Cannabis Oil Heals Again: Cures 3-Year-Old Boy of Cancer After Doctors Gave Him 48 Hours to Live

A Young boy by the name of Landon Riddle was diagnosed with Leukemia back in 2012 at just two years old. 

He was given just a ten percent chance of even making it through the night, but he did.

Landon underwent chemotherapy as most people do and while he lived, he suffered.

He was not able to eat for weeks at a time and lost fifty percent of his weight, He was always in pain and his family knew something needed to be done, they just were not quite sure what that was yet.

After looking into many different things his grandmother suggested that they look into cannabis oil treatment.

They relocated to Colorado so that they were where the treatment was legal and within days Landon was improving. He was vomiting less and eating, finally.

Landon’s mother faced a lot of trouble over this regarding CPS and virtually being forced into a wall on either following through with three years chemotherapy or losing custody of her son.

For more on that please click here. Landon and his mother had to go through a lot to get his treatments exactly how they needed to be, and even now face issues regarding the decision to remove or lower chemotherapy while he is in remission.

Thanks to cannabis oil this precious little boy is now seven years old and has been using cannabis oil since he was two.

He was ‘cured’ at age three and has never looked back since. He and his mother are very strong and I believe they will get through anything is thrown their way.

Landon is doing fantastic, to hear his mom speak about their story please take the time to watch the video below.