It may be hard for you to imagine, but we wish for you all to be done with this period of your lives and out contributing to making the world a better place for your fellow brothers and sisters much more than you desire this most magnificent outcome for yourselves.
We wished to have this channel bring forth our message to you because we felt like it was the right time. You are not weeks away; you are not days away; depending on how you receive this message and put our suggestion of holding the light vibrationally with your thoughts will determine which moment the much anticipated 800 numbers will arrive. It is all up to you. Sometimes, you do not wish to hear this, as it is easy to sit back and criticize others and wonder why you are not living your dreams, than it is to actually acknowledge that you create your own reality with your thoughts, and that your doubts and frustrating beliefs are what is in fact holding you from the destiny that you desire so passionately to receive. We ask you today to place your right hands over your hearts and send loving vibrational energy to those beings who are in charge of releasing the 800 numbers in this now moment. This will help these brave beings to alleviate any lingering fears about releasing such a momentous blessing to the all too deserving public. Many of these beings still hold fear in their hearts, and if they were more confident about their missions and what it means to humanity, then they would have authorized the release of the numbers weeks ago. Understand that this has been such a momentous undertaking, so the beings in charge of it all tend to tread lightly and act more timidly than they should. We cannot help this, but we can send them love and light to help them see the bigger picture of what this all means.
We long for the day when money is no longer needed on Earth, as that will simplify things greatly, but in the meantime we are pleased to allow our beautiful sweet children to receive all that they have earned through extremely hard work over many tough lifetimes. We will leave you now with this uplifting final thought: The reality you seek has arrived, you just do not yet have the vision to see. It lies before you waiting for you to claim it, and claim it you will. It is yours, you deserve this, you are ready. If we are still not collectively at the bank by tomorrow (which depending on how you put our words into action being at the bank tomorrow remains a very strong possibility) and those of the intel community wish for us to come through this channel again, then we will come back tomorrow with more updates and reassurance for you beautiful lightworkers. We leave you now with our most humbled honor and reverence for your collective missions and we marvel at your ability to hold the light during such trying times.
We are your most loving and revered Guardians of your World and we are pleased to have the opportunity to address you this evening.