Brexit pulls the EU to Pieces

The Great Awakening has begun
Anti-establishment forces are forging alliances
Euroscepticism is rising across Europe
German government acts like master of the EU universe
Russian interference campaign in European politics
Cabal and Deep State terms adopted by MSM

Proven; Government works for the Cabal and not for the People

Theresa May is resigning, and in the upcoming British national election, the conservative party may become the 5th, while the Brexiteer party with Farage could win. Theresa was working for the EU-cabal and not for the people. She clearly misjudged the underlying state of aggravation of the British people, she didn’t care what the people were saying. She went stubbornly ahead with the EU-plan as was instructed by Brussels. Because the Rothschild ECB central bank wants to hold onto their power.

Despite this, change is coming, as was clearly evident in the EU-elections Farage won in the UK, Marine Le Pen in France, Salvini in Italy, Orban in Hungary, right wing is surging in Sweden and Poland. Everything is shifting. Massive success for the right-wing and Eurosceptics has been scored. Now, the entire global system is about to be restructured and it is going the people’s way and even beyond all expectations. In Britain for example, never before has a party, only 6 weeks into the game, won an election. If, Britain does not leave the EU on October 31st next, these results will be repeated in a general election. History has been made and this is only the beginning. The people wanted to leave and government did not want it and moreover refused to do it.

No doubt anymore, the UK is about to change, Farage’s party won and they are demanding change, they want to leave the EU just like the people voted in the referendum three years ago. Before the UK was deceived by Edward Heath who received in his role as Prime minister, 1.5 million pounds from at that time the EEC, for signing away Britain’s sovereignty in 1972.

The same way Woodrow Wilson sold the US out to the Central Bank in 1913.

With the total results in, the Brexit Party won 29 of the 73 British EU seats up for grabs and almost a third of the votes. – On the pro-EU side, the Liberal Democrats took 20% of the vote and 16 seats. Nigel Farage said that his party – which currently has no members and no policies apart from leaving the EU – would “stun everybody” in the next British general election if the country didn’t leave the EU on time.

While Salvini, emboldened by his party’s gains in European parliamentary elections, said that his party’s first proposal in Brussels will be to propose a new role for the ECB as a guarantor of government debt. He is also pressing his proposal for a flat tax and challenging EU budget rules, saying spending should be loosened to boost growth and allow more government investment in things like schools. Salvini also has become increasingly combative in the face of a prospect of warning letter from the European Commission on Italy’s public debt.

Anyhow, Brexit will set an example for all European countries to return their sovereignty from the globalist EU, effectively pulling the EU to pieces.

The Great Awakening has begun

Finally, the world is waking up. The weapon in the Great Awakening of the world is being used against the Deep State. The weapon is quite powerful, simply TRUTH with Transparency. This weapon is so powerful that they are panicking because all is about exposing the things these people have been doing for over one hundred years.

They don’t want the people to know about all they have done, as they cannot fight against the truth of it all. This will destroy the whole cabal Establishment. That’s why they always keep the people in the dark. Except now, there is no way out anymore for them.

Once the UK is out of the EU and doing better, other EU-nations will follow by doing the same. This is going to be a major shift, where the Rothschild-controlled EU is going to lose its grip over the people. And the people will gain control. Once enough leaders show up and demonstrate that they are of the intention to follow the will of the people and band together, they will go after the EU establishment and sweep all unelected clowns out.

In the recently held European elections; the Brexit Party showed that the above viewpoint is correct. They owe their triumph in the European elections to voters from both the right and left who wanted to send a message to the ineffective and incompetent political establishment. It is important to take a closer look at this new political phenomenon.

Brexit, the one-issue party, formed six weeks before the elections and won about 30 percent of the votes, placing the outspoken Eurosceptics ahead of the old guard parties like the Conservatives and Labour. They collected more votes than the Conservatives and Labour parties combined. Hard-bitten cynical Britain, desperately trying to get out of the European Union, thought that it was never going to happen and thought this saga was going to last forever. They are convinced that Brexit must happen in order to survive in the long run.

