Brief aan Donald J Trump

President Donald J. Trump

White House 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Washington DC 20500.

Subject: Fraud and human trafficking.

Dear POTUS Donald J Trump.

We would like to draw your attention to the information below, because you have issued an EO that can invest foreign interference in US domestic affairs with actions.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is an independent federal government regulatory agency responsible for protecting investors, maintaining fair and orderly functioning of the securities markets, and facilitating capital formation.

Edgar Search Results State of the Netherlands

Trade report 2007:

Dutch merchandise with the population as contents and collateral. A country where Maxima has not been able to find Dutch people is a non-existent country, where foolish people are left under the delusion that the Dutch are to be able to systematically Suppress.

The information required in the rest of this cover sheet shall not be deemed to have been “filed” for the purposes of Article 18 of the 1934 Stock Exchange Act or otherwise subject to the liabilities of that part of the Act but shall be subject to all other provisions of the Act (see, however, the Remarks).

If I read it correctly, here is a provision on how to trade us in all aspects of business and birth certificates.

According to a law in the US of 1934, article 18.

What can we do about this?

On May 13, 1940, the constitution of the Netherlands and the Kingdom lapsed due to the fleeing of the government and the royal family.

This cowardly act handed the population over to the Nazis and as of May 18, 1940 the implemented form of government was forced upon them in the occupied former Netherlands.

Dear Donald J Trump, does this law from the US really apply to us people from occupied former Netherlands?

There is talk about the state of the Netherlands which no longer exists as of May 13th 1940, this is also pronounced by a woman who can know, she was looking for the Dutchman but could not find him, The Dutchman does not exist.

So this woman Maxima knows that the Dutchman also no longer exists in the Netherlands, but has wrongly assumed the title of Queen of the Netherlands.

Her husband Willem Alexander von Amsberg inherited and accepted the legacy of Stadholdership from his Nazi grandfather, Bernhard von Lippe requested this Stadholdership in a letter to Adolf Hitler.

Willem Alexander Fake King and Psychopath Paedophiles protector Mark Rutte, are thus the beneficiaries of the company The Netherlands from the report below, where the population is completely expropriated on a large scale and traded as working slaves for the NWO Bilderberger Mafia.

  1. Acts only through his duly authorized representative of the Ministry of Finance.

We the people of occupied former The Netherlands have never given or in any way granted permission to be used as merchandise by the false rulers what the Ministry of Finance claims, because of the loss of the Constitution of The Netherlands on May 13th 1940, this is an act of swindle by the Bilderberg government.


The Netherlands

We the people of occupied Holland are mistaken as citizens, to vouch for these fraud and crimes that the illegal government runs in their interest.

(2) This Amendment 3 to Annex 13G is filed pursuant to Rule 13d-1 (d), and the amount of shareholding indicated herein relates to the number of Ordinary Shares held by the State of the Netherlands as of the date of this filing and reflects the sale of 45,973,810 Ordinary Shares against the State of the Netherlands to Citigroup Global Markets Ltd. and UBS.

Limited on 20 November 2006.


CUSIP No.892339102 13G / A Page 3 of 5 Pages

This Amendment 3 amends and complements Schedule 13G of The State of the Netherlands, acting through its duly authorized representative of the Treasury Department, filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission at

9 September 2003, as previously amended by amendment no. 1 thereto submitted on 3 February 2005 and amendment no. 2 thereto submitted on 22 August 2005, with respect to the Ordinary Shares of TNT NV (3), a Dutch company, ultimately owned by the State of the Netherlands.

We the People have never been informed and have never had a voice inThis amendment 3 of annex 13G is tabled in accordance with Rule 13d-1 (d), We kindly ask you to nullify this contract on behalf of the population of occupied Netherlands.

We the people, demand an end to WW 2, making Germany a sovereign state without Angela Hitler.

If Germany becomes a Sovereign state, the stadholdership of the Fake King will expire.

We the people, as the people who have been harmed, want to be a sovereign state again, and claim our heritage from the Batavian Republic which had a democratically established Constitution in 1798, but this Constitution was set aside by Napoleon’s invasion, and later every time the people were oppressed by the occupiers as spoils of war.

Since the occupied Netherlands fall under your responsibility as allies of occupied Europe, we kindly ask you to arrest all People traders and paedophiles.

This means that all globalists and Deep State governments in Europe can no longer impose Corona fascism on the population in order to force Klaus Schwab of the WEF and the IMF, ECB, into the NWO with their Great RESET of hot air fiat money which will digitally become an open prison for the population if the population is forced to take the Bill Gates vaccination for a Fake virus.

If you still have room in GITMO for our swamp creatures, we are happy to offer them to you.

Finally, I kindly ask you to recognize the Batavian Republic as a sovereign country, because in your speech to the UN, you yourself declared that the US is a sovereign country and you will recognize other countries’ sovereignty.

Here is a picture of the flag of the Batavian Republic. (Bataafse Republiek)

Also people who live in the US and come from the former Netherlands can order a flag via

Furthermore, we kindly request that the incumbent political swindlers no longer be recognized as a legitimate government or interlocutors.

We the people have been held hostage by the Nazis for more than 80 years think we have served our sentence, without having committed a crime.

As further substantiation of facts, here is the letter to Maxima where you can also find information about the genocide committed by Rutte and the Fake king with the MH370 / MH17 :

The MH17 Lie,
Rutte the movie
Sign with acknowledgement Date 27 May 2012

On:      H.K.H. Princess Maxima                              From: No Cancer Foundation vzw

            Noordeinde                                                    Paul Bellefroidlaan Palace 16

            PO Box 30412                                               3500 Hasselt (Belgian)

            2500 GK The Hague                                     Website:

Dear Royal Highness.

We have the honour to ask you to save the world from the total poisoning with highly toxic carcinogenic poison.

As falsely labelled arsenic acid and chromium trioxide (chromium VI) being highly problematic hazardous waste from Billiton/Shell and other pesticides such as Monsanto Roundup, Chemtrails poison, fluoride poison, aspartame poison, holiday poison, radiation poison. Etc.

This is the result of the continuation of the Hitler-Cabinet from the Netherlands, which no longer exists constitutionally since 18 May 1940.

All this was carried out from the Bilderberg conferences chaired first by Prince Bernhard, then by Queen Beatrix and now by Etienne Davignon, at which the Nazi regime of Hitler-Cabinet was continued from the territory of the former Netherlands, which was taken over by the European Union, with the next step being the total destruction of our democracy under the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), which is due to take effect on 1 July 2012.

2    4   September 2007: Princess Maxima will address the Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) in a lecture at the presentation of the report ‘Identification with the Netherlands’: 

      The Dutch identity does not exist.  

      And also: there is no such thing as the Dutchman.

Is it possible for us to become the 51st state of the United States

The fact that pronouncing these much criticised words, Princess Maxima, takes a lot of effort can be clearly seen in the photo on the right (source: 23 February 2009 © publisher Tinsentiep Houten).

The fact that Princess Maxima made this known in public with great difficulty is the salvation of life on earth.

We are very grateful to you for that. That you are right and that you (together with others) will save life on earth can be read below:

1 The Netherlands (a member state of the Netherlands) ceased to exist on 18 May 1940.

On 10 May 1940, the German army invaded the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxenburg.

On the morning of 13 May 1940, the princely family arrived in Harwich. At 10 o’clock that morning Queen Wilhelmina left for Hook of Holland, where an English destroyer [the HMS Hereward] was waiting for her.

An hour earlier [around 9 a.m.] the De Geer cabinet had been told that the Queen would leave. It was not clear where to go, in the evening at 19:20 the council of ministers also left with an English destroyer from Hook of Holland to England, but without the ministers Steenberghe and Van Rijn, without any order to the commander in chief General Winkelman.

Without notice to the Presidents of the Houses and without any transfer of powers to the Secretaries-General. Minister Steenberghe later informed the Secretaries-General and General Winkelman in a meeting about the departure of the Queen and Government and transferred the authority to Winkelman (source: Gerard’s WWII blog).

This ‘relocation’ had paved the way for the German civil administration under Seyss-Inquart. With all its consequences. In Poland this also happened because, like in the Netherlands, the entire Polish government had fled.

Because Queen Wilhelmina had ignored all the advice of her ministers, Hitler’s lawyers were thrown into the Netherlands.

By violating Article 21 of the Constitution, which was applicable at the time, the Dutch government abolished itself. Seyss-Inquart was thus able to take over Wilhelmina’s place as the Reichstag.

Article 21 of the 1940 Constitution: “under no circumstances may the seat of the Government be transferred outside the Empire”.

From May 18, 1940, the Dutch government abolished itself by virtue of Article 21 of the 1940 Constitution and became a province of Germany under the administration of the Hitler-Cabinet. This was well known to Queen Wilhelmina before she fled with her government to England.

This intention was confirmed by the fact that on the same day the British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs received a visit from the French Ambassador, who told him that the French Government was very concerned about the letter that Queen Wilhelmina had sent to the French President, which was enclosed below.

According to the letter, Wilhelmina’s letter indicated that the Dutch government might have intended to negotiate with the Germans. This was all the more the case six days before, on May 8, 1940, the Dutch press had heard from Princess Juliana that the house of Orange would never leave its post (source: Gerard’s WWII blog).

As a result of the unlawful ‘transfer of seats’ to England, the Netherlands not only had a military occupation, but also a German civil administration under Seysse-Inquart that had become extra fatal for the Jewish part of the population.

In Belgium and Denmark – where the monarchs had remained at their posts – the vast majority of the Jews survived the war.

In Belgium this was 90% of the Belgian Jews and 60% of the foreign Jews (mostly from Germany and Central Europe). Partly thanks to the Danish King, even 99% of the Jews survived the war.

This is in contrast to the fact that only 20% of the Jews survived the war.

Belgium and Denmark had no ‘Westerbork’ (Sources: Gutman, Encyclopedia of the Holocaust and Nada van der Zee, De Groene Amsterdammer, 14 May 1997). (source: Gerard’s WWII blog)

On 18 May 1940, Adolf Hitler issued decree no. 1 on the powers of government in the Netherlands.

On 25 May 1940, State Commissioner Seyss-Inquart issued an appeal to the Dutch people for an occupied Dutch territory, stating that he had taken over the highest governmental authority in the civic district in the Netherlands with effect from that day.

By order of 29 May 1940, Kingdom Commissioner Seyss-Inquart has taken over all the powers in the Netherlands that the Constitution and laws have granted to the king and the government.

On 5 June 1940, in accordance with Hitler’s decree and his ordinance, Kingdom Commissioner Seyss-Inquart announced the following appointments:

1, For Administration and Justice, Dr. Friedrich Wimmer;

2, For Public Security, SS-Brigadrefuhrer Hanns Rauter (Senior AA and Police Chief);

3, For Finance and Economic Affairs, Dr Hans Fischboeck;

4, For Special Affairs, Reichsamtleiter Fritz Schmidt;

5, As Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Envoy Otto Bene;

6, Authorised for Nederlandse Bank den Ministerialdirector voor bijzondere aangelegenheden, Staatsrat H.C.H Wohilhat;

7, As Head of the Main Department at the Office of the State Commissioner for the Occupied Dutch Territory, Ministerialrat Dr Hans Piesbergen.

Background: In May 1940, the occupied Netherlands was subjected to a German Civil Administration under the leadership of Reichskommissar for the occupied Netherlands, Arthur Seyss-Inquart. As HSSPF Rauter was subordinate to Himmler, but at the same time as Commissioner General for Security he was the subordinate of Seyss-Inquart.

