Biggest Antarctica Mysteries That Defy Explaination [New Video]

Gepubliceerd op 16 feb. 2018

So what is going on in Antarctica? From secret pyramids to hidden Nazis, and speculation about military operations, the inhospitable continent is a favorite topic of discussion for many people across the internet. Few viewers are going to have the chance to explore Antarctica any time soon, so we’ve collected together some of the mysteries which have intrigued scientists — and a few of the theories which have lit up the internet. The land of snow and ice was once a flourishing continent. Although today it is considered inhospitable, it exerts an almost magical attractive force over mankind. It’s no wonder the continent is entrenched in so many legends – from the entrance to fabled “Shangri La” located in the earth’s interior to the obscure stories about secret UFO bases not inhabited by extraterrestrials.