Having been founded by former UKIP leader Nigel Farage, Brexit success may be attributed to a new political orientation in the UK and other EU nations; as right versus left became; Leave versus Remain. Support could be drawn from across the political spectrum, which is most likely the reason the Brexit Party emerged so victoriously over its establishment rivals. Brexit makes it possible for the UK to readjust to the GESARA compliant terms.

Anti-establishment forces are forging alliances

Overall the populists, liberals and the greens garnered an enormous block in the new EU parliament, as Marine Le Pen in France and Salvini in Italy made grandiose headway. At the end of the day, the EU will fail at every level; politically, economically and socially. Take note, the EU cannot survive if the people don’t want it to. Even so, the EU’s collective productivity has already peaked.

The most pessimistic regarding the staying power of the EU are the Slovaks. No one who has been to Eastern Europe will be surprised to find pessimistic natives. But surprisingly in second place is France, the second biggest power in the EU, where 58% believe the EU will be consigned to the dustbin of history within a generation.

The 751 MEP seats will be up for takes, while various anti-establishment forces on both sides of the political spectrum will gobble up the shares currently held by centrists. Adding to the confusion was Britain, which took part in the election, while simultaneously working hard to leave the EU. If the centrists are driven out to the periphery, the likelihood is considerable that the forged Eurosceptic alliance will be able to unseat the unelected clowns in Brussels. Just wait and see how the new spectrum develops.

Euroscepticism is rising across Europe

The fact is, Euroscepticism is rising across Europe, because it is obvious that the leadership in Brussels, controlled by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, together with her Fellow-Rothschild slave Macron, are all devoted to the EU first and the needs of European populace second. Now, people have voted to protect their local communities from dying through the political parties’ over-promising and under-delivering results, Brussels makes ever more bizarre and complex laws to stifle innovation and growth, the mood is leaning towards change; the earlier the better.

Eurosceptic parties have obtained the momentum and the passion over the unelected clowns in Brussels. By winning in simultaneously held local elections, they see clearly the opportunity to use these results as a springboard to even greater success at a later stage. This was confirmed by the highest voter turnout ever of over 51%, which could put them in the position of being able to crush the establishment completely.

This clearly demonstrates the hardening of political opposition against the path of the European Union. Even in the Netherlands, the cabal’s Pet-Test-Case-Kingdom, favoured because of its docile, sleepy population, puppet Prime Minister Mark Rutte was forced to beg voters not to abandon him after earlier disastrous local elections. However, he has to share his power with the right-wing FvD party of Thierry Baudet, a party only established in late 2016. Both the VVD and FvD obtained 12 seats each.

Most people in member states see a realistic chance that within two decades, or perhaps even earlier, the EU will have disintegrated. That may sound like an optimistic prediction to the desperate Brexiteers in Britain, while the French, the Italians, the Hungarians, the Poles, the Austrians, the Swedes and the Finns are all finding it impossible to get out of the EU. If it was not for Nigel Farage, Britain would probably still be trying to cut a deal to leave, long after the EU has gone?

The better focus with regards to the EU is the awareness that a monumental realignment is taking place in Britain. For months now, the traditional right/left political divide is breaking down. It’s no longer about shifting the priorities of governments a little to the social welfare side or back toward the ‘’personal responsibility” side. It’s about sovereignty versus globalism.

Nigel Farage branded his sovereignty movement perfectly to the tune and name of ‘The Brexit Party’. This is the pivotal issue in the U.K., whereas beforehand, the main parties were tasked to keep the people fighting about insignificant details, so that the political elite could undermine the fundamental issue of sovereignty.

Theresa May should have resigned elegantly, at a much earlier stage in the process but now she has to resign by force, because the British want a BREXIT in their favour, but May stupidly kept presenting EU deals four times in a row. This was not what the people wanted, which gave Nigel Farage the chance of his political life, resulting in an impressive lead in the EU election.