The Central Power of the Dutch government was thus formed by;

1, State Commissioner Seyss-Inquart;

2, The Four Commissarrisen General; Dr Friederich Wimmer (Board and Justice), Hanns Rauter (Public Security of the SS Brigardefuhrer), Dr Hans Fischboeck (Finance and Economic Affairs), Fritz Schmidt (Special Affairs and Reichamtsleiter).

3, The representative of the state commissioner for the provinces; the commissioners of the Queen during the Second World War, whether or not accompanied by a special representative, as area leader Schmidt was for the Dutch province of Limburg.

4, The representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Otto Bene;

5, The German proxy for Dutch Bank Dr Hans Piesbergen.

From this moment on, the State Commissioner appoints and dismisses;

1, Members of the Hoogen Raad (the Supreme Court)

2, The Procurator General and the Advocates General of the Supreme Court.

3, The Presidents of Courts of Justice;

4, The Procurator General at the Courts of Justice.

The Other Judicial Officers shall be appointed and dismissed by the Secretary General of Justice. Unless the State Commissioner keeps the appointment or dismissal to himself. (source: Staatsrecht Since 10 May 1940, Bibiotheek Gemeente Amsterdam 24 August 1946).

This gives the Secretary-General of Justice a dictatorial power over all judicial officers.

From this moment on, the State Commissioner appoints and dismisses;

1, Members of the Hoogen Raad (the Supreme Court)

2, The Procurator General and the Advocates General of the Supreme Court.

3, The Presidents of Courts of Justice;

4, The Procurator General at the Courts of Justice.

The Other Judicial Officers shall be appointed and dismissed by the Secretary General of Justice. Unless the State Commissioner keeps the appointment or dismissal to himself. (source: State law Since 10 May 1940, library Municipality  Amsterdam 24 August 1946).

This gives the Secretary-General of Justice a dictatorial power over all judicial officers.

Provincial Law: entered into force on 1 September 1941.

From this moment on, the principles of the new provincial law;

1, That the Commissioner of the Province has the legislative and executive power;

2, That the Commissioner of the Province must follow the instructions of the central authority;

The Province is therefore only an administrative part of the State (source: State law Since 10 May 1940, library Municipality  Amsterdam 24 August 1946).

Municipal law: entered into force on 1 September 1941.

From this moment on, the principles of the new municipal law;

That the entire administrative power of the municipality has been placed in the hands of a person, being the mayor; that the council and the council of the mayor and aldermen have been eliminated; and that the mayor has only the regulating and executive power in the municipality. It follows that the mayor is solely responsible for his administrative policy.

That the municipality is only an administrative part of the State. The municipality can no longer invoke its independence vis-à-vis higher bodies (the province, the state, no longer relies on its independence, but is bound by the instructions of higher bodies). In other words, the so-called autonomy of the municipality is over.

The municipality is therefore only an administrative part of the State that is under the supervision of the Commissioner of the Province and the State(source: State law Since 10 May 1940, library Municipality  Amsterdam 24 August 1946).

Between 1941 and 1943 Prince Bernhard Lippe visited the United States of America several times. According to various sources, including the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), during his second visit (from 20 to 25 April 1942) he wrote a letter to Hitler that he offered himself to take on the role of stadholder over the Netherlands.

The Letter was later sent from London via Portugal to Berlin. The existence of this letter is denied by the RVD (national information service), but secret BVD-Agent Jan Heitink did indeed hold a copy of the letter in his hands; Signed by prince Bernhard von Lippe and Juliana. Bernhard wanted to become Dutch Nazi stadholder for Hitler, which eventually happened in a way as we can read below.

After the war the existence of this letter in front of the SIS would have been confirmed by general Eberhard Schöngarth (commander of the Sicherheitspolizei and the Sicherheitsdienst and the SD) just before his execution? The letter in question was found in Berlin.

By the way, it is remarkable that prince Bernhard von Lippe wrote his letter precisely in America and not in London (Preston Bush?), the more the letter was also sent from the US. (source: Gerard’s WWII blog)

After The Second World War

On May 5, 1945 it is celebrated in the Netherlands that on May 5, Germany capitulated in the Western Netherlands. On that date, at Hotel De Wereld in Wageningen, the capitulation was signed between the German general Johannes Blaskowiz and the Canadian general Charles Foulkes, in the presence of Prince Bernhard von Lippe. The agreement was signed on 6 May 1945 in the Aula of the former Agricultural College next to Hotel de Wereld.

Prince Bernhard von Lippe was not present. This deed itself is present in the Municipal Archive of Wageningen, is dated Wageningen May 5, 1945.

In reality it was only an agreement about the technical development for the German troops in the Netherlands of the capitulation on May 4, 1940 of the German troops in north western Europe. (source: Wikipedia).

This proves that due to the actions of Prince Bernhard von Lippe, nobody signed the capitulation of Germany (the Hitler Cabinet) on behalf of the Dutch Head of State or Government and nobody attended the signing by the unauthorized German General Johannes Blaskowitz and the Canadian General Charles Foulkes.

In constitutional terms, this means that the Netherlands has been a full member of Germany since 5 May 1945. Since no signatures have been made, this means that the Netherlands no longer exists constitutionally as of 18 May 1940 and after the occupation from the Hitler Cabinet on the former territory of the Netherlands continued after 5 May 1945.

That is why in the Netherlands since then the Prime Minister, the ministers, the state secretaries and commissioners of the King or Queen, the mayors, have not been elected, but have been sworn in or appointed by the Head of State.

That is why there is no Constitutional Court in the Netherlands, due to the lack of legitimate legislation and the lack of Democracy in the Netherlands.

In 1996 the book Óperatie JB “Het laatste grote geheim van WOII” was published by Christopher Creighton, a former agent of the British secret service. This book is about the kidnapping of Hitler’s Secretary, Martin Bormann, by a secret British command, called Section M, in 1945. This deployment of the operation by Ian Flaming and the operational command was entrusted to Christopher Creighton, who was then barely 20 years old.

The book also mentions the Dutch submarine K X VII which would have been blown up by Creighton on 7 December 1941. In a conversation with Ian Fleming, in chapter 9 memories of the submarine are retrieved in an appendix, the letter comes back to the incident.

The decision to destroy the Dutch submarine was made when it discovered the Japanese fleet on its way to Pearl Harbor on November 28, 1941.

The Dutch commander, LTZ I HC Besançon, immediately sent an encrypted message to the British Navy leadership. This message was intercepted by the cryptographs of Section M that passed it on to General Donovan in Washington DC and Major Desmond Morton of the American and British secret services. Both informed their leaders President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill.

These four people were aware of the imminent Japanese attack, which had to be kept strictly secret. At that time, 80 percent of the American population was isolationist and strongly opposed to a war with Japan or Germany.

Roosevelt wanted a war with Japan but could not declare war without a valid reason. The surprise attack on the battleships in Pearl Harbor would give him that reason.

The reason for America to get involved in the war was that otherwise the Japanese would have free rein to occupy countries like India, Australia and New Zealand and many other countries in the Pacific and Indian Ocean.

These very important sources of raw materials for the United States, could probably only be liberated with great difficulty at a later stage. Furthermore, the British needed the support of the Americans in their fight against Germany.

Because there were thousands of immigrated Japanese in Hawaii, some of whom were working as spy for their country of origin, the port of war at Oahu could not be put on standby.

The attack had to be kept secret. If this had not been the case, Emperor Hirohito, who insisted that it should be a complete surprise, would have called off the attack. If it became known that Roosevelt and Churchill knew about the attack on Pearl Harbor and had done nothing to prevent it, they would be politically eliminated. Moreover, the allied military intelligence services were convinced that the allied alliance would then fall apart, giving Japan, but also Germany, free reign. It was therefore decided to silence the crew member of Mr. Ms. K XVII.

As soon as the message from the Dutch submarine was received, she was ordered to return to the base in Singapore. The K XVII was not allowed to call at a port and the crew had to refrain from further reporting about the Japanese fleet.

Under the name LTZ Paul Hammond Creighton travelled with the Berwick Vliegboot via Nova Scotia, Canada, San Francisco and the island of Wake to the Northern Mariana Islands, where he went on board the K XVII by appointment.

Creighton was in possession of powers of attorney from the commander of the British Submarine Service, Admiral Sir M Horton, the Dutch Navy Commander in London, Admiral Furstner and Queen Wilhelmina.

These proxies gave him the authority to give Commander Besançon operational orders, as the Dutch submarine was under British operational command. 

At one of the little Marianas, just south of Pagan and about 800 nautical miles off Japan, crates from the Berwick flying boat were loaded into the submarine.

The Dutch crew were told that there were Christmas gifts in the crates from their colleagues in England.

Most crates indeed contain gin, beer Champagne and other Christmas stuff.

But in a crate was Cyanide gas and in two others were explosives with an ignition and timers. Creighton waited for a coded radio message. Should the Japanese fleet break off the attack on Pearl Harbor, his operation would be suspended.

The next day, Sunday 7 December 1941, the British secret agent got to continue the operation. That evening he left the K XVII and went back to the Berwick. Half an hour later the deadly Cyanide gas was released, and you could see how the crew tried to escape from the submarine. A little later the vessel exploded and sank. Creighton determined that there were no survivors (source: Go2War2).

After the Second World War, Prince Bernhard von Lippe helped prominent Nazis to flee via Switzerland with KLM to Argentina, with which the Dutch royal family still maintains close family relationships to this day.

Bernhard helped prominent Nazis to flee together with the then Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr C.G.W.H. Baron van Boezelaar van Oosterhout (partisan) in the Cabinet Beel (KVP). At least ten Nazi leaders fled to South America after the Second World War with passports of the International Red Cross in Geneva.

They include Adolf Eichman, Josef Mengele, Franz Stangl, Klaus Barbie and Erich Priebke.

Until 1948 the International Red Cross issued no less than 63,750 travel documents to the Nazis, which were recognised by Argentina as official documents.

Adolf Eichman obtained his passport on 1 June 1950 under the false name Riccardo Klement, born in Bolzano. On 17 June 1950 he was already on the boat to Argentienie. Here you will also find the CIA documents about Hitler’s stay in Tunja. (Colombia) source: Gerard’s WWII blog.

From 24 June 1945 to 3 July 1946: because the Netherlands no longer exists constitutionally from 18 May 1940, no Democratic Elections could be called in the Netherlands after the war.

That is why Queen Wilhelmina, as successor to Adolf Hitler, appointed the first post-war cabinet Schermerhom-Drees ((( consisted of ministers of the SDAP (in 1946 merged with the VDB and CDU in the PVDA), the CHU’er Lieftink (later PVDA) and RKSP (better KVP), as well as five non-party ministers, two of whom later became PVDA members)).

Under her leadership, the Hitler Cabinet was thus continued as an illegal head of state. This successor Hitler-Kabinet was a Fake ‘Royal’ Cabinet and is also called the ’emergency Cabinet’.

In order to be able to continue this continued Hitler-Kabinet on former Dutch territory under the leadership of former Dutch Head of State Queen Wilhelmina, it was necessary that the next cabinet was formed by the PVDA as successor to the German NSDAP and KVP because Cardinal Pacelli (later Pope PuisXII and Franz von Papen, Vice-Chancellor of Germany, under Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler (since January 30, 1933), was named as the Reich-Concdaat (National Constabulary) on July 8, 1933, with article 14 on next Passage:

The appointment of archbishops, bishops, etc. shall not be made public until the State Governor has duly satisfied himself that there are no objections of a general political nature.

