Bilderberg Traitors Busting the Myths of Operation Market Garden

Source: Final Wakeup Call

How did the Nazis find out the paratroopers were coming?

Open your Eyes

To achieve full consciousness, trust your own intuition. Unfortunately, people still say, “What other choice do I have than to trust our leaders?” Clearly, these people have chosen not to open their eyes and mind, while on the road to world domination are a few criminal Deep State Elites. These people are not willing to think for themselves, joining the growing number of citizens that are united in this upcoming transformation of our world. The rotten mind-set is being revealed that only serves one plan, that of the New World Order; with their plans to cull the population by 90%, destroy civilisation and make the rest serfs to the Archon bloodline elites. – Quoted from a secret protocol from the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) in 1950:

“We shall have World Government, whether or not people like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent.”

Prince Bernard of the Netherlands chaired sixty-four-years ago in 1954, the inauguration of the secretive Bilderberg group, a sister alliance of the CFR, in Oosterbeek, a suburb of Arnhem in the Netherlands.

This first conference led to the signing of the Treaty of Rome, which started the European Economic Community (EEC) three years later. This venue was highly significant, being the same spot where a decade before, the British army had suffered around 10,000 casualties in one of the last Nazi bloodbaths of World War II. As it later turned out; Bernhard had given the game away and when it looked like, despite his treachery, the brave allied soldiers might pull it off, then Carrington and his corps of tanks approaching from the south, grinded to a halt in Lent, 15Kms south of Arnhem, just north of the river Waal for ‘an eighteen-hour tea break’.

Whichever way we look at it, now over sixty-four years later, the ‘coded’ message from that first Bilderberg meeting should read loud and clear. – Ten years after the war, the Nazis were set to come back again. Or seventy-five years since the Arnhem slaughter and about sixty-plus-years since the first Bilderberg conference, the EEC has become the EU. – NATO’s new feudal oligarchy of Western banksters and multinationals, owned and fully controlled by the bloodline illuminati – and the big political parties, actually almost everything that moves both sides of the Atlantic.

Prince Bernhard the Traitor of the Netherlands

To be more specific: Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands was born into the German aristocracy. He joined the Nazi party at university – then the SS. When he married into the Dutch royal family, he shelved his black SS uniform just before the war started. Thereafter, his old Nazi friends invaded his newly adopted Holland in 1940, after which he fled to Britain with the Dutch Queen Wilhelmina, while his wife, Princess Juliana, together with their children, took refuge in Canada. – As a former SS officer, the Admiralty’s wartime spymaster, Ian Fleming (MI5) who scrutinised Bernhard, signed him to the British army as a trusted Dutch liaison officer.

Operation Market Garden

To liberate The Netherlands from German occupation and to end WWII, Field Marshall Montgomery’s daring airborne operation, the biggest in history, was specifically designed; with the special Operation code ‘Market Garden’. It advanced on Sunday September 17, 1944. But most of this carefully planned operation was leaked to the Germans.

Prince Bernhard betrayed the Dutch people in his most important job in 1944 as liaison officer for the pending Arnhem deliverance, while also supervising the Dutch resistance underground in the run-up to this liberation of the northern part of Holland. He abused his authority when he leaked to the Germans ten days in advance of the operation through a Dutch spy, the details of this pending operation, so that the Nazis could prepare their resistance fighters to attack the western allies moving to the Rheine Bridge. The result was that, “the British paratroopers at Arnhem were quickly split in two and were surrounded by German forces possessing self-propelled guns, tanks and fanatic SS troops, ‘who happened to be residing nearby’. Nevertheless, Frost’s 2nd battalion held onto the bridge, leaving the rest of the 1st Airborne Division surrounded by what the Nazis called the ‘Hexenkessel’, in Arnhem’s suburb Oosterbeek.

Around 80,000 allied soldiers and airmen took part in what is still the biggest airborne operation in history. The consequences were catastrophic for the allied armed forces but worse for the Dutch civilian population. In the subsequent ‘Hongerwinter’ (Hunger Winter), after the Germans had cut off all food supplies to the Arnhem region, an estimated 22,000 Dutch civilians were starved to death. The week-long battle resulted in around 2,500 dead soldiers on both sides, roughly 7,000 German and 15,000 allied casualties in total, while 6,500 British paratroopers were taken prisoner.

On Wednesday 20 September, 1944, as British Airborne Colonel John Frost’s remaining paratroopers were being mauled by SS Panzers at the Arnhem Bridge, the tanks of the Grenadier Guards, along with US paratroopers, were tantalisingly close (just 15KM south of the Arnhem bridge), destroying the last German defences down the road in Nijmegen.