German government acts like master of the EU universe

After East Germany was annexed, Germany was transformed from an emerging influential EU partner, into the most dynamic expansionist power within the EU, especially with the former Warsaw Pact economies.

The US and Germany tried to return Russia into the vassal status of the 1990s. The cabal does not want normal relations with Russia at any cost. From the moment Putin moved to restore the Russian state and economy, the Western powers have engaged in a series of political and military interventions, eliminating Russian allies, trading partners and independent states.

Angela Merkel has openly criticised Vladimir Putin’s apparent strategy to spread Russia’s sphere of influence in Eastern Europe and the EU. The Chancellor doesn’t admit that Germany’s domination of Europe has been disastrous for some states.

Germany keeps dictating the EU path and asserts itself as the dominant power within the Union, says Ernst Wolff, journalist and author. The EU problems originated from the time of its conception and were exposed in 2008 with the Euro crisis, problems which were never solved, but rather relabelled and swept under the rug. They tried to solve these problems by printing more money, by incurring more debt. The general economic situation today is a lot worse than it was before 2008. When an economy deteriorates, cracks between the individual countries become more evident and this can potentially lead to clashes.

The result of all of this is that Angela Merkel’s Germany stands exposed and extremely vulnerable, not only due to Brexit and a global trade slowdown, resulting from Trump’s changes in modernising trade. At the same time, Germany is facing a potential political earthquake that will undermine Germany’s control over EU politics and bring greater policy uncertainty in the near future.

The truth is that Germany’s economy is heading off a cliff; a reflection of the slowdown both nationally and globally – retail sales are drying up, overall factory orders are diminishing, while exports remain relatively high, which keeps the euro overvalued.

However, the global economy is being purposely readjusted via the US-China Trade War, which is an orchestrated Alliance plan with the goal of dethroning the Petrodollar and dismantling the Cabal’s fiat financial system to make way for the QFS, with the gold standard for all currencies. To facilitate this, the Gold Treaty Revision was recently signed and implemented.

In the meantime, the anti-establishment, Eurosceptic parties have given an impressive display in the European Parliament election, while the establishment-puppets, desperately cling to the ridiculous premise that the rise of these populist movements serve as evidence of successful Russian interference.

Russian interference campaign in European politics

For some European and international officials, the problem would seem to be Russia, secretly supporting Eurosceptics – they fail to acknowledge the disconnect between political elites and the people they are meant to represent. They desperately assign the blame of all electoral failure on Kremlin trolls – without, of course offering a shred of evidence. The claim is that Russian trolls are actively luring EU-voters, as it was accused of in 2016 in America.

For years, the European establishment has been sounding the alarm about a seemingly ever-imminent Russian interference campaign in European politics. Accusations against the Russian media often take centre stage. Now, hundreds of conferences, articles and speeches later; shock and horror prevails, as there is absolutely no evidence of interference. It can be attributed to full-blown propaganda. Even in the final efforts to pre-emptively find a scapegoat for unsatisfactory results, they have not been able to come up with anything.

However, it hasn’t stopped attempts to incessantly push that narrative. The most earnest attempt has come from France’s MEDIAPART, which published an extensive investigation entitled: “The Elysée is worried about Russian interference in the European elections.” The article admits that the President of France is “obsessed with a possible Russian interference.” This should not come as a surprise. Mr. Macron, in his 2017 campaign at times appeared to be running, not against his political opponents, but against RT, which he repeatedly accused of spreading “fake news” about the then-presidential candidate, despite having failed to produce a single example to date.

Today, the Elysée takes issue with RT’s coverage of the Yellow Vest protests, which have been going on for more than half a year throughout France. It seems protests are only newsworthy when they take place in Russia – then they are covered obsessively by the MSM.

Cabal and Deep State terms currently adopted by MSM

Nonetheless, the MSM mainstream media is using the term “Cabal’ in addition to “Deep State.” Both terms used to be considered “a conspiracy theory”, just another addition to the list of so-called “conspiracy theories” which has silently been proven true. Is the MSM waking up too?

Source: Final Wakeup Call