To this end, Cardinal Pacelli awarded Franz von Pape the high papal decoration of the Grand Cross of the Order of Pius. This made it possible for Hitler to run a one-party regime with the support of the Vatican, because the Vatican withdrew its support from the “Deutsche Zentrumspartei” (source: Wikipedia).

From that moment on the Hitler cabinet “The founding of the great German Empire” or “European Union”, which was continued from the former Dutch territory from May 5, 1945 under the direction of the Dutch heads of state King Wilhelmina, Juliana and Beatrix, had full power over the Roman Catholic Church, the largest Christian church in the world. This all the more former Cardinal Pecelli from 1939-1958 Paul Pius XII was Pope John Paul 1 wanted to change this situation in 1978 and was therefore poisoned with arsenic 33 days after he took office (source: Restoration of the Republic 13 May 2012).

Should he therefore be succeeded by Pope John Paul II on 16 August 1978? Karol Josef Wojtyla (Pope John Paul II and Bernard van Lippe-Biesterfeld (Prince of Orange)) worked for IG-Farben (sources Board Question #57569 and Telegraph 8 March 2010). At the time of Hiltler’s rise, the holing IG-Farben-Internessengemeinschaft Farben was the most powerful economic organisation in Germany. The group soon came closer to the emerging Adolf Hitler and was to work closely with the Nazi regime during the Second World War.

For example, on 22 February 1941 IG-Farben decided to build the Buna Werken factory in Auschwitz, where forced labourers could be used. IG-Farben was a large cartel of a number of German companies, including BASF, Bayer, Hoechst, Agfa, Casella, Huels and Kalle. That conglomerate was the brainchild of the great financiers of Hitler’s rise and that would lead to intense cooperation in the run-up to and during the course of the Second World War.

For example, IG-Farben supplied the explosives and synthetic gasoline for the German army. According to a number of experts, Hitler’s warfare without IG-Farben would not even have been possible (source Managing21 of 22-02-05) Pope John Paul II was the first pope to attend the Bilderberg conference from 3 to 6 June 1999 in Sinta, Portugal, at which Queen Beatrix, Boris Yeltsin, Bill Clinton, Steven Spielberg, Ted Turner and Dutch Prime Minister Wim Kok (PvdA) were also present. it’s good to know that shortly after that, the Club of Madrid was established in October 2011. This is a club consisting of 70 former heads of state under the chairmanship of Wim Kok (PvdA). In view of the content of this letter, it is clear that this club was not founded to strengthen global democracy as it is written.

On August 13, 1814, the island of Banka (Indonesia) was exchanged by the English to the Netherlands for the “establishment Chochin (India)”. A year later (18 June 1815) Napoleon Bonaparte was definitively defeated by a combination of British/Dutch, Hanoverian and Prussian armies during the battle of Waterloo (then United Kingdom of the Netherlands, now Belgium). This happened under the leadership of the Duke of Wellington, Blusher and the Prince William of Orange-Nassau (William Frederick George Louis).

Before and during this battle, the Rothschild’s (Ashke-Nazi Jews) financed not only England and Germany but also France and thus Napoleon by means of goldsmithing overseas. The right investment situation was created at the expense of wars, death and destruction. This gave the Rothschild’s control over half of the world’s wealth in one fell swoop, as well as over the bank of England and the full share trade, which has not changed to date. The conflict of interest between the royal houses and the Ashke-Nazi (Rothschild’s) was already a fact and unified forever. 

These bloodlines, including the British and Dutch royal families, have been self-proclaimed in the past 200 years to every war and revolution/rebellion enriched enormously. This made them more influential and powerful by leaps and bounds after each war.

These ties and relations meant that the English wanted to keep the island of Biliton, which belongs to Banka (Indonesia), but in spite of the good relations. on 17 March 1824 the English handed it over to the Dutch. It was the capital power prince Willem Frederik Hendrik who, as the first head of state of the State of the Netherlands, guaranteed the credit. This meant that the royal house was a 100% shareholder. This has developed further and in 1924 it was transferred to the then founded company Common Mine Company Biliton (Gemeenschappelijke Mijnbouwmaatschappij) Biliton (GMB) in which the Dutch state participated for 5/8.

The royal house remained a major shareholder, creating a conflict of interests between the State of the Netherlands and the royal house. In 1970 Biliton (of which the Budelco zinc factory in Budel was part) was taken over by Shell.

The chemiereus IG-Farben took the Holland route to the US and used the services of BBH, UBC and Dillon Read. Like Thyssen, she founded her own bank in the Netherlands: the Hollandsche Koopmansbank in Amsterdam (1923). Be it that the Swedish Enskildabank also had a large share in the new company. From the outset, the HKB was headed by Gerhard Fritze. 

He was married to a scion of the IIgner family, and this was one of the reasons why he became increasingly involved in IG-Farben’s activities behind the scenes of international politics. Another member of the family was in charge of the NW7 intelligence department (for which Prince Bernard worked) of the ardent search for Lebensraum by the chemical company Max IIgner.

Princes Armgard zur Lippe Biesterfeld, the mother of Prince Bernard, was one of his friends. A connection that would not only bear sweet fruit. In 1929, Fritze acquired the Dutch nationality. Before that time he had already been transformed into a Swede for the sake of convenience, in order to be able to accompany the process of rapprochement between IG-Farben and Enskilda a little more smoothly. In the Netherlands, he mainly supervised the flow of money between the German parent company and the American subsidiary Chemnyco. 

This branch was headed by Rober IIgner, an American naturalized brother of Max IIgner, who was assisted by the familiar GGH and UBC of Prescott Bush and Averill Harriman. According to reports, Fritze and Max played a not insignificant role in forging together the Dutch crown princes Juliana and the prince Bernard zur Lippe Biesterfield, who is now under construction for NW7. Bernard invited prominent Nazis to his marriage with Juliana where the Hitler salute was given (Heil Hitler) (source: No Cancer Foundation).

At the end of the First World War, August Thyssen, Germany’s largest military producer, saw his steel empire at risk. In the “neutral” Netherlands he opened the Bank for Trade and Shipping in Rotterdam. In this way he was able to divert his war spoils from the August Thyssen Bank in Berlin (forerunner of the BIS Bank) in time against the claims for damages of the Versailles treaty. 

The old August donated 100 million dollars and his industrial empire in the Ruhr area to his son Fritz. In 1923, Fritz fell under the spell of Adolf Hitler, the man who could save German industry from the rebellious working class. The steel baron meets Adolf Hitler and General Erich Ludendorff and decides to give 100,000 gold marks to the starting NSDAP. Great-grandfather and grandfather Bush have done a good job of figuring it out. Through Brown Brothers & Harriman they invest in Nazi Germany, through the UBC bank of Thyssen they get their armament profits back in the United States. In 1934 the profits increase to hundreds of millions that also flow to Rotterdam and New York. In New York Prescott Bush is now managing director UBC “the Bush family knew very well that Brown Brothers was the American money channel to Nazi Germany and that the Union Bank was the secret pipeline to bring the Nazi money back to America via the Netherlands”, writes John Loftus, former attorney of the US Department of Nazi War Crimes (source: The Truth Now).

That is why the PvdA had to break through as a new party before the so-called ‘Democratic elections’ could be held. In Dutch political history, this breakthrough refers to the movement immediately after the Second World War to form a single progressive party that had to unite progressives with a Catholic, Protestant, social-democratic or liberal background. For this to happen, the old, compartmentalized political system had to be “broken”. 

The idea of a breakthrough led to the formation of the Labour Party (formerly SDAP, VDB and CDU), which was founded on 9 February 1946. The KVP had already been established in 1945 as the successor to the pre-war RKSP, with which Queen Wilhemina could count on the KVP/PvdA cabinet she wanted when calling so-called “Democratic elections” after 9 February 1946. Immediately afterwards she had new elections called, which took place on 16 May 1946.

After it became clear from the elections that KVP and PvdA had received more than the majority of the votes for forming a new cabinet, the Schermerhorn-Drees cabinet applied for resignation. After the formation of the Beel cabinet (VD/PvdA), which could count on the support of a majority of the House of Representatives, the Queen granted the resignation. In appreciation of this, former Prime Minister L.J.M. (Louis) Beel (KVP) was subsequently appointed vice-president of the Council of State in 1959, which he remained until 1972. This enabled the Hitler cabinet, under the leadership of the successive Dutch Heads of State Wilhelmina, Juliana and Beatrix, with the help of all the subsequent elected cabinets from former Dutch territory, to continue its activities to this day. 

Everyone in the whole world (except Maxima) has kept quiet about it for no less than 67 years.

From 1945 to the present day: Chairman Jan Donner (the grandfather of current vice-president Piet Hein Donner of the Council of State) of the Central Purification Council decided that economic collaborators such as Damme (but also Philips carried out orders for German organizations) would not be prosecuted. In 1949, however, Damme Sr. was censured and unconditionally expelled from prosecution. According to Melhuizen, the reason for this is as follows.

“In the case of Work linen rail , important social forces have been active behind the scenes in order to influence the course of justice. This was partly because Damme sr. was a prominent member of the “we circuit”; he was chairman of the Labour Foundation, commissioner of the Nederlandse Bank and friends with the socialist prime minister Willem Drees, with the liberal politician and employer chairman D.U. Stikker and came to Prince Bernhard’s house.

In addition, Work was track in the race to deliver 200 million guilders in railway equipment to Argentina. At that time it was a mega order, which was considered very important for the reconstruction of the Netherlands. And so the Drees cabinet had an important argument in its hands to spare Damme Sr. like so many other prominent industrialists. The country had to be rebuilt and the industry, which had withstood the war so well, was desperately needed. Meihuizen calls this opportunism in the service of reconstruction.

The fact that Work Rail was sanctioned and allowed to pay 30 million guilders in bribes to the dictator Juan Peron proves that the mega order had to be won. In 1951 Prince Bernard was allowed to award Evite Peron the Grand Cross in the Order of Orange Nassau. The idea was put forward by the same Stikker, in his capacity as Minister of Foreign Affairs, under the motto: “It costs so little and it gives so much pleasure” Moreover, Prince Bernhard had been given “a pearl necklace” worth thirty thousand guilders for Evita Peron.

Prince Bernhard and Frits Philips were personal good (hunting) friends. An extensive report from the American intelligence service OSS (Office of Strategic Services), the forerunner of the CIA from 1943.

with the title “The Philips Group is full of allegations; For example: “the internal police department at Philips (….) works closely with the GESTAPO” And: “in the company there are fascists or people with pro-fascist ideas. The director of Philips Argentina is a Nazi spy,” the report says. The report, more than a thousand pages thick and stamped “Secret”, was recently discovered by a German researcher in an archive in Washington. 

This historical document also shows that the Philips Summit in 1942 offered the OSS to use Philips’ international network as a source of information and as a cover for espionage operations. What are the OSS accusations of collaboration based on? And why doesn’t the company itself give full disclosure? Argos about merchant, espionage and doubles. A report by Gerard Leenders and Huub Jaspers. Presentation: Max van Weezel (source: VPRO-VARA 25 February 2002).

