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Cabal Language Corruption

I had a nice conversation with Grandfather the other day about the power of Meaning and Language.  I learned something very important…. The Cabal have purposefully corrupted and dumbed down our Human languages so that it would limit our power.   They did it in several ways: #1) Missing Power words, #2) Words used in inappropriate ways, and #3) Lack of clarity in Meaning.  The Great news is that we are going to get a Language upgrade very soon.

The Great News First

Since I am into language to create powerful meanings that manifest the life we want, I asked Grandfather where I could get a copy of the new “Complete Dictionary,” and he said not yet.  It will be given to us when we have our reunion with Inner Earth and Hollow Earth.  The good news is that it is coming so we can be more powerful thinkers and creators, the bad news is that it will have to wait until after disclosure and the “Reunion.”  Also important, all languages will get an upgrade.  So that is the Great news!

#1) Missing Power Words

Clearly there are words missing in our language and we don’t even know what they are.  How could we?  Our vocabulary and available words (Concepts) have been selected as to keep us ignorant and powerless by the Cabal.

I was thinking about the Eskimos in Alaska, where Water in all its forms is so very important and a major part of their lives.  They have 79 words to describe snow and ice:

That makes their ability to communicate information about snow and ice extremely powerful.  Conversely, we have Ice, Snow, slush, and a few others.  It would take us many words and a lot of explaining to convey what the Eskimos can convey in one word.   How about this word: kanigruak: frost on a living surface  To my knowledge we never even think of “Frost on a living surface,” it is just frost to us.

I also noticed this when I was working with Abraham-Hicks’ Emotional guidance scale.

The Emotional Guidance Scale

4.Positive Expectation/Belief

From the book “Ask and It is Given”, pg. 114

Look at how many words there are for the “Good” emotions compared to the “Bad” emotions.  We have been given, or should I say “Allowed” to have way more words to express and feel bad emotions and just a few for good emotions.  Clearly there are some words and thus concepts, missing here.

Meaning & No Word For It

I have come across a need for a word that is missing and I have yet to find it.  I have been talking to my students for years about a “Meaning” that does not have a word to describe, convey, express, and create a certain meaning.  Before I tell you about the missing word, let me give you the words we do have.


Clearly work, means effort and it often means Unwanted, unappreciated effort.  When something is work, it is not enjoyed.  That is why we get paid for doing work because we wouldn’t do it otherwise.  There are a lot of other words for this such as “Toil,” sweat, effort, burden, etc.  Now for the missing word….

We Need A Word

So, I will describe what this word would Mean, and you give me the word, if you can.  This is effort that is greatly enjoyed, wanted, sought after, desired, appreciated.  When you are in a mode of exerting huge effort, but you WANT TO. You are building something, helping someone, doing a good deed or whatever reason.  It is NOT Work.  But that is the only word we have to describe it…see the issue?

We tell our friends we did a lot of work yesterday and they say, I am sorry to hear that.  BUT NO! That is not what we meant, but we have no word for Joyous effort.  Thanks a lot Cabal!  They make us describe our joyous efforts as work, keeping the energy of it down at a lower vibration.    We need this word in our vocabulary since we are going to be doing a lot of Joyous “Effort” that we want to do.  This brings me to words that are used in inappropriate ways.

#2) Words Used in Inappropriate Ways

These are words used to describe situations like when you did a really great at some task, you are taught to say “I really Killed It!”  Or how about something that is really great in some way “That is Sick!”  Or when someone is really cool, they are really “Bad?”  How about “This Job Is Killing Me!” How about “this show makes me sick!” Does it really?  Can you see where I am going with this?  Considering that “Reality” is a byproduct of meaning, and meaning is expressed and created with words, it makes sense that we better tighten up with how we use words.

Embrace and increase your Manifesting God-Creator Power by using your words appropriately.  If something is good, it is good, great, wonderful, spectacular, outstanding, but not Sick, Bad, and no one Killed it either.  REFUSE THE CABAL DISEMPOWERMENT PROGRAMMING.  Teach your kids as well.   Yes I know we have limited words due to the Cabal, but, we can use the ones we have in the right way and become POWERFUL CREATORS.  You can’t be a powerful creator by calling a disgusting situation sick, and then calling a amazing situation sick as well.  You are quite literally neutralizing your creative power.  Either that which is actually sick gets appreciation, or that which is actually great gets condemned.  You can’t have both and be a powerful creator.  That brings me to lack of Clarity in Meaning.

#3) Lack of Clarity in Meaning.

I noticed a sign one day that said “A Lot For Sale”  It occurred to me that could be a garage sale with many things for sale, or it could be a vacant piece of property for sale.  But which was it?  Another Cabal disempowerment technique is to limit us to a fewer number of words and force us to use them in different ways to mean different things.  It creates a “Lack of Clarity” which translates to a Lack of Power.  We have heard time and time again that Clarity is power and it is because a CLEAR MEANING creates a CLEAR OUTCOME in Reality.  A confused Meaning or one that is diluted by being used it different ways, is not powerful.


How sick (I am using this word correctly) is it that we are trained to say one thing in words, but mean the complete opposite?  Did you mean it the way you said it, or not?  Does someone have to study your facial expressions, or inflections to figure out what you mean?  How pathetic and weak is that creation.  This is also a Cabal disempowerment technique in language where someone can say that was a “Great Performance” and mean that it was not.   Or, like I mentioned above, they could say it was Sick, and mean it was good, or that the actor was a bad ass, meaning super cool and impressive?

You have to rid your communication of all sarcasm, and don’t encourage it in others.  It disempowers your God Power, your ability for your words to “Count” and Create Your Reality at Will!  Be clear about what you say, and make sure the words you use match the meaning you want to convey.  The Universe transforms what is “Meant to be” into what is.  But what do you mean anyway?  When you are crystal clear with your meanings and expectations, not only do those you are communicating with know EXACTLY what you mean, so does the Universe.  REFUSE THE CABAL DISEMPOWERMENT PROGRAMMING.

Words Are Powerful When They Are Treated That Way

In the old days, we heard stories about the World being created by the Word.  I can guarantee you it was not any of the words we have now.  A word always meant what it meant and it was POWERFUL.  A word could move a mountain.  Not anymore.  But it is not necessarily the words, but how we use them.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that it is time for you to tighten up on your word use.  Be choosy in the words you use.  Learn new, more powerful, more exact words and use them.  After all, Words create Meaning, and Meaning creates what is meant to be, and What is “meant to be” creates Fate, and Fate is inescapable.  That is why it is called Fate.  To be clear, you cannot change or avoid your Fate, but you can change it, by changing your Meanings.

However, if you are sloppy with your words and how you use them, you are sloppy with your reality creation and are not controlling it at all.   Will your reality turn out “Sick?” Is that good or bad, and does that word have different meanings at different times?   Embrace Your God Power by Choosing your words “purposefully” to be as clear and powerful as you can make them.  Reject the Cabal Disempowerment techniques such as sarcasm, wrong word use, and unclear meanings.  It is a very important time for you and your words, they mean more now than ever before.

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