Blue spots for the liberation of the NWO.

Blue spots for the liberation of the NWO.

How to defeat the mercenaries of the Hitler Cabinet Rutte III

Without fear, you give your opponent the feeling of powerlessness the spirit of Love and peace.

This one is greater than evil.

One can only have power if we allow it and give it.

Harvesting on the Malieveld

She left on Sunday morning 21 June 2020.

She arrived by rail, armed to the teeth with her smile, with flowery gnats and persevering heart in love.

Highly motivated because “in times of injustice, dissidents are needed.

People are needed who dare to stick their heads above the ground, because if we keep our mouths shut, our voices will be silenced.

Injustice becomes real”. With the poem of pastor Martin Niemöller in mind, she stuck her head above ground level, the 41-year-old behavioural scientist and psychologist Wendy Kroeze from Nijmegen.

Peace-loving and fearless, she suddenly stood in front of the police battalions armed with batons, immortalized the moment she was hit.

Getting up and thinking, making your voice heard, showing that you’re there before when the train leaves, the track gets lost, showing you, head up, above ground level.

How do you defeat the mercenaries of the Hitler Cabinet Rutte III Without Fear you give your opponent the feeling of powerlessness the spirit of Love and peace is greater than evil. One can only have power if we allow it and give it.

EDGAR Filing Documents for 0001008288-06-000004

You can call a company royal, but we don’t have a legal king yet.

The Hitler cabinet of stathouder and drug baron Tiran Willem Alexander von Amsberg, grandson and heir, of Nazi and Bilderberg founder Bernhard von Lippe the ex Nazi double spy with code name Agent orange, like the chemicals used in the Vietnam War and made by the Bilderberg rat their companies.

How the globalists have deceived us and kept us stupid.

The awakening is accelerated by the aggression of the Cabal Hitler cabinet.

Fear turns to outrage and determination to defeat the Cabal.

The time has come for Lambs to become lions.

The spirit of salvation lies in our own change and acceptance.

This spirit will never get the Dutch Bilderberg Cabal under control again, a Civil War of Cabal against the Patriots population is now beginning.

Chantal, Police Unions and Army Unions, Bailiffs Union, Bar Association, Russian Embassy and Peter Hoekstra, Judges of occupied Netherlands.

Read the story below carefully because it concerns all of us, we want to prevent Europe from becoming a second Aleppo or Caliphate of Satanists.

Chantal, It remains to be seen if you have asked for help in contacting the US and if Russian Embassy is fine, if you will get an answer.

I advise everyone to do the same, call and mail them flat, it is our right to ask for help and support to survive as a population.

Share this information on twitter and Facebook, the link to the site will be found on Facebook on Take care 4 EU, then they can be sent by twitter.

We no longer allow ourselves to be subjected to repression by a Corona Hoax and let ourselves be abused as morons.

A love filled world can only come when evil is driven out.

The layer of IQ fake Elite of Satanists no longer has a right to exist.

Feel free to call Peter Hoekstra. He’s one of us, too. +31 70 310 2209, he’s in direct contact with Donald J Trump.

American ambassador in the Netherlands, was born in Groningen and emigrated with his family to the United States. He became a prominent politician and businessman with a long history of public service.

He too knows that the Second World War never stopped but the Nazis systematically deceived and robbed us.

The Netherlands has been the breeding ground for the Globalists and New World Order, as Obama himself tells us in the video.

We the people are the jobs of Police and Army, they should realize that.

The CIA was created by the OSS operations Special Service and the Gestapo after 1945, they were headed and controlled by the FED owners.

The coup by Wilhelmina, Bernhard von Lippe together with the Cartel political parties, betrayed the Dutch and took them hostage from May 5, 1945.

Rutte, who puts the interests of Standholder Willem Alexander first, is guilty and complicit in the Genocide of the MH370 and MH17.

When the good people of police call in the help of Interpol and the US, and Russia, it will be impossible to keep quiet. 

It is important that the people come out of fear and doubt, the momentum to act is now.

Putin and Trump have declared war on paedophiles, since Europe is not yet sovereign to conform Gesara, action must be taken now.

Europe’s U.S. occupying power has its responsibility to support us in this, because even in the U.S. it can’t be explained any more that all the soldiers who died were victims than the FED owners who deceived us all.

Since the news system comes into effect on July 1st, something will have to be done before then.

The 120 days:

Leanne McArthur writes: “If the federal election in the US is on November 3 and the #NESARA #GESARA laws state that the election should take place 120 days after its announcement, then July 5 is the day it starts, and I think @realDonaldTrump

will announce it on July 3rd at Mt Rushmore

Smiling face with smiling eyes

Folded hands

Crossed fingers”

Mike Rotschild Retweetet: “I’m not saying it’s true, but it’s probably true.” @F_R_A_G

There are people working on the resistance, gathering information to make arrests possible.

The police have infiltrated Nazis who are undermining confidence in the police themselves.

Everything from the sleeve of Mark Rutte and his VVD rat Remkes who disturbed this fake disturbance of the demo without intent.

For the safety of the honest police and population, it is necessary for the police themselves to identify the people playing the Waffen SS of Rutte and Remkes, who are a false flag aggression by the Nazi Romeo of the Mobile Unit to provoke the police department to activate, under false pretences.

A handy handyman can make enough weapons with stuff from a hardware store to strike back the Nazis from the VVD and wound them badly.

It is the politics of the civil war that is going on against their own people.

The honourable people of Police and Army will have to take action and let go of the management of politics.

