Bill Gates launches a fund for clean energy, oil barons are past tense

Date: Tuesday, 13-Dec-2016 05:06:38

Bill Gates has gathered some of the richest people in the world and launched a fund for clean energy. It weighs a billion euros
Among the investors were Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma, Richard Branson and others

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The founder of Microsoft and the richest man in the world Bill Gates founded the investment fund weighs a billion dollars, intended for investments in companies working on innovations in the fight against climate change.

The fund called Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Gates has gathered a strong team of Investors, which includes Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Jack Ma of Alibaba, the founder of SAP Hasso Plattner, head of Khosla Ventures Vinod Khosla, Richard Branson of Virgin and others, as investments in commercialization new clean technology start next year, according to Re / Code.

Concrete step in the direction charted by

You will be projects that focus on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and the fund will be used for investments in five key areas: production and storage of electricity, transport, industrial use, agriculture and projects for the development of more efficient energy systems.

Bill Gates is still announced last year that he would personally invest a billion dollars in the development of technology for clean energy. In addition, he was among the 28 elite investors who entered the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, a community dedicated to investing in solving environmental problems.

The total wealth of all those involved investors in the Breakthrough Energy Ventures exceeds $ 170 billion.

. @ BillGates, Jeff Bezos and a few other of the Earth’s richest people are putting $ 1 billion behind clean energy

– BBG Billionaires (@BBGBillionaires) December 12, 2016

This new fund, which features many of the same names from the coalition, represents a new concrete step in that direction.

According to the Quartz, Gates said, as he says, “surprised by the fact that the technological innovations as solutions to climate change is little discussed, because the progress in the development of technology for clean energy could limit the opportunity costs caused abandoning the use of fossil fuels.”

By 2040 demand will grow by a third

“All this takes place as a Normal market mechanism as a energy sources replacing with others,” said Gates. Many have already burned.

Study prominent MIT shows that venture funds in the period from 2006 to 2011 from $ 25 billion investment lost more than half that amount. As a result, institutional investors are mostly clones of such investments, but Gates believes that this omission should just dealt a strong private investors with long-term investment strategy.

It recognizes that investment in energy harder than investments in information technology. “People think they can just transfer $ 50 million, to wait for two years and then see what’s happened. In the energy sector, it is not close does not work. “

On the other hand, Gates emphasized that the “a huge market whose value, if you really generate a large amount of the world’s energy was overwhelming.”

According to their estimates, the global energy market is worth six billion dollars, and the demand for energy by 2040 will rise by one-third.

The first wave of investment in energy storage systems

It is assumed that the investment in the center of interest, at least in the first wave being the development of new systems for energy storage, because the more efficient and cheaper storage allowed for greater reliability of renewable energy sources such as wind and sun.

He points out that the success of the venture for a clean, reliable and affordable energy depend on a much larger investment of billions of dollars of capital held by a fund.

He himself announced that he will work on establishing a strategic partnership. For example, energy companies which were themselves involved in the financing of promising technological projects.

A similar story that currently, in so-called politics, is designed to be likable to the rest of the world.