We Don’t Have to Drift Through this Experience Let’s Create the Outcome

by CapnGriff

Hard to believe after all these years the RV has yet to arrive. It is my opinion that Dunford is an military guy that has no grasp of how the fabric of civilization is barely hanging on. Without an infusion of cash into the garden variety human society we are only a few months away from self destruction.

Getting the money out so that it can be distributed to the many without going through the hands of the corrupt elite which choke off that life force that have come to depend on it is more important than anything he should be accomplishing. Just opening redemption centers would begin to change the outcome. Delaying much longer will result in the RV being diluted to impotence.

All the elite have to do is to hang on long enough while the economies of the planet collapse and then pick up the pieces. The horror of that time just ahead, may have not been understood. When economies collapse the population recedes. A polite why of saying many starve. The population will shrink having the exact effect the cabal desires which is a more controllable, hungry, looking for salvation type of population. A population of slaves. Slavery will be more like that we have not seen in thousands of years. Perhaps since Egypt. There will be no mercy at the hands of the cabal if they are allowed to regain power.

We read that many of the elite have been arrested or eliminated or destroyed in their underground bases. Yet, the cabal grinds on and apparently strong enough to keep currency holders from RVing and changing the world. While the elite may be fewer than ever before, they apparently are beyond the reach of Dunford’s troops at his command. You know the family names. Why are they not incarcerated? Why is the new Republic not being announced? What are those that could punch the button on the RV holding back?

My mind can come up with all sorts of scenarios. But there are several that are most plausible.

There is no RV.

There is no new Republic.

There is a new Republic but like the original Republic of 1776 to 1787, it is underfunded and action is stymied for lack of cash. Thus, RV patriots are needed. Duh? WTF?

People in charge of the new Republic are the same as the old guard. Sounds like a song by “The Who”!! “Same as the old boss?”

The NPTB are afraid to punch the button for the RV, due to their fear of the public, those that are outside of Dinarians are raw with emotion because they didn’t get an opportunity to purchase currencies. Of course, we know they had ample years and many thought they were being scammed.

Dunford and company are still controlled by the cabal and thus is just leading up to a population reduction and an excuse for war on the people at large. In other words, agitate Dinar land until a conflagration erupts. Probably not likely.

Dunford and company are afraid of a military revolt when the troops understand they are guarding people exchanging currency that they didn’t know about or smart enough to get involved in. Duh, that’s why they’re in the military.

And on and on. Basically, our New Republic leaders, fear being hung for any number of reasons. Use your imagination but realizing the basis for the delays comes down to two.

Fear of reprisal from the people or
Fear of reprisal from the cabal.

Damned if they do or damned if they don’t. Apparently that is what is at the core of the delays or we have to face the probability we have convinced ourselves to live a lie, that there will never be an RV, and none of the above applies. To the NPTB, you took this job and now you have to realize and execute because there will be NO perfect day to do so. Sooner is better for all, aren’t you Generals getting ulcers by now? Sheesh!

Bottom line: We, Zimlanders, have no idea WTF is going on and if there was enough of us we could revolt. But there isn’t. I have done my best on these pages to teach people how to manifest. Not a day goes by, that I do not use my own visualization techniques and manifesting techniques. Still, the RV does not manifest. The reason? It is simple my Zimlander friends. It takes more than one person to be successful in their efforts to manifest a dream this large and intended for the many. The exact number is the square root of 10% of all Dinarians or Zim holders alone. That amounts to relatively few of us currency holders. Even us few Zim holders that are left are enough. For more information on this practice view this video. It should be mandatory for all humans that have a desire to change their life in any way.

My advice is to keep your currency on the chance the RV is real or spend time daydreaming in your mind of the moment you sit down at the desk at a redemption center and receive their acceptance of your request for the rate you have in mind. How will you feel when this moment arrives? The feeling is what causes the event to occur. The feeling radiates from your heart and manifests that event in your/our life. This IS what will bring the experience into being. In fact, doing this may be the only thing that brings our RV into our reality! The cards are obviously stacked against us. But, get this, latch on to this, forget that you have never done this silly exercise in your life and do it, do it, do it until we all see it. It takes as many doing this as possible. It IS the only thing that will bring the moment to us unless one of you is the child of General Dunford and you know your daddy will act on any request (like activating the RV) you make. Failing to visualize your/our future is the only thing that prevents our moment at the RV desk. Reailize your power, now!! Practice, practice and practice until we all get to sit at such a desk with such a banker. The gurus can supply us information on the build up to our result, but they are not the creators of it. You and I are. If you cannot accept that sell your currency back. Or…. look forward to the night you decide to start a Zim fire if it gets cold some winter.