Trump has his plans ready for Europe as well, he will do that together with Putin to carry out the cleansing here.

If this GENOCIDE Hitler government is not stopped, Europe will turn into an Islam Dictatorship, and sink into deep poverty.

For the heart of the Cabal is in the lawless fake state of the Netherlands.

All high positions in the army and police, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, and the judiciary are thoroughly corrupt.

Geert Wilders and Thierry Baudet have missed the opportunity to choose for the people.

They want to maintain the political system introduced by the Nazis on 18 May 1940.

If they had issued a statement and recognized that we are no longer a kingdom and also no longer have a valid constitution from May 13th 1940.

Then the big change would come at once.

I suspect that they would be compromised or blackmailed to give the appearance of being against the Hitler cabinet as controlled opposition.

Anyone of goodwill can use this information to take down the whole rat system.

Surely it should open everyone’s eyes to who is responsible for what, and who misses the opportunity to hold the population hostage.

The good people are really in the majority in our country, they will not move they are also the victims of the Satanists in politics.

It’s just a handful of Globalists who have been ruining our lives for years.

If the Patriots under Police, Army take over, with the help of the US and Russian Embassy, and enlist the help of the people who have no fear and want to take action, tomorrow it could be over with the Fascists in politics and the top positions in this banana republic that was once the Netherlands.

But it’s crazy, that we have to hide behind the US and Russia to take back our freedom.

Should Baudet and Wilders still choose for the oppressed population, they can count on support and clemency if something removable could be charged to them.

They, too, need to realise that our interests outweigh any possible mistakes they may have made in the past.

By doing nothing or reacting but making a misleading veil of false statements as if they have the patent on our rights is no longer justifiable.

The divisions that are deliberately created must stop and we must have a soul and thoughts together, because the small group of rats in politics are well organized at our expense.

It is the intention and intent that the whole world population be freed from the Pede Globalists and Satanists who have systematically secretly slaughtered us and poisoned us with Chemtrails.

The 2nd wave of Corona can sit comfortably in the Chemtrais, we can’t escape if we don’t stop them.

We will switch off the 5G when the power is gone, and the damage claims will also take over the telecom networks and companies.

There will have to be a new form of government, which will carry out the mission of the people, we don’t need peoplemen in the future.

If we don’t do this, the corruption at the top will never stop.

Come out of fear and act where you can help.

Police and Army are not there to oppress us but to protect us, Their salary to protect us that is called taxes. they are just as misguided as us, because a Drug Baron as King and Pedo Psychopath Mark Rutte can apparently only in Banana Republic Netherlands.

Crime must be judged by laws that apply to everyone, not only to the population, but certainly to those who, through abuse of power, have made the country lawless, to their advantage.

Maxima’s confession that the Dutchman does not exist is 100% correct, then it is a mystery to me why she wants to be treated like a queen when they have no right to do so.

She is the best whistleblower the former Netherlands has known, but a royal couple it is not 100%, but organised crime cartel Bilderberg leaders, founded by Nazi Opa Bernhard.

This Nazi grandfather also handed over the stadholdership via Beatrix to Willem Alexander, this Nazi grandfather founded the Bilderberg group with the CIA, and the Gladio that we have now seen their way of working in The Hague police. The Romeo Group, the Antifa scoundrels of wrong policemen (Fascist accomplices of VVD Rutte) without morals.

With the introduction of GESARA, mankind will be freed from Globalists and debt slavery by the new gold covered money system.

Anyone can call and ask for their own bank.

Then there is another point, the ING bank, has divested its insurance to the Nationale Nederlanden, which will never pay out the insured’s money.

My annuity has been released, but they refuse to pay it out.

There must be more people who can act as creditors.

We claim the whole company and transform it into a humanitarian service, where everyone is insured free of charge for every conceivable risk.

How this is to be shaped further will come into order during the transition.

The fact is that we will no longer pay or accept forced health insurance, as it is an extension of the political parties, and jobs carousel for serving political nerds.

I hope that the bad folk theatre in the room will soon come to an end, and the corrupt rats have been driven out.

They are and were the reason that we take back our right and control over our own lives, and never recognise the unelected UN as a government.

Hugo and his fellow Satanists are allowed to administer all the vaccinations themselves, then they will be irradiated with 5G, this way they will become experience experts of their own Satanic plans.

People who stand behind Rutte and his police are our opponents, mostly because of innate stupidity and naivety.

We should not forget the so-called high teachers who openly declared and supported the genocide and oppression of the population.

These alleged highly educated NSB thugs do not have a moral compass, but his system rats, just like Bailiffs who, in the name of a non-existent king, seize the population’s income under the pretext of non-legal laws from 13 May 1940 onwards.

Bailiffs who have made collections on behalf of a non-existent King are privately liable for the misery they have plagued by complicity in this illegal legal system.

The victims will claim from you personally, and with interest of course, you will hand over the accounts yourself.

When the evidence is lost, you will be completely expropriated and can gain work experience in a penal camp, together with the fake elite, under the motto ‘together at home’.

The director of the judicial collection agency will also, as a Cabal member, be completely privately liable for his role and support of the Nazi Dutch Cabal. His home address is shown on the picture.

The government-imposed blood bank for the Cabal vampires will be wiped out.

In the skull image, it says: This is where my conscience has been.

I’m asking all people to find out the addresses of the Cabal members to facilitate their arrest.

If the members of Antifa can be traced in Germany in a number of 24,342, it shouldn’t be difficult to track down the criminals of the Bilderberg Mafia cartel with our help.

All is Fake and scam.

Kind Regards Rinus.