Break the LOOP

The Omicron Variant, often referred to as the “moronic* variant.

Referencing the Military Operations for the XIWuhan/CCP infiltrators and traitors. Donald put them FRONT and CENTER to see (COVID-19 signage) – how you’ve been a TARGETED INDIVIDUAL (7/10) in Draconian Slave Ship Matrix.

The system knows you, it’s always known you – it’s designed to track your every move.

Connected through technology that lets them remotely spy on you. Through your phone, laptop, WiFi, software, hardware, televisions, lights, cars and much more. It’s the reason why you can sit without a mask at a restaurant while you have to walk in with a mask on, their system uses Artificial Intelligence.

The Al uses face recognition to spot a ‘targeted’ person. Sending commands via networks and nanites to their clones to intercept you. Wear tinted glasses, their system can’t track you.

Break the LOOP

The Matrix Was A Documentary


John F Kennedy Jr.
19th Vice President

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