Black Ops Operator Cody Snodgres: Whistle Blower


I had a 2 hour convo with Cody yesterday. After the talk I said you need to do a podcast with me and get this info out before anything happens to ya. He agreed so now yall get to hear what this black hat op did and why he has turned into a white hat whistle blower. Click on this vid and make it go viral….. Sincerely, Robert “Cody” Snodgres; BOOK: Choosing the Light – Dark Secretes of the Oklahoma City Bombing Click on this vid link to make viral yall What Happened to NESARA LAW


DISCLAIMER: I CANT CONFIRM OR DENY ANY OF THIS AS FACTS….EXPOSING CORRUPTION: after 22 yrs silence, OKC BOMBING /CLINTON DOJ COVERUP/SEX CRIMES. (My Black Ops. job offer to bomb the Murrah Bldg., Oct. 1994, for $1 million cash) Cody Snodgres was listening to my vid yesterday and sent me an email with his name phone number and email After reading his email it was very compelling to call… so I did. The conversation was riveting, and lasted almost 2 hours. His story was shocking and weird, so weird you just can’t make this shit up. So he put it all in a book you can get to read for yourself. Just email him for details, if he stays alive long enough.