Along the way Nazi collaborator Willem Sassen (son of NSB mayor J.C.H.M.W. Sassen in the municipality of Veghel) heard that he had been sentenced in absentia to 20 years of forced labour in the Netherlands and that in Belgium he was awaiting the death penalty. 

Upon arrival he contacted the former secretary of Goebbels; Wilfred von Oven, publisher of the magazine “Die Freie Presse” and “La Plata Ruf”. At the magazine “die Freie Presse” he started working as a journalist and was busy with translations into Spanish of Shakespeare, Goethe and Schiller. 

Operating under different pseudonyms, he also published the book “Die Jünger und die Dirnen” with the same publisher. As a ghost writer Sassen rewrote three works by Hans-Urich Rudel: “Trotzdem”, “Mein Dank an Argentinien” and “Es geht um das Reich”. These books were published by Durer-Verlag. In addition, he also worked as a literary agent for the American magazines “Time – Life” and was until 1965 special correspondent for “de Telegraaf” in Argentina.

Prince Bernhard also worked closely with this Dutch Nazi journalist Willem Sassen in Argentina. Under Peron’s direction, Willem Sassen worked as a public relations officer for Eva Peron and as a military advisor for Peron. During an official visit by Prince Bernard 1951 he worked as an interpreter and accompanist. The prince was there on a station visit, and Bernhard also met Kurt Tank during a demonstration by the Pulqui II, who at the time made the ultramodern jet fighter that had made Argentina one of the most modern armies. Krut Tank was part of a group of Nazi technicians who had fled to Argeninia, where they had sought safe shelter and built up the aircraft industry. 

In the sixties Sassen had meanwhile separated from Miep and married Elsje Delbaere, with whom he had two children. After the fall of Peron, he worked for a water company called “Industria Integral de Aque”. In the capital he met in the German club the great Nazi figures of his time, who had also taken refuge in Argentina. He met Leon Degrelle, Hans Ulrich Rudel and Otto Skorzeny. A certain Ricardo Klement approached Willem Sassen, who wanted to contact him after reading some of the works published by Sassen. 

This man turned out to be Adolf Eichmann and had arrived in Buenos Aires in 1950 with the Italian ship “Giovanni” and had since then kept himself at arm’s length from the great Nazis who gathered in the various German clubs.

Eichmann wanted to put his experiences on paper in order to show the world his confessed innocence. The interviews that followed were recorded on tape and after the kidnapping of Eichmann in May 1960 would be sold to various media for a lot of money. 

However, the ground got too hot under his feet when it was assumed within the Nazi circles that Willem Sassen might have been involved in the kidnapping of Eichmann. He gave Mossad information about Eichmann’s whereabouts. 

Because of this possible implication, Willem Sassen fled to Rome for two years in order to escape possible avengers. After two years Willem Sassen returned and started importing weapons. He became a representative of the Austrian Steyr-Daimler-Puch group for the whole of Latin America. 

Willem Sassen now had a German passport with which he occasionally travelled to Germany and the Netherlands for transactions and family visits. Willem Antonius Maria Sassen’s sentence was time-barred around 1976 and since then he has no longer been eligible for criminal prosecution. According to the then Public Prosecutor De Beaufort the case of Willem Sassen is time-barred. “He is allowed to stay freely in his homeland”. In Belgium, however, he was sentenced to death in absentia, in the Netherlands only 20 years of journalistic denial (source: Go2War2).

The overriding idea of reconstruction and the need not to over-emphasize the business community has led to a stream of “demarches” (influencing the course of justice) by successive ministers of justice, assisted by friendly captains of industry”. A central figure in this game was Dr. J. Donner, president of the Supreme Court and chairman of the Central Purification Council for Business.

The preferential policy of chairman Dr. Jan Donner with regard to economic collaborators was successful out of the 32,000 cases of economic collaboration, eventually about 700 were brought before the criminal court. 

These were the industrialists with bad luck, mostly contractors, the “bunker builders”. They were just patjepeepers who did not have their origins, says Meihuizen cynically. They had also been guilty of the most visible form of economic collaboration that bunkers could see anyone. This applied to a much lesser extent to the banking sector. This came out of the battle almost unscathed.

1953: Andre Donner (ARP), the father of the current vice-president Piet Hein Donner of the Council of State, was a member of the Van Schaik State Commission from 17 April 1950 to 6 January 1954, which prepared the revision of the 1953 Constitution. With this revision of the Constitution, Article 60 of the Constitution has been extended as follows.

“The judge does not assess the constitutionality of agreements”.

The definition of “treaty” with foreign powers, the 1950 Commission of the Constitution of Eysinga, in its plenary report of 16 September 1950, has laid down as follows.

“Without claiming to be exhaustive, the Commission has here follows a list of the most well-known names: Tractaat (treaty, treaty), Convention Convention English and French Charter (Charter, Charter, Covenant, Pacte) Statute, Act, Final Act (final act, acte final) General Act (general act, acte general), Accord (agreement accord), Settlement (arrangement English and French), Declaration or declariation (declaration, declaration) Protocol (protocol, protocol) Agreed Minutes, Exchange of Letters or Letters, Letters annexes (covering letters) Mode vivendi, Arbitration Compromise, Memorandum of Understanding (D’ Accord) Memorandum’.

“Without claiming to be exhaustive, the Commission hereby gives a list of the most well-known names: Tractate (treaty, treaty), Convention English and French Charter (Charter, Charter, Covenant, Pact) Statute, Act, Final Act (final act, acte final) Algemente Akte (general act, acte general), Accord (agreement accord), Settlement (arrangement English and French), Declaration or declaration (declaration, declaration) Protocol (protocol, protocol) Agreed Minutes, Exchange of Letters or Letters, Letters annexes (covering letters) Mode vivendi, Arbitration Compromise, Memorandum of Understanding (D’ Accord) Memorandum’.

Because the constitutionality of a treaty, convention, charter, covenant, statute, deed, agreement, settlement, declaration, declaration, protocol, minutes. Agreement, Letter, Memorandum, Arbitration of Compromise, Memorandum, etc. may not be judged by a court, which means that it may not be judged in the light of the Constitution (Article 94 of the Constitution, Ned), as a result of which they do not have any applicable legal application in the Netherlands. André Donner was able to do all of this without running any risks at all. His father Jan Donner was then (from 1946 to 1961) President of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands.

1962: as a result of this constitutional amendment that was made by Piet Hein Donner’s father, Vice-President Louis Joseph Maria Beel (KVP) and President Queen Juliana of the Council of State paved the way for the publication of a positive advice, on which the DE Quay Cabinet (KVP, CHU, ARP (now CDA and VVD) on 21 April 1962 declared that the Pesticides Act came into force that does not take into account

– the adverse effects of those pesticides during the use and waste phases

– and that the non-active chemical substances, being unknown other very toxic, toxic corrosive or harmful substance(s), do not have to be labelled in a very serious way contrary to Articles 1, 21 and 22 of the Constitution, which can no longer be assessed by a court.

The major shareholders of Shell / Biliton (including the Royal Household and the Dutch State) took advantage of the shortcomings in the Pesticides Act that the Council of State and the Dutch State had deliberately built into it to be able to sell its highly problematic hazardous waste containing very high concentrations of extremely toxic, fully water-soluble carcinogenic substances arsenic acid and chromium trioxide (chromium VI) as a pesticide for a long time, instead of having it stored forever at very high cost, as they were legally obliged to do, at least from 1986.

Afterwards it was discovered that, with the help of Andre Donner, these shortcomings in the Pesticides Act will result in claims for damages against Shell/Biliton (and thus against the Royal Family) that can no longer be paid, This is because of the simple fact that an “Agreement” or “Treaty” of which the constitutionality is no longer assessed by a judge due to the actions of Andre Donner, is not a “Act” like the Pesticides Act and the fact that because of the non-existence of the Netherlands from 18 May 1940 no legal force can be derived from the Pesticides Act of 21 April 1962.

1954 to 1964 one year after changing article 60 in the Dutch Constitution (1953 that judge does not enter into assessment of the constitutionality of agreements) the Bilderberg Group was established, a secret society established in 1954 on the initiative of Prince Bernhard van lippe -Biesterfeld and the Pole Josef Retinger (freemason) as well as the Belgian Pierre de Bonvoisin (director of the Societe Generale from 1951 to 1962) whose father during the Second World War was vice-president of the Bis Bank and H.F. van Walsem (member of the Board of Directors of Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.) was founded (source: Wikipedia) 

During the 1980s Pierre de Bonvoisin’s son (also mentioned in the Dutrous file) came into disrepute because he maintained ties with right-wing extremist organizations and was suspected of having connections with the C.C.C. and the Nivelles gang. The latter accusations have never been proven, but he did keep his nickname: “The Black Baron” (source: Wikipedia). On former Dutch territory the Hitler Cabinet continued from 5 May 1945 under the leadership of the succeeding Dutch heads of state, managed by the secret Bilderberg conferences, which were set up in 1954 and chaired by the Dutch government of Prince Bernhard, then Queen Beatrix and now the Belgian Etienne Davignon, in which the Nazi regime was taken over by the European Union, with the next step being the total destruction of our democracy under the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), which is due to take effect on 1 July 2012.

Sukarno and Bernhard: John F. Kennedy started negotiations on the future of Dutch New Guinea in the United States under the chairmanship of his brother Robert F. Kennedy when the Netherlands had to accept that the area was placed under UN supervision. The UN would hand over New Guinea to Indonesia (Sukarno). 

Dutch, Indonesian and American diplomats talked about this in secret for more than a year. Even more secret were Prince Bernard’s interference, which was proven in retrospect. In 1962 the last Dutch soldiers had to leave Indonesia at the hands of Sukarno, John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy who turned against the dark plans of this vein, bankers and their New World Order agenda. 

The Common Mining Company Biliton went into liquidation as a result of which Biliton and the Dutch royal family financial Sukarno and Bernhard: John F. Kennedy started negotiations in the United States about the future of Dutch New Guinea under the chairmanship of his brother Robert F. Kennedy when the Dutch minister of justice in the US had to accept that the area was placed under UN supervision. The UN would hand over New Guinea to Indonesia (Sukarno). 

Dutch, Indonesian and American diplomats talked about this in secret for more than a year. Even more secret were Prince Bernard’s interference, which was proven in retrospect. In 1962 the last Dutch soldiers had to leave Indonesia at the hands of Sukarno, John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy who turned against the dark plans of this vein, bankers and their New World Order agenda. The 30,000 Dutch soldiers were unable to ensure that New Guinea and the smaller islands of Bali/Bangka and Biliton were preserved for the Netherlands and had to withdraw from New Guinea. 

In 1958 the last concession for the mining of tin ore in Indonesia expired, which was not extended. The Common Mining Company Biliton (GMB) went into liquidation, causing Biliton and the royal family to face a financial catastrophe with which the Dutch royal house threatens to lose their power in the world. The financial problems of the royal family were so great that Prime Minister Prof. Dr. J.E. De Quay discussed them personally with former Queen Juliana. As factual evidence of this, I quote below literally the following text from his diary entries, in which Prime Minister De Quay literally writes the following

February 1, 1960: “This morning I had a conversation with HM and ZKH about the financial position of the royal family. We have to do something about that. Prins asked “sliding scale” Seems legally difficult to me. Prepare well. Discussing with Beel.

Willem Oltmans (journalist) was aware of this and met President Soekarno of Indonesia on 10 June 1956. Conservative Netherlands (Joseph Luns / KVP) hated this first head of state of the Dutch former colony. 

