Bilderberg Fascists Double Agenda — Rinus Verhagen

Bilderberg Fascists Double Agenda -- Rinus Verhagen

Monday, May 25, 2020

Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributor May 25, 2020 All masks are falling off. The 58th Bilderberg conference took p… COVID: Going to the Root of the Poisonous Tree — Jon RappoportThe Biggest Scam in HistoryThe Biggest and Longest False Flag Ever — Rinus Verhagen

Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributor

May 25, 2020
All masks are falling off.

The 58th Bilderberg conference took place on Friday 7 and Saturday 8 February 2020.

Bilderberg, secret societies and the New World Order.

This year the approach has changed a little, to carry a transparent image to the outside world.

For the private hard core there is no agenda and invitees are not allowed to say anything afterwards.

There is no agenda and invitees are not allowed to say anything afterwards.

Familiar sounds, which all too clearly reveal a hidden agenda.

In order to polish up the image, entrepreneurs have been invited as a Network Meeting, who are allowed to attend lectures, consider themselves important and are proud to tell their story.

What you get to see and what is decided cannot be a greater contrast in the new 1.5 meter reality.

With this theme, the conference links up with the bridge project that VNO-NCW

Could the entrepreneurs do seem equally important now slowly wake up that they have been abused as propaganda purposes?

All these people are under the assumption that the Netherlands exists, it would be a legal state under the rule of law, and they would have a say.

The Dutch Cabal has ties and agreements with Satanist Bill Gates to push through his ID2020 agenda.

The NWO terror can take place where Telecom transmitters are on WiFi reception.

George Orwell could not even have suspected this

DNA-changing vaccination combined with smart industry and digital identification make every human being a prisoner in an open prison.

How can one identify everyone with the data from Social Media without the population being directly aware of it?

Smart dust is an IC Integrated Circuits.

The Hitachi-manufactured IC is much smaller than 1 mm.

A picture shows the “smart dust” miniaturized RFID technology developed by Hitachi.

These IC are powered by induction of radiation, have their own MAC address to which your personal ID data are linked, each Mac Address is unique.

Your Passport or Bank Card also have this Mac address code with all your details.

If you use your bank card, not only the bank card will be seen, but also the smart dust RFID which then wirelessly makes a copy of your data on your Bank Card or Passport data.

In this way you can be traced via a 5G three-mast system on the 1.5 meters.

All IC have inputs and outputs, otherwise this IC would have no function.

The Input of the IC is wireless, the power supply is via the Telecom masts.

The output of an IC can emit high voltages to your nervous system through your whole body with a piezoelectric effect.

Since you can also be traced without your mobile phone, a much higher microwave radiation dose can be sent to the smartdust ID at any time via 3 masts at the same time.

In this way you can kill someone remotely without bystanders noticing, you just drop dead, the EU states in its statutes that opponents of the EU Cabal system may be killed.


May 31, 2014

In the EU, the death penalty imposed by a judge has been abolished. However, imposing the death penalty in times of war and the threat of war, as well as killing people to suppress a riot or rebellion, are permitted.

In my article about the influence on our bodies (at the atomic level) I have previously made an implementation report.

When Donald J Trump talks about an invisible enemy, it looks to me like a perfect representation of an invisible assassin led by Bilderberg Satanists, where the nerve centre seems to be in the Netherlands, The Dutch Cabal form Willy.

Don’t forget the words of Donald J Trump, he doesn’t start wars but ends them, including the second world war, with the help of Europe Defender 2020.

Tick Tack, Tick Tack, the Q clock ends on 29 May 2020

Once the arrests are made, I have a few questions for the Dutch Cabal: The 1953 flood disaster, this was the first major post-war false flag.

The MH370 shot down in the Ukraine, with Passengers already dead on board, most of them robbed of organs, leaving them bleeding to death, preserved to later be presented to us as MH17 false flag.

Where has the MH17 gone, these people were murdered with the help of the Dutch Cabal, and out of predilection for organ robbery by the D66 Satanists, so crime for profit.

The largest viper brood and human traffickers of the Cabal are here in the Netherlands.

If the reports are correct.

Then the Swift payment system is disconnected or will be disconnected around June 29 to 1, 2020, 3 Days of Communication Darkness, when the emergency transmitter will be activated to report the Cabal’s crimes.

And to announce the new gold covered money system, which means that all debts of the Fiat money system will be forgiven.

In my opinion, this is the one shot that unlocks the alliance against the Cabal, in which all power is lost in one fell swoop.

I hope that readers will understand the information they have received in this review, see it as a learning journey that has been made public throughout all the articles.

There may be minor differences in detail.

In order to restore the sovereignty of Europe, the restoration of the German Empire is a possible solution.

Of course, this should not degenerate into new conflicts, i.e. whether the restoration of the Empire will take place before the Empire.

The shifting of territory borders can cause another conflict.

A Reader did have a point there, although she was very fierce, because of her own family experience in combination with her origins.

As naughty as I am, I had teased her and told her that she was of German descent herself, and her hometown had a German name, as far as the name of the hometown is concerned this is in line with history,

Because French territory will not take place names as a tribute to Germany.

Also here one can think differently, the recipient ( Marie from WoodHome ) of these facts is free to be annoyed, it is not my opinion but in my opinion the facts that speak.

If Alsace were not to return to Germany, it would be an opportunity to allow it to be an autonomous state in its own right.

This could be a solution for several areas in Europe, including the Catalans, the Basques who want to be separated from Spain and France, but also the old part of northern Italy could form its own state.

This can prevent disputes from arising that would not fit into the GESARA plan.

This solution would also completely destroy the concentration of power of the Cabal.

The centralization of power and regulation has increased the distance between the government and the population, in order to silence the population.

Whatever the scenario, we ourselves have a responsibility to do the job together, motivated by good will and mutual respect, once the foundations for the liberation of the Cabal have been laid.