Orgone generators are powerful tools that have the ability to clean your surrounding environment of EMF radiation from microwaves, nearby communications towers, computers, cell phones, and can even help to remove toxins left behind by chemtrails. Advocates of orgone generators claim they can even help the body to heal and repair itself, and many trials have been conducted on the healing power of orgone energy.

The power of orgone generators was first discovered by Wilhelm Reich, who believed that orgone energy was the driving force behind the universe, similar in concept to prana or chi. He also believed that disease was caused by blocked or toxic energy within the body, and built orgone accumulators composed of wood and metal in a bid to cure patients of diseases such as cancer. His work was eventually shut down by the FDA, but has experienced a revival over the last 20 years with many people beginning to study the healing effects of orgone generators and their ability to purify the air around them.


Placing an orgone generator in the home is said to bring health, harmony, and positive energy to your living space. Discover how orgone energy works and learn how to build your own orgone pyramid.

How Does An Orgone Generator Work?

An orgone generator is a smaller, simpler version of the orgone accumulaters built by Wilhelm Reich in the 1930s. Orgone generators are a mixture of organic and inorganic material that when combined, have the power to attract negative energy and convert it into positive energy which is released into the surrounding environment. Modern day generators consist of organic fibreglass resin that holds metal shavings and quartz crystals suspended inside different shapes such as pyramids, wands, globes, and pendants. This mixture is said to function as an ‘energy transmutation factory’ that has the power to convert what Reich termed ‘Deadly Orgone Energy’ into positive, life-giving energy.

What Can It Do?

It should be clearly stated that there is a big difference between the orgone accumulators built by Wilhelm Reich during his study of orgone energy and the orgone generators that are available for purchase on sites such as eBay. Reich’s accumulators were six-sided boxes constructed of layered wood and metal that were large enough for a person to sit inside. He believed that spending time inside an accumulator would release blocked sexual energy within the human body that was responsible for sickness and disease. His research into orgone energy also examined its influence on human psychiatry, social sciences, and even the planet’s weather.

The modern orgone generators made from resin were popularized by Don and Carol Croft who began constructing their own variations known as Holy Hand Grenades and Chembusters. They began adding extra ingredients such as different types of metals, magnets, and various crystals to enhance the power of the generators. Their website, and many others that sell similar products, claim the devices can clear negative energy from the body and environment, promote a peaceful night’s sleep, assist in managing chronic pain and illness, clear and balance the chakras, and remove toxic radiation, chemicals, and electromagnetic energy from the air.


What Is The Evidence To Support These Claims?

Unfortunately, all of the equipment, files and evidence relating to Wilhelm Reich’s work was destroyed by the FDA after they became alarmed by newspaper headlines telling of ‘cancer-curing sex boxes’. His work has been continued by organizations such as the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab founded by James DeMeo PhD and a small selection of devoted students who attempt to recreate his experiments.

Most of the evidence relating to the effects of orgone generators comes from testimonials, and there is a wealth of them to be found in spiritual forums, holistic websites, and sites promoting energy medicine. Users describe using the generators to purify drinking water, encourage the growth of plants and vegetables, and create a harmonious atmosphere in their work and living spaces.

Building Your Own Orgone Pyramid

In order to build your own orgone pyramid you will first need a mold to pour the resin into. You can purchase them cheaply on eBay or Etsy, or you could simply make your own out of 4 metal triangles. You will also need some form of metal such as gold shavings, copper wire, or something similar and a good quality quartz crystal. Pour your powdered resin into a plastic container and add the liquid activator. Start by placing your quartz crystal at the tip of the pyramid and sprinkle some metal shavings around the crystal until it is almost completely covered. Pour in some of the resin to cover the crystal and shavings and allow it to harden slightly. Then add your copper wire and any other materials you have and place them between layers of resin. Allow the pyramid to set for at least 8 hours before removing from the mold.

Once you have your orgone pyramid, try placing it next to your bed before sleeping to induce a peaceful night’s sleep. Many people leave them in the living area to balance and harmonize the energy of their home, and gardeners often place them close to flower beds or trees to clean and purify the soil. There is also a worldwide practice known as ‘gifting’ where people place orgone generators close to communications towers and nuclear power plants in order to reduce the amount of harmful radiation that is sent out into the atmosphere. Whether or not you believe in the power of orgone energy, they have helped thousands of people to release negative emotions and blocked energy within the body and help to promote a feeling of spiritual wellbeing. Many reiki masters even place them close to their patients during therapy, and some have experienced heightened sensations due to their presence.