De Telegraaf therefore prohibited Oltsmans from interviewing Sukarno. He did the natural thing anyway. It meant the end of his short career with this power and the beginning of his problems with the Dutch State. From 1950 to 1962 about 30.000 Dutch soldiers served on New Guinea (1/2/3) Navy for a short or longer period of time. Army, Marechaussee, all sections of the armed forces were represented. In 1963 President John F.Kenney signed an agreement with President Sukarno to create funds to enable the American Treasury to make its own treasury dollars banknotes, thereby undermining the Federal Reserve’s “right” to print Federal Reserve dollar banknotes.

This agreement made it possible for 50,000 tons of gold to be transferred to support these currencies. however, the problem was that this would have covered the US domestic currency with gold, which would have been contrary to international agreements designed to stabilize the currency. Eleven days after the signing (on 22 November 1963), John F. Kennedy was murdered in broad daylight by insiders before the eyes of the whole world in the same way as Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn. 

As with Pim Fortuyn, several Bilderberg members appear to have been involved in this murder. Five years later, on 5 June 1968, during a campaign meeting in Hotel Ambassador in Los Angeles for the 1968 election, Robert Kennedy was murdered, after which Bilderberger Richard Nixon became president of the United State on 20 January 1969 (source: No Cancer Foundation).

1983: the same Andre Donner (ARP), being the father of the current vice-president Piet Hein Donner of the Council of State, was from 1967 to 1971 (co-)chairman of the State Commission Carls-Donner who prepared the general revision of the Constitution in 1983. With this revision of the Constitution, Article 120 has been included in the generally revised Constitution, which reads as follows.

“The judge does not intervene in the assessment of the constitutionality of laws and treaties.”

By including the independent article 120 in this general revised Constitution in 1983 with the addition of “Laws”, the damage liability problem from 16.5 million Dutch people and 500 million Europeans towards Shell/Biliton (and thus towards the Royal Household and the Dutch State) was removed because of the shortcomings built into the Pesticides Act on 21 April 1962. Andre Donner for Vice President Willem Scholten (CDA) and President Queen Beatrix of the Council of State has thus paved the way for the publication of a positive advice, on which the Lubber Cabinet (CDA and VVD) has decided that the admission of pesticides may no longer be tested against the following articles 1, 21 and 22 of the Constitution, which were inserted below and which were not legally valid anyway from 18 May 1940.

Article 1 Constitution

All those who are in the Netherlands will be treated equally in equal cases. Discrimination on the grounds of religion, philosophy of life, political affiliation, race, gender or on any other ground is not permitted.

Article 21 Constitution

The government’s concern is focused on the habitability of the land and the protection and improvement of the environment.

Article 22 Constitution

1) The government takes measures to promote public health

2) The promotion of adequate housing is a matter of concern for the public authorities.

3) It creates the conditions for social and cultural development and for leisure activities.

With that, Andre Donner, with the help of the Council of State, The State of the Netherlands and the political parties CDA and VVD have succeeded in ensuring that companies such as Shell/Biliton/Budelco, under the guise of ‘sustainability’, receive billions of euros in government subsidies (tax money) via pesticides (including Superwolman salts).(Co) hundreds of millions of kilograms of falsely labelled highly toxic carcinogenic substances such as arsenic acid and chromium trioxide (chromium VI), which are highly problematic hazardous waste, in particular from Biliton/Shell/Budelco, have been dumped through impregnated wood into homes and gardens by consumers, without any administrative action being taken against them, civil or criminal action can and may be taken.  

Andre Donner was able to achieve this in the period from 1967 to 1971. Knowing that the same Andre Donner was also a member of the Court of Justice of the European Communities in Luxembourg in the same period (from 7 October 1958 to 29 March 1979) means that he also ruled in that capacity, with which the Court of Justice of the European Union has become subordinate to the current vice-president Piet Hein Donner (CDA) of the Dutch Council of State, who together with his father and grandfather has been at the service of the Hitler Cabinet, which continued from the Netherlands from 5 May 1945, under the chairmanship of Queen Wilhelmina, then Juliana and now Beatrix.

In this way Shell / Biliton (under the chairmanship of respectively. The Dutch Hans Alders (PvdA) Jan Pronk (PvdA) and Pieter van Geel (CDA) from the continued Hitler cabinet) have managed to realise that the “Rio de Janeiro Protocol”, the “Kyoto Protocol” and the “Johannesburg Sustainability Conference” were signed worldwide with the help of the countries of the European Union, which makes billions of kilograms of falsely labelled fully water-soluble highly toxic carcinogenic substances such as arsenic acid and chromium trioxide (chromium VI) a highly problematic hazardous waste worldwide, were dumped in water, soil and air in an uncontrolled way via temporary leaching products (impregnated wood) with large amounts of European government subsidy under the guise of sustainability, innovation, ecologically environment-friendly, biomass, green electricity, CO2 reduction, KOMO-label, environmental concrete, secondary fuel, reuse. Europe’s recognized Safety Manager Ad van Rooij, who, as a member of the No Cancer Foundation, co-authored this letter, sent the following letter by fax on 2 May 2002 to incoming Dutch Prime Minister Pim Fortuyn on this subject.

Signing with acknowledgement of receipt

On: P. Fortuyn

G.W. Burgerplein 11

3021 AT Rotterdam

Sint Oedenrode, 3 May 2002

Our Characteristic: PF/03052/br

Dear Mr. Fortuyn,

I am very shocked at the way in which Wim Kok, Frits Bolkestein, the Dutch Labour Party, etc. accuse you personally. You are telling the truth.

Wim Kok (PvdA), Jan Pronk (PvdA), A. Kosto (PvdA), Tjeenk Willink (PvdA), etc. have, with the help of this purple cabinet, corrupted the entire politics, the entire judiciary and the entire O.M. (Public MInistery) and poisoned our entire country with extremely toxic carcinogenic substances. All this with abuse of large amounts of public money (subsidy) under the cover of ecological, environmentally friendly, biomass, green electricity, sustainable, CO2-reduction, KOMO-label, environmental concrete, secondary fuel, reuse, Rio de Janeiro protocol and Kyoto-protocol.

This all started from the Lubber III Cabinet, in which Wim Kok was Minister of Finance and Jan Pronk was Minister of Development Cooperation. It is precisely they, the Dutch Labour Party, but also the established CDA in Brabant and Limburg, who pose a great threat to our society and to keeping our country livable. The following appended documents make this absolutely clear:

My letter of 22 April 2202, ref. VROM/22042/vz, to the Minister of VROM, J.P. Pronk (PvdA).

II. My request for objection dated 28 January 2202, reference: Bes/28012/wra, by A. Kosto to the Council of State (PvdA).

III. My letter dated 13 April 2201, reference: TEK/13041/vz to the President of the Lower House of Parliament Mrs J. van Nieuwenhoven and her answer to it (Labour Party).

IV. My complaint of 24 February 2002 to the National Ombudsman about Wim Kok (PvdA) and the response of the National Ombudsman.

V. My letter/press release dated 2 May 2202 to environment alderman E.H.G.J.M. Huijbregts van Sint Oedenrode (cause PvdA and CDA).

VI. My declaration of 10 April 2002 of committing forgery in writing by the state councils of R. Cleton, Dr. J.C.K.W. Bartel, R.J. Hoekstra and P. van Dijk, including newspaper articles. (Cause: Tjeenk Willink PvdA and formerly Scholten CDA).

I would like to ask you to take a good look at these documents and their attachments.

I hereby give you permission to use all documents in your fight against the current criminal settled political power, called polder dictatorship.

You can count on my knowledge and experience in this matter, if you wish.

I would be grateful to receive your response. Yours sincerely,

Ecological Knowledge Centre B.V.

For these,

Ing. A.M.L. van Rooij                         Director c.d.d. René van den Oord (thanks to him)

He should have received the letter by 4 May 2002. However, this did not happen. On 22 May 2002, i.e. 18 days after dispatch, this letter was only offered to Fortuyn BV. Pim Fortuyn was never able to read the two kilograms of evidence. Shortly after the murder of Pim Fortuyn (on 25 May 2002) Ad van Rooij was, by order of deputy mayor Cees van Rossum (CDA) and councillor Henriette van den Berk- van de Laar (CDA) of Sint-Oederoed in the Eindhovens Dagblad, depicted as an environmental activist in order to be put on an equal footing with the murderer Volkert van der Graaf, who by the way is not the real murderer. In fact, Pim Fortuyn had a different calibre bullet in his head (from which he died) than in his belly (source: deepjournal 4 May 2007).

According to the book “Murder on behalf of the crown” by Ine Veen, the real killer turns out to be a certain Abu Fatah? So were Ad van Rooij, his Ecological Knowledge Centre, Rob Brockus, his Sociale Databank Nederland and Robert Kahlman subsequently approached by an agent reporter who called himself Hans Vermeulen, but in reality who was Marco Wetering living in Amerkia, in the presence of a certain Allan Waver who only spoke English with a clear Amercan accent? 

Both gentlemen were said to be employees of the AIVD and the CIA. Ad van Rooij later delivered the two kilograms of evidence to Hans Smolders, the driver of Pim Fortuyn. He stored it in his room in the Lower House and in a closed cupboard, from which it had later disappeared. He shared this room with Mat Herben (free mason), which makes it clear who did this (source: book Murder on behalf of the Crown?).

Shortly afterwards Mart Herben had the cabinet containing the LPF collapse, he attended the Bilderberg conference and the Balkenende I cabinet was established with the CDA’s Jan Peter Balkenende (free bricklayer) as prime minister, which is again a personal friend of mayor Peter Maas (CDA) of Sint-Oedenrode (source: Het echte Nieuws, 7 November 2009). In order to prevent a new party from emerging that can provide the Prime Minister, Prime Minister J.P. Balkenende set up the “Innovation Platform” under his chairmanship in 2003, in which the Presidents Gerard Kleisterlee of Philips and Marjan Ouderman of Corus, among others, were represented as members, which remained in force until June 2010. 

The aim of this is to achieve the mass poisoning of the entire world under the cover of “sustainability”, as described by Ad van Rooij to Pim Fortuyn in a letter dated 3 May 2002, from this continued Hitler cabinet (source: Wikipedia). This is precisely why Philps President Gerard Kleisterlee, in collaboration with the former Minister of Social Affairs and Employment, Mr J.P.H.

Donner (now vice president of the Council of State) spontaneously declared her safety manager Ad van Rooij to be 100% incapacitated for work (mentally ill) as of 24 September 2007 without continued payment of salary as of 25 October 2007, in violation of the Philips CLA and the Sickness Benefits Act, in which the lawyer Ellen Pasman (the famous Willem Oltmans lawyer) stole € 26,352.13 from Ad van Rooij. (source: dated 22 January 2012 from Ad van Rooij Philips and his lawyer E. Pasman).

It is good to know that the former Minister of Economic Affairs A. Jorritsma-Lebbing (VVD) on behalf of “the Dutch State”, which no longer exists constitutionally from 18 May 1940, had concluded a “JSF Co-financing Agreement” with a large number of companies including Philips Electronica Nederland B.V. shortly before the murder of Pim Fortuyn for the purchase of JSF fighter planes for the benefit of the Dutch Air Force. 

