Breaking News earthquakes

Following the last earthquakes in Japan . And within the frame work which we said by 18-20 th of April .
The kf announces the eminent earthquake in west coast of USA.

We ask all our followers to evacuate the west coast of American continent as matter of urgency.

This is not a warning , but an urgent request of evacuation. And may be the last one . For some.…/


The continental separation has started . Next one should be in 8-10 if it happens BEFOR winter.
Iran and Turky could be next. Southern Europe
USA will go soon
This report shows that the plate is moving and is free and Panama is released from the point. The continents have in principal separating.
The 12-20 is highly possible.
MT Keshe

It isn’t the point to scare anybody just for you to analyze .

You are free to make your choice what to do next If you aren’t in the zones . Then the only purpose is to inform others that are in the zones and even if more possible to offer them any kind of help if you are able to offer . Let your hart speak when it is needed . Get stock of health pens gans and anything you maby can help someone with if needed. Teach them so they can look after themselves .

The only reason was as MT Keshe explain ‘s is to know the real reason and where and what to expect from our planet. MT Keshe said nothing to do with solar flares. It is the two plates separating that is what is going to happen and when the snap comes it will be very bad. and when it is going to happen now 21 /4 before or just after. Or we are going to get some more time until October this year when the temperature and seasons change again That makes to two tectonic plates to move in full separation .

The more pressure is coming from volcano erupting the more pressure is getting build up not the opposit it will bring more pressure . To the tectonic plates.

Best regards Carolina De Roose