The Japanese tax The Japanese government is trying to murder me

By Benjamin Fulford  
March 24, 2017

The Japanese government has made repeated attempts to kill me. The best documented event took place in June of 2009 when an agent by the name of Mutsuaki Okubo stabbed me with a poisoned needle in front of multiple witnesses. When I went to the Japanese police they refused to take any action on the matter. Further research showed me that Okubo works for Japanese politician Ichiro Ozawa.

Now the Japanese authorities are seizing 100% of my income. The want me to pay over 14 million yen ($100,000) for 7 years payroll taxes for people who sub-contracted for me. However, all those people paid their taxes so this is completely bogus. I have also been paying my taxes. Last year I paid the required taxes on an after tax income of 3.7 million yen (US$34,000). So, the Japanese tax authorities are saying I will have zero income for the next 5 years so that I can pay off this bogus bill.
The current 100% seizure came after US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Rockefeller bagman Henry Kissinger visited Japan. Tillerson worked for Exxon Mobil so he is a Rockefeller slave. The top Rockefeller agent in Japan is a man called Hiroaki Fushimi, who also works for Exxon Mobil. Fushimi ordered Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso to order the seizure of my bank account. Aso also takes orders from the French branch of the Rothschild family. The low ranking bureaucratic dupe who carried out the orders is Rieko Shinohara. Her phone number is 81-3-3542-2111 extension 3447. My entire paypal income is being garnisheed by her orders. She told a contact of mine that this irregular seizure was ordered by her superiors.

Further investigation of this incident also now points to the CSIS according to members of the Japanese royal family. The CSIS is headquartered in Georgetown, meaning it is a Jesuit linked organization. The trail leads from there to the faction of the P2 freemason lodge in Italy that was involved in the Fukushima nuclear and tsunami mass murder terror attack on Japan, the Royal Family sources are saying. These people are mortally afraid of a change in government in Japan that would reveal to the worlds’ public the truth about Fukushima.

In any case, me and my staff are now unable to pay rent or buy food so donations are vitally needed if we are to be able to continue providing the world’s public with the truth..

Please send any money you can to:

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