Mr. H.J.G. Hendriks, who entered into this agreement on behalf of Philips Electronica Nederland N.V., is now Chairman of the Board of Philips Benelux and was still the senior manager of Philips safety manager Ad van Rooij. He has a personal interest in ensuring that Ad van Rooij remains 100% incapacitated (mentally ill) for the rest of his life without continued payment of wages during illness.

It is also good to know that Pim Fortuyn was strongly against the purchase of the JSF (Joint Strike Fighter) fighter planes and that Theo Van Gogh has brought out that Mat Herben received bribes from the American fighter lobby (source: De Groene Amsterdammer). Theo van Gogh was also murdered on 2 November 2004 in Amsterdam.

Mat Herben was a journalist at the Ministry of Defence from 1977 to 1987. Subsequently he became a journalist for the magazine Manna of Center Parcs founder Piet Derksen. In 1990 he returned to the Ministry of Defence, now as editor-in-chief of the Defensiekrant. In 1995 he became general editor-in-chief at the Information Department of the Ministry of Defence. He was editor of Alle Hens (monthly magazine for the Royal Netherlands Navy), the staff magazine De Vliegende Hollander (monthly magazine for the Royal Netherlands Air Force) and editor for the internet site. In this capacity he played a leading role in keeping the defence whistleblower Fred Spijkers mentally ill to the outside world, because in 1984 he refused to cooperate with a defence plan to cover up the deadly harm of mini-specialist Rob Ovaa as a result of an unsafe mine (source: Katholiek Nieuwsblad 29 August 1997).

It is also good to know that municipal secretary John Jorristma (VVD) of Sint-Oedenrode under

Mayor Piet Schriek (CDA) is a nephew of former Minister of Economic Affairs A. Jorritsma-Lebbing (now: Mayor of Almere). This John Jorritsma made a quick promotion to mayor of Budel where the factory Budelco is located, of which that arsenic-acidic high-problematic hazardous waste in Superwolman salt-co originates. After having put everything in order John Jorritsma has been promoted to current commissioner of the Queen of the province of Friesland.

On 18 August 1992, under the chairmanship of the public prosecutor Mr. G. Bos of the ‘s Hertogenbosch district prosecutor’s office, a secret meeting was held with public prosecutor G. van Rooij for this 100% incapacitated (mentally ill) statement from Philips safety manager Ad van Rooij by his colleague company doctor Harry Mol (both of whom are members of the Philips Occupational Health and Safety Service) on behalf of Jan Oerlemans, who was awarded with a royal ribbon. Brothers, former mayor P. Schriek (CDA) of Sint-Oederode (CDA), former alderman for the environment H. van Dij-Eerhart of Sint-Oedenrode (CDA), legal assistant Provincie Noord-Brabant H. Artz, the watchmen I.Valk and M. Saris of the national police of Sint Oedenrode, Mr. C. Kerstholt head of the building department of Sint-Oedenrode, environmental inspector H. de Vries of Noord-Brababt, Mr. V. Ditters head of general affairs Waterboard De Dommel and notulist G. van Aarle inspecting official Sint-Oedenrode. In that secret meeting it was decided that by order of environmental inspector H. de Vries of Noord-Brabant, names Minister Hans Alders (PvdA) of VROM, mayor Piet Schriek (CDA) of Sint-Oedenrode GGD-arts Henk Jans had to send him to Ad van Rooij to declare him mentally ill. Thanks to Anton Nigthen of the Landelijk Milieu Overleg and Jan Juffermans van de Kleine Aarde this failed. In recognition of this, Henk Jans, a GGD doctor, was awarded the Provincial Environmental Prize of North Brabant in 1993 by the commissioner of the Queen of North Braban Frank Houben (a close friend of Queen Beatrix). (source: Het Echte Nieuws 26 November 2007)

From 1993 onwards Ad van Rooij, his family, his parents and his horse husbandry (later on, the Camping and Pentecostal ‘Dommeldal’) had to deal with one after the other with destruction, terror, attempted manslaughter from the Van de Biggelaar family in particular (neighbour of Ad van Rooij). For this, the van den Biggelaar family was richly rewarded by first mayor Piet Schriek (CDA) and then mayor Peter Maas (CDA). Ad van Rooij’s many criminal declarations against this were never dealt with. On top of that, Ad van Rooij, his wife, his horse husbandry from 1993 to the present had to deal with one after the other unlawful seizure, high imposed penalties and sealing of business premises, up to 19 years long. 

All this with the help of the police and the judiciary, which continues to this day. (Source: objection letter dated 24 May 2012 from Van Rooij to B&W of Sint-Oedenrode).

It is the same Dutch GGD doctor Henk Jans who, from the bi-national (Netherlands and Belgium) expert working group, assessed the medical and environmental aspects of the pesticide XENTARI WG, with which, within a number of municipalities in Belgian Limburg (including Bree and Maaseik), he had the preventive control of the oak processionary caterpillars carried out with large amounts of Belgian government subsidy without the required legally prescribed permits. 

This is because GGD doctor Henk Jans had assessed it as a biological product with no environmental or health risks. However, research carried out by the Ecological Knowledge Centre B.V. has shown that the pesticide XENTARI WG is an extremely toxic and even carcinogenic pesticide, with which all Belgian fruit and vegetables have also been sprayed for no less than 10 years (thanks to this expert Henk Jans?). 

This is in addition to the tens of millions of kilograms of highly toxic carcinogenic arsenic acid and chromium oxide (chromium VI), which can be completely dissolved in water, from the impregnated wood that was dumped from the Netherlands and Belgium on the advice of the same medical environmental health physician Henk Jans, for which he received the Provincial Environmental Award 1993 of Noord-Brabant on 16 November 1993 from the hands of the Commissioner of Queen Frank Houben (CDA), chamberlain and personal friend of Queen Beatrix and witness at the wedding of Crown Prince Willem Alexander and Maxima. (Source: Expert report dated 6 March 2012 of the Ecological Knowledge Centre B.V.).

When Ad van Rooij entered the elections for the Dutch Second Chamber of the States General on 22 November 2006 for “Lijst 14”, this list was hushed up by the media (by order of the continued Hitler cabinet). Dutch journalist Julius Vischjager (editor-in-chief of The Daily Invisible), who for more than 30 years has had the unique lecture that he was allowed to ask the last question during the Prime Minister’s weekly press conference, told Ad van Rooij that a brigade from abroad was on its way to kill him. Julius Vischjager then wrote an article about this in The Daily Invisible which was the rescue for Ad van Rooij.

When Ad van Rooij on March 3, 2010, as the leader of the list for the political group De Groenen, participated in the municipal elections of Sint-Oedenrode, terror on him became extremely high and he had to deal with a criminal declaration of defamation and Gestap-insurgences in his house, bedroom and office by mayor Peter Maas (CDA) in order to count horses that walked outside in the meadow by order of the same mayor of Sint-Oedenrode (CDA). Partly in view of the earlier Gestapo raids by the same persons in which Ad van Rooij had ended up in the police cell by brute force and the earlier pogoing for manslaughter, Ad van Rooij was at the side of the last raid on 22 April 2010 fled to Belgium and, on 6 May 2010, applied for asylum from the police with responsible minister Joelle F.G.M. Milquet (source: Het Echte nieuws 12 mei 2010).

It is these genocide crimes committed from the Dutch Royal House (Hitler Cabinet) from 5 May 1945 to the present day with pesticides poison, Chemtrails poison, fluoride poison, aspartame poison, vaccination poison, radiation poison, cosmetics poison, etc. 5 to 10 years from which only in the Netherlands and Belgium at least 10 million people will die prematurely from cancer or other serious poisoning diseases.

With this in mind, Belgian Minister Laurett Onkelinx (PS), who is responsible, has spent no less than EUR 45 million in subsidies (Belgian tax money) and the Flemish government, on top of that, has spent some EUR 8 million on vaccinating girls between the ages of 14 and 18 with the Gardasil HPV vaccine against cervical cancer.

Nobody in Europe, even the authorization holder of this Gardasil vaccine, Patrick Dhont MD, Medical Affairs Manager of Sanofi Pasteur MSD, is aware of the legally required material safety data sheets (MSDS) to be allowed to introduce these vaccines in Europe and Belgium. Let alone to use. Nobody in Europe, not even the European Commission, knows what chemicals the Gardasi-HPV vaccine contains.

All children who are vaccinated with it are thus guinea pigs for the American pharmaceutical company MERCK & CO, INC, and from the Dutch royal family continued Hitler Cabinet.

Even those who had the Mexican flu vaccine were injected with the banned carcinogenic poison and chemical waste. (source: Philips safety manager A.M.L. van Rooij’s in-depth investigation of 24 October 2009).

Flaraxin: Erik Verbeen of the No Cancer Foundation therefore saw with regret that products of plant origin, such as Flaxarin, which in 90% of cases are efficient and in many cases can make tumours disappear, are being thwarted in Europe. He does not understand this because Flaxarin is 10 to 20 times cheaper than the currently prescribed chemo treatment, which should be welcomed with open arms at a time of great government austerity. 

This is all the more reason why the chemicals used in chemo treatment have to kill cancer cells in which the patient does not even die. The patient is then allowed to recover and is given a new course of treatment. In this way the cancer patient with his chemotherapy goes through a deep valley with usually some chance of healing. 

With this treatment, the killing of all cancer cells does not always take place completely after which the chance of a relapse is high. Usually this cancer is more aggressive than the first one and the patient still dies from his cancer. 

Flaxaxin tackles the cancer in a completely different way. Flaxarin makes its own intererone, stimulates the immune system and has the property that then the cancer breaks down. Flaxaxin works fast and has almost no or no side effects. 

This may not be used from the same continued Hitler cabinets from former Dutch territory. Therefore, on 7 April 2011, the public prosecutor Marc Rubens van Hasselt ordered an unannounced raid on No Cancer Foundation, led by Commissioner Jos Opdeloch, in which Flaxaxin products, the bookkeeping, the medical supplies and the medical supplies were inspected.

The house from which the No Cancer Foundation operates has been seized and confiscated, and continues to be so to this day. (source PV002702/2011 of Erik Verbeek’s interrogation)

The No Cancer Foundation makes it possible for SCIENTIFIC & TREATMENT CENTER FOR CANCER CURING PHOENIS from the Ukraine to apply the permitted Flaxaxin all over the world. Because the countries of the European Union do not support this, it is very difficult within Europe. The No Cancer Foundation hopes that this letter to Princess Maxima will contribute to a global political upheaval in which no longer thousands of euros are spent on subsidies for products and processes that poison us en masse with carcinogenic substances such as arsenic acid and chromium VI, but that money will go to suppressed technologies and products of plant origin, so that our children and grandchildren also have a life on our earth.

2. The global consequences of the above revelation.

With the facts mentioned under chapter 1, it is established that “The Netherlands (Member State of the Netherlands) and “The Dutchman” should have been “The German” from May 18, 1940 until May 5, 1945, and that from May 5, 1945, “Germany (Member State of Germany)” should no longer exist. 

On former Dutch territory the Hitler-Kabinet has continued silently since 5 May 1945 under the leadership of the succeeding Dutch heads of state Wilhelmina, Juliana and Beatrix, driven by the secret Bilderberg conferences, founded in 1954 and chaired by first Prince Bernard, then Queen Beatrix and now the Belgian Etienne Davignon, whereby the Nazi regime was taken over by the European Union. What the consequences are for Belgium, European Union, United Nations, NATO and other associations and clubs as the Bilderberg conference club of Rome, club of Madrid but also involved banks and companies etc. you can read below.