Ironically, this took place under the commando of a “young captain, who in his later life was also to chair the Bilderberg meetings, named Lord Peter Carrington. He led the Grenadier battle group of Sherman tanks as they took the penultimate bridge over the river Waal in Nijmegen. At 8 o’clock that evening, he was just a 20-minute drive from reinforcing Frost at the Arnhem Bridge, which would have ensured victory. But although they still had eight hours or so left before the Arnhem Bridge would finally fall into German hands, Carrington’s force, along with the Irish guards of a hundred or so tanks, inexplicably stopped just over the Nijmegen Bridge in the village of Lent for an eighteen-hour rest.

After the war, SS Panzer Division General Heinz Harmel ridiculed Carrington saying, “The British tanks made a mistake when they stayed in Lent. If they had carried on it would have been all over for us.”

The Bilderberg’s first 1954 venue chaired by Prince Bernhard – ironically again -took place in Oosterbeek, about 5 KM away from the Rheine bridge in Arnhem – Holland, apparently highly significant, being the same spot where a decade before the British army had suffered nearly 10,000 casualties in one of the last Nazi bloodbaths of World War II. Prince Bernhard had given the game away, but despite his treachery, the brave allied soldiers pulled it off. The Prince personally presided over the Bilderberg group until 1976, after which he had to resign, after admitting that he had accepted large sums of money in bribes from Lockheed Martin to promote the sale of aircraft to the Dutch government. In 1991 Lord Peter Carrington, the former NATO secretary general, became chairman of the Bilderbergers.

For your Contemplation

Pause a moment before reading on to contemplate the significance: Bernhard, the prince of the Dutch people – deliberately killed 10.000 young soldiers, and created the severest hunger winter in western world history in the northern part of The Netherlands, during which hundreds of thousands of innocent people starved from lack of food, water, shelter, and heating. It may blow your mind since this is completely verified. The evidence should convince us that authorities cannot be trusted, past or present!

The Oosterbeek-founded Bilderberg lobby which Bernhard and Carrington chaired was also accused in 2010 by Italy’s most senior judge Ferdinando Imposimato, of working together with international organised crime; of using far right agents in the NATO intelligence structures to kill hundreds of European citizens in ‘Gladio’ terrorist attacks, from the 1970s to 1990s, which they consistently tried to blame on Moscow.

Governments are not interested in the wellbeing of the populace

It is tradition that people trust their government. They believe they care about their fate. This is an absolute fallacy; it is the Deep Sate that rules the world in the spirit of the End justifying the Means. They rule from behind the scenes of the official curtain. The bloodline illuminati designate the fate of this world, a secret group of people who know each other well and appoint themselves and their successors. Their power exists by virtue of unconditional confidentiality.

Busting the myths of Operation Market Garden

On Saturday the 22nd of September next, in two weeks’ time, former BBC- British journalist Tony Gosling has organised an audio-visual seminar, to be presented in Community Center the KREEK in Oosterbeek, Weverstraat 24, 6862 DP Oosterbeek in the Netherlands.

Mr. Tony Gosling will present evidence that, after August 1944, senior collaborators within the British state were doing secret deals with high-ranking Nazis for enriched uranium, gold and money, in exchange for safe passage and new identities after the war, in a Top Secret operation named Operation Paperclip. He goes on to explain how two key figures who made decisive ‘blunders’ at Operation Market Garden, were rewarded with top jobs in political lobbying for corporate cartels across the NATO countries; the EEC; eventually the EU and also the Euro currency.

For seventy-five years we have been taught Operation Market Garden, British commander Montgomery’s plan to liberate Holland, was a badly concocted mission, doomed to fail. However, British journalist Tony Gosling begs to differ. He believes the battle of Arnhem was deliberately sabotaged to prolong the war on the Western front by treacherous anti-Soviet elements in the British Establishment.

The agenda of the seminar will cover the following subjects:

  • How did the Nazis find out the paratroopers were coming?
  • Who gave the permission for a former SS officer to help plan Market Garden?
  • How did a Dutch-born British army counter-intelligence officer nearly save the day?
  • Who really cut the wires and prevented the Waffen-SS from blowing up the Nijmegen bridge?
  • Why did the British tanks, which could have relieved Arnhem, grind to a halt in Lent?
  • Which Germans came to the first Bilderberg hotel meeting in 1954?
  • What have the consequences of losing in Arnhem been for the post-war world?
  • Who are the real heroes and traitors of Nijmegen and Arnhem?

It is highly recommended, especially to Dutch citizens, to use this opportunity for first-hand learning, to become convinced through facts and evidence that the Dutch Royal House of Orange, the Dutch government and all others in positions of authority notoriously betray, us the populace.