I.          The Dutch Constitution and all other legislation declared applicable in the Netherlands from 5 May 1945 are not legally valid.

II.         All Dutch prime ministers, ministers, state secretaries, MPs, members of the House of Representatives, commissioners of the Queen, members of the Provincial Council, members of provincial councils, mayors, aldermen and councilors, as well as all Dutch lawyers who have taken the oath of office to the Queen from 5 May 1945 to the present day, have taken it in the continuation of the Hitler Cabinet and are therefore responsible and liable for the general poisoning of the world, which will result in more than a billion poisoning victims (cancer Jews) in the next 10 years. They are therefore responsible and liable for the greatest genocide in world history.

III.        All judgments, orders, judgments and judgments made by the Dutch Courts, Courts of Appeal, Central Council of Appeal, Trade and Industry Appeals Tribunal, the Council for the Judiciary and the Council of State from 58 May 1945 to the present day “in the name of the Queen” are not legally valid.

IV.       All Dutch passports, identity cards, etc. issued from 5 May 1945 to date are not legally valid. The Dutchmen in question are therefore stateless.

V.        In view of points 1 to 4 above, the announced elections to the Lower House of Parliament on 12 September 2012 cannot be held in the Netherlands and part of the elections to the Lower House of Parliament must be held in the Netherlands residents of the former Netherlands (among the rivers) to be allocated to Belgium and to apply for a Belgian passport and the remaining part (above the rivers?) to be allocated to Germany and to apply for a German passport; because these countries do exist in law and have a Constitution and a Constitutional Court.

VI.       All decisions, sentences and judgments handed down by the International Criminal Court in The Hague on persons suspected of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes are invalid because they were pronounced on the territory of a non-existent country on the recommendation of the United Nations, which was co-signed by the continued Hitler Cabinet from former Dutch territory. In addition, this “genocide” is disproportionate to the poisoning genocide of billions of world citizens from the former Dutch territory of the continued Hitler Cabinet.

VII.      All politicians, political parties, individuals, banks, institutions, companies, churches, etc. who have attended the secret Bilderberg conferences since 1954 to date are responsible and liable for the poisoning genocide of billions of world citizens there that took place from the Hitler cabinet, which continued on former Dutch soil. A copy of this letter to Princes Maxima will therefore be submitted to the current Belgian chairman, Etienne Davignon, before 31 May 2012, with the explicit request that the secret Bilderberg conference from 31 May 2012 to 3 June 2012 at Westfields Marriott Washington dulles hotel, Virginia be cancelled and that it be decided that no more secret Bilderberg conferences will be organised in the future.

VIII.     The Benelux Treaty with the Netherlands must be dissolved immediately due to the fact that the Netherlands has not existed since 5 May 1945 and that Belgium does not wish to be associated with the Hitler Cabinet, which continued on former Dutch territory. We will inform King Albert II of Belgium of this by submitting a copy of this letter to Princess Maxima, asking her to consult Princess Maxima, European President Herman van Rompuy, on this matter in Brussels, on behalf of the No Cancer Foundation. We propose that King Albert II ask Princess Maxima to be President, because she has had great difficulty in making this public for the first time and is independent, since she has never attended a Bilderberg conference.

IX.       All the European treaties, in particular the Treaty of Maastricht and the Treaty of Amsterdam, are not legally valid. This is because these treaties were signed on former Dutch territory from which the Hitler Cabinet has continued since 18 May 1945 and was co-signed by a member state of the Netherlands that does not exist constitutionally. 

This means that the European Community will have to be brought back after the time before the Maastricht Treaty with the statement that the inhabitants of the former Netherlands will have to be given a Belgian or German nationalist. This means, in concrete terms, that only Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Spain, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and the United Kingdom will be part of this new European Community, that the old coins (with the exception of the guilder) will come back and that the borders will have to be closed again, from which a new politics, new economy and a new social life can be built up, in which our children and grandchildren can also still live. 

We shall inform the current President of the European Union, Herman Van Rompuy, who is also President of the European Council, by submitting a copy of this letter to Princess Maxima. This with the request to discuss this in Brussels with Princess Maxima, King Albert II of Belgium, other persons he desired and undersigned on behalf of the No Cancer Foundation.

X.        The announced European Stability Mechanism (ESM) cannot take place on 1 July 2012, as has already been announced, on the basis of the above-mentioned points 1 to 9. We ask current President Herman van Rompuy of the European Union to inform the European Council about this and to have it published as soon as possible via the European Union press officers.

XI. the Hitler-Kabinet, which was continued from Dutch territory from 5 May 1945, managed by the secret Bilderberg conferences with the support of the Vatican and the Christian parties, from which at least one billion world citizens will die prematurely within the next ten years and at least one billion world citizens will die prematurely within the next ten years from serious poisoning diseases (including cancer), should be immediately banned by the Holy See. This is because the ten Commandments of God have been dealt with in a very serious way. We will inform Pope Benedict XVI of this letter to Princess Maxima and ask him to forgive them all, so that we can work on a new world in which the Ten Commandments of God are actually observed and monitored by the Holy See for their observance.

XII.      The United Nations in this form must be dissolved because of the fact that, as of May 5, 1945, the Netherlands did not exist and therefore could not be a member of the United Nations. Nor does the United Nations wish to be associated with the Hitler Cabinet, which continued on former Dutch territory. It is of great importance that the United Nations continues to exist because of its network and infrastructure.  

We desperately need this in order to achieve a global political upheaval in which no longer billions of euros are spent on subsidies for products and processes that poison us en masse with carcinogenic substances such as arsenic acid and chromium VI, but that money is used for suppressed technologies and products of natural and vegetable origin, so that our children and grandchildren also have a life on our earth. We will therefore send a request to the current Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon (South Korea), in the form of this letter to Princess Maxima, translated into English.

XIII.     The NATO in this form should be dissolved due to the fact that the Netherlands does not exist as of 5 May 1945 and can therefore not be a member of the NATO. Nor does NATO wish to be associated with the Hitler Cabinet, which was continued on former Dutch territory. It is of great importance that the NATO continues to exist because of its network and infrastructure. We need this very much in order to maintain social peace in the coming difficult years, in which more than a billion world citizens will die from poisoning diseases (cancer) as a result of the continued Hitler cabinet from former Dutch territory under the direction of the secret Bilderberg conferences. We will therefore send a request to the current Secretary-General of the NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen with this letter, translated into English, to Princess Maxima in support of her request. 

XIV.     Clubs such as the Club of Rome, the Club of Madrid and other clubs, associations, etc. of which the Netherlands is a member cannot continue to exist on account of the fact that the Netherlands has not existed since 5 May 1945 and can therefore not be a member of these clubs, associations e.d.

We will therefore ask the chairmen of those clubs, associations, etc. to send the letter to Princes Maxima, translated into English.

3, Proposal for a solution in which our children can also live.

For a solution in which our children and grandchildren can also have a life, we must be able to forgive everyone who has contributed to the poisoning of our earth. That is why it is of the utmost importance that someone from the Dutch Royal Family as chairman is going to pull this turn around in the world. We see Princes Maxima as the most suitable candidate. Dim because I am a hostage to this problem of world destruction, in which the Dutch Royal Family has ended up, is the only one to have made this public from that Royal Family and has never personally attended a Bilderberg conference and is therefore independent.

4. Request from No Cancer Foundation to Princess Maxima

In view of the above facts, we ask Princess Maxima to put an end to this massage poisoning of the earth and its inhabitants, which was set in motion by the Dutch royal family.

In order to put an end to this unnecessary mass poisoning, we ask Princes Maxima to become chairman of the consultative body proposed above, in which the No Cancer Foundation is also represented.

Pending your answer to this request, we will stay.

Please accept, Sir, the assurance of my highest consideration.

27 may 2012

Eric Verbeek                                                                         Ad van Rooij

No Cancer Foundation                                                         European recognized safety officer

c.c. White Dragon Society (Benjamin Fulford)

Note: Due to the lack of a legitimate legal system, the Dutch population has been held hostage by a crime Hitler Cabinet, consisting of a Bilderberg Mafia crime group.

At the request of the UN, the climate agreement has now been pushed through in order to further suppress the population and steal it for a CO2 lie.

The lack of legitimate regulations has been used by politicians to buy up all the heavy poison in the world and to dump it in marine fuel oil and to offer it as cheap fuel.

At the moment, its pollution is 1375 times worse than that of all the cars in the world put together.

The Netherlands is therefore the country with the highest number of cancer cases at the moment.

The accompanying action of the crime government is that now many trees are being cut down to be able to burn in Bio-ovens to generate electricity, to which the waste from companies is added.

This is Genocide on own and world population, by own civil servants in government service.

To make the Genocide run faster on the population of the Netherlands, an accelerated 5G network is being rolled out, in which ionizing radiation damages the DNA of the people and causes cancer.

I sincerely hope that GESARA will put an end to this, and that the Chemtrails will also stop as well as HAARP.

The government also wants to replace the American troops that are called back from Afghanistan to secure the Fake King’s drug income.

All culprits will have to be expropriated and tried.

The population has been so brainwashed by the MSM that they don’t understand the crimes committed by Mark Rutte’s Bilderberg gangsters.

The Cabal Nazis have turned the Netherlands into a banana republic, Where soon the Sharia will reign.

If these Dutch passports are found near Asian dead bodies, this can only mean one thing, that the Dutch Cabal government, through the Embassy in Kiev, has cooperated on this and the Kiev Nazi’s whit Victoria Fucking EU Newland CIA War Morons.

All the passports are intact, do you believe this?

Passports with holes cannot be carried on board an airplane.

No wonder that governments involved themselves do not want to provide information to hide their own share.  This is the Dutch 9/11 Inside Job.

Since the coup in Ukraine was committed by the Deep State and the EU to give the globalists a chance to start a war against Russia.

This war should conceal the bankruptcy of the Fiat Money System’s debts, and make many victims.

Our politics deceitful is 100% involved in this to defend the interests (Shell) of a Fake King, this man is not a legitimate heir of the bloodline but a fraud.

The DNA of his niece Daughter of the sister of Beatrix, Margarita De Roy van Zuydewijn has been tested in the Ukraine to see if it matched the Romanov bloodline.

This test indicated that this was not the case.

The UN Crier Frans Timmermans had given insider information, and in addition to his function as minister of foreign affairs he had written a book about it.

When people started reading, she realized that he could never have done this in such a short time with his function, which is why the book was taken off the market.

For this, he became the second man in the EU, directly under alcoholic Jean C Juncker.

The royal family and the EU are Die Hard Nazis and are involved in drug production in Afghanistan. The Dutch Bilderberg Cabinet had previously concluded the Kunduz Agreement; the drugs production is distributed by military flights via the Caribbean Dutch islands.

Banks have laundered this money for the Fake King and his Mafia Government in The Hague. The Netherlands is a country without legally valid legislation, no constitutional court, but the international court of justice, do you still get it?

Previous name of Akzo Nobel was the Dutch Cocaine factory at the time of the First World War. Where the drug was sold on both sides of the front.

Cocaine found in political party D66 in the government$1-billion-seized-at-port/5351897/?fbclid=IwAR3Cy-C0om1JG-0HVR95iAoy6fJNlO-PJWxrNYDSS4qNHpVM-i4HcoVHGXw Drug network of Fake King Willy

In the Netherlands, hospitals have gone bankrupt, producing heroin for this crime group, the Slotervaart Hospital.

Edith Schippers Minister of Health, Politicians and her husbands were on the board:

Our entire policy is so corrupt that they are even given housing for their services, which ruin us as a population:

All over the world, the elite are connected by paedophiles.

Pedophilia investigations are deliberately obstructed to protect the Cabal Fake Royal Family, see case Joris Demmink:

The murder of Marianne Vaatstra was ordered by Fake Queen Beatrix von Amsberg from the Korlaar brothers, for which the € 500.000 was paid: If you want an idea of what the Dutch Cabal looks like:

Now the awareness around the world is going to bring about big changes, which will disable the whole Cabal.

We can wait for the Derivatives Bomb to burst, and for the entire Fiat Debt System to be replaced by a gold-covered value unit.

We can wait for the Derivatives Bomb to destroy all the Central Banks this summer, thereby freeing mankind from the Cabal.

The IMF now admits the downfall:

If the new money system is to be controlled by the QFS to guarantee the Gold Covered value of money, this will be the liberation of mankind. We’ve almost finished the ride, the QFS will take over the Central Bank system from the crash.

This will ensure that we are rid of the Satanists of the Cabal. The possibilities of a Quantum Computer are at a level that our data system can be compared to the Stone Age.

The new QFS system works with Sub Atomic particles, which can even read our own personal force field of each person, and will recognize their intentions.

No wonder politics can’t be a part of this disclosure, They’re all involved in this crime.

This is a declaration of war by the Dutch Nazi government. I advise you to address the claims for damages to the Fake King and politicians.

The statement below relates to the film that is always removed by YouTube About the crash of the MH370 in Ukraine.

Listen and see what this reporter shows. A video, made 20 minutes after the crash.

It is very easy to verify which aircraft was dumped, if only 6 children were on the MH370 flight, it could never have been the MH17.

List of the MH17 minimal 17 children, see the family name.

Then the investigation of the JIT is a cover-up to conceal one’s own crimes. 

With all this evidence (they were only asians, but 6 to 7 children, corpses were already days old, formalhyde, parrots scattered around the area, only winter clothes in suitcases, passports were like new and some invalid, people falling out of an airplane naked?????) it still seems that, what has been said before, the MH17 never crashed.

This video points rather in the direction of the MH370, the plane that “just” disappeared from the radar on March 8, 2014 and of which nothing has ever been found.

Maybe you understand this clip from “Wakker Nederland” a bit better, and also how the whole country is being fooled!

What did happen and where the MH17 flew to? Look at these radar images:

This makes it look like the MH370 just landed, and then blew up, what really happened?

Report of the disaster MH370 by Donbass Agenst Nazi Anna News.

The translation of the video recording directly to the disaster:

Now we will view photos from the crash site on the Boeing on July 17, 2014 in Grabowo.

On this picture you can see the debris of the parts of the aircraft engine.

Here were also the bodies of the crew.

This is the same place.

I would like to point out that the body parts on the asphalt road were surrounded by a wet Aureole.

It was not blood. Maybe it was fat, a liquid, anything is possible, but no blood.

At night these parts of the body lit up green, just like in this picture.

The photos clearly showed a green colour, just like the colour of duckweed on water.

“One was talking specifically about the smell…………………………  Normally, people who have just died don’t give off a scent, do they?”

No no. The smell was unbearable. The bodies smell of soot and something else chemical.

Next to the big part, next to the torso, here the picture, you just couldn’t stand.

It bit me in the eyes. It smelled like Formaline…

It was the smell of a morgue.

And this wreckage seemed to be soaked with it.

It was impossible to stand there for more than 5 minutes.

Here, behind the road, is the place where most of the bodies were found.

I’ll show you, that’s him.

Here was the hull.

It could also be smelled there, but it was the strongest at the hull.

“”So there you are….. “

Look. This should be one of the bodies, but there’s no blood.

There were a lot of birds there. (Parrots)

At the place where the wounded and torn birds lay, there was also bird’s blood. Dried, fresh etc.

But there was not a single drop of blood on the bodies, no matter how severe the injuries were.

When we were working there, we saw a journalist who had been to 2 crash sits before.

“Did she take pictures?”

She was talking about an ocean of blood. In the first and second crash, but there was no blood here.

The first half hour, when we arrived here, I couldn’t force myself to believe that these are people.

I have seen and understood everything, but for me they looked like mannequins.

“How quickly did you get there?”

I was there after 20 minutes.

The machine crashed and 20 minutes later I was there.

“What is this?”

Those are the birds.

You see, just look. She is so badly mutilated but where is the blood??

“So there are no puddles of blood, only decayed corpses.”

Not decayed, but blown up. As if they were made of yellow plastic.

There were many from Norway or the Netherlands on board, weren’t there?

Most of them were from the Netherlands.

I looked at all the bodies. Almost all of them were Asian.

I personally didn’t see a single body that looked European.

Only Malaysians, Asians or something.

I didn’t see one with a European appearance.

Do you see that? That’s fresh.

That meat is fresh. (bird)

He looks normal, “Lively”.

This is not the case with the human bodies.

And the suitcases.

There were a lot of suitcases, which were packed with warm, winter stuff.

“In the suitcases?”         Yes, in the suitcases.

“But it was summer” It was summer.

There were no summer stuff in the suitcases, only warm clothes.

“What about the children?

“They said that half of the passengers were children?”

Well…. I have seen about 6-7 children’s bodies.

“So not half of the passengers?”

“That’s madness, isn’t it?”

Do you see that? “Yes”

“I’ve got the impression.” Look! Here! Where is the blood?

“Why does he have black lips?” But no blood.

“But no blood indeed”

“What I understand is, where there’s blood on the hull, where birds have flown against it?”


Here is the place with the most bodies. A lot of them are lying there.

“One gets the impression, as if the people in the plane had been put on a pile, so that they all came to a certain place?” Yes

“And they weren’t scattered all over the plane?”  No. Here they are. All in one place. At least most of them.

Yes, they are scattered within a radius of 10 kilometres, that’s clear.

They have flown for a long time, but the people are still in one place.

As for the passports, I am personally interested in the question: almost all the passports were intact.

I don’t know why, but they were all intact.

“And the rest? Were there any other documents?”

Yes, there were a lot of documents. Papers, Documents of everything.

Very much.

“But they weren’t burned?”

Watch out! They were not burned.

We found a lot of mobile phones, tablet PC’s and cameras.

We checked everything on the spot.

All SD cards, everything that can be checked.

There were no pictures of the year 2014. All pictures were dated with 2013.

“No one?”          None.

All from October, September, August 2013. But there wasn’t one from 2014. Do you understand?

“Have you looked at the phone lists of the mobile phones?”

We didn’t look at the phone lists.

We put the SD cards in our mobile phones.

The screen of one mobile phone was broken. We couldn’t switch on another one.

It was impossible to try.

We put the SD cards in our computer and looked at the pictures.

After that we collected everything.

All passports, SD Cards, mobile phones, broken or not all loaded into a car and taken away.

As they said then, I think they were taken to Krasny.

But I don’t know exactly where to go.

“What is that?” “They look so yellow.”                  “Weird”

“And white. As if they were actually ………………………………………………………               “They are soaked” 

“You get the impression they’ve bled out before.” Do you see how this head is split?  “Yes”

“You’re right. There should be a lot of blood there”.

“And he looks as if he has been preserved.

Very much …. About 20 people were wearing clothes.

All the others were completely naked. Completely naked.

At the fall, I can understand that, clothing can be torn away.

But still there should have been a sock on the ankle. At least an impression of a sock.

When you take off your clothes you see an elastic print on your body.

But these people have nothing.

“That’s probably a child?”  Yes, that’s a child. A boy.

That’s it.

“Did you send it to me?”

I don’t need it.

Take a good look! It is a foot. Is this a natural “Living” Foot?


End of report!

This information raises many questions for me.

Who has been able to carry out such an operation, and who has helped.

Asian people with invalid Dutch passports do not seem realistic to me.

Did Mark Rutte VVD crime group supply the Dutch passports here via the Embassy in Kiev?

Before the departure of the MH17 from Schiphol in Amsterdam someone took a picture of an Israeli with the remark that if this flight crashes it is the plane.

As with 9/11, 5 Israelis were filming, why should this happen again?

Who is responsible from Israel? For both attacks.

If there really are Dutch people who left from Schiphol, why not Dutch bodies on the crash site.

Where did these Dutchmen go?

If they have been murdered elsewhere by the Cabal Bilderberg mafia and exchanged with the bodies from the crash site, who did this, on whose behalf.

The official report that Russia would have done this is simply not correct, because if the rocket with the serial number was never made in Russia but only in the Ukraine, this proves that it was deliberately located by Mark Rutte.

When the actual data of the black boxes will be known it will become clear that they are from the MH370.

Apart from the betrayal by the Dutch Cabal Bilderberg cabinet, it is also Genocide on their own population, just like they have the albedo program (solar radiation management) from Schiphol to spray us with Chemtrails.

Cargo of parrots, not from Amsterdam but from Malaysia

Here hundreds of starlings fall from the sky by 5G, Genocide project from Mark Rutte and Willy Agenda 21 von Amsberg.

All their intransigence to keep us in their power will fail, even the EU has been sidelined immediately.

The manipulation of Banks and Exchanges will no longer be able to function and can be switched within a fraction of a second.

Forget the misery that Cabal member Mark Rutte has in store for us, it’s not going to happen if you pay close attention to what the QFS can do.

The old system is destroying itself, Deutsche Bank can be the redemption for us, where the whole old money system will be gone forever.

If all the sovereign 209 countries participate in GESARA, it means that the corrupt EU does not get any money, because the EU is not a Country but a continent founded by the Nazis:

Dr Rath’s Lecture on Cancer and the Cause Uncovering the EU:

The approximately 100,000 sealed indictments from the Trump administration will arrest the guilty parties and bring them to justice, then they will have gotten away with it, because the population could also be left to pick up and kill this Cabal itself.

All over the world, the Nazi elite are connected by paedophiles and Satanism.              All in the Family.

Correction note: picture

The correct text must be: Father Arturo Sosa Abascal, the leader of the Roman Catholic religious order of the Jesuits presents King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands with the commander’s baton attributed to William of Orange during a meeting at the Vatican.

Extra information about the connection with the Roman church
The Dutch Budget Chamber cannot explain to what 70% of the income taxes are spent. Mark Rutte supported the ISIS with it, and Toyota bought vehicles for the killers to promote the oil interests of Shell (Mad King Willy).
The Dutch Bilderberg crime government finances Deep State Projects from our taxpayers’ money. 
Dutch Bilderberg crime government finances Ukrainian state broadcaster Propaganda

Apart from the fact that according to article 21 of the constitution of 1940 the kingdom has fallen into disrepair, there are two other events why Willy is not a King.

William III 61 who became pregnant with Emma 20, Emma, instead of the grey king William III, his private secretary Sebastiaan de Ranitz is appointed as real father, or else the liberal politician Joan Roëll.

Willem III suffered from syphilis two years before the birth of Wilhelmina and therefore could no longer have children with Emma.

1909 baby exchange (O-Show #08) info From Johan Oldenkamp.

Here Juliana would have been claimed by baby exchange on April 30, 1909 as Wilhalmina’s Daughter as Wilhelmina’s born daughter who has had multiple miscarriages.

This shows that this gangster family unjustly remains in power to continue oppressing the Population with the help of the Hitler Cabinet to date.