Fact: Hillary Clinton has been dead since 1998.
Another fact: The entire Clinton Family was eliminated and cloned beneath Camp David at the same time — including Chelsea (who’s husband is her handler; Huma is Hillary’s handler)
Meaning, none of the current human replicas claiming to be true Clinton’s have a soul, and none are in fact human.    This is how and why they always lie in public sly no matter the social cost.  They’re soulless beings, performing daily tasks based on a common agenda set forth by their dark nobility handlers.
Wow, that’s a lot to digest, right?  Let’s go a little further down the rabbit hole shall we.
Fact: What you have been watching all of years are human replicas or laboratory grown clones. They can be grown to full maturity in less than 3 days now, and their entire memories transferred–and even stored on computers–then downloaded into replacement clones.
There are half dozen Bill and Hillary’s that travel with the Clinton entourages and are on reserve 24/7/355 should the hero clone fail.  Sadly, there none left for Hillary on Sunday, so a well trained body double was pressed into action first to walk out of Chelsea’s apartment post fall, then today was made to do public appearances like on Hillary’s campaign plane as well as that faux North Carolina press conference.
Many believe the body double has also been cloned now to continue in the Hillary for President rouse.  Imagine the number of people involved in such a blatant conspiracy to keep this quiet?  Interesting how Hillary’s endless illegal acts always are seemingly buried right before her public image is destroyed.
Please be highly discerning watching all your leaders after reading this, as all major world leaders have been cloned.  This is how the hidden hand stays hidden and in power.  Because if you can control all the generals, you by default control the armies they lead.  Cloning was discovered to be the easiest way to accomplishment this fact dating back to the fifties.
Fact:  All American Presidents since Jimmy Carter have been successfully replicated in an underground laboratory beneath Camp David–which has since been shit down by the white hat military–as well as several others who house other clones in other professions.
Fact: Technology has made such rapid progress in he cloning field that modern replicas/clones are nearly undetectable to the naked eye unless you understand that you are actually looking at a human facsimile–and even then you must study their nuances from clone to clone.
Fact: Hillary’s last sickly clone fell into the van on 9/11/16.  Her best body double, who lives above Chelsea’s NYC apartment,  was immediately brought in to recuse the Hillary Clinton image.  By the way, all major news media outlets, their anchors and field reporters know about this scam (i.e. they’re all in on the cabal to deceive you!).
Now to maintain a consistent visual presence, they needed that Hillary body double to appear quickly, hence the flying around and mock press conference with hand picked reporters–who by the way are also in on the cabal deception!  Bred from birth to serve the dark noble families–sad but true….
Fact: Hillary Clinton handlers (aka the DNC) are panicking at this very moment because they must keep up this bizarre charade until October 1, when Hillary Clinton cannot be removed from the Democratic ticket.
Why?  Because Hillary Clinton’s ghost could literally run for president if deceased at that point.  This was cleverly portrayed on The Steven Colbert Show earlier this week.
Psychologically speaking, if you are made to laugh at the absurdity of the truth, you subconsciously accept any reality as fiction.  Thus the truth is always hidden in plain sight.
Ever hear the term “the truth is stranger than fiction?”  Well here it is playing out in real time.
Wells Fargo’s mini media meltdown was done to divert attention away from Hillary’s last clone meltdown, as well as muck up the RV roll out process, but it’s having the exact opposite effect.
The new PTB are slamming home the RV without prejudice or emotion.  All who oppose it are being removed–permanently and tactically if need be.
And tonight at midnight EDT, market margin calls come into play for all cabal banks, hedge funds and insurance companies world wide.  And the only viable solution to stay in business is to adopt the new PTB’s gold backed financial system created and run out of Asia.
Which in turn means that European dark noble families who have long run world affairs, not only must swallow this medicine, but by default also lose control of the world’s financial system which means the absolute and unconditional surrender of all historical assets, media, entertainment, food supply, education, military dominance, banking monopolies and future planetary planning exclusivity; and yes, the psychological and physical enslavement of humanity via their self funded global corporate octopus of control.
Lot to digest?  Too much?  Too soon?
Ok.  But tonight they have zero choice but to accept the new system or be completely exposed and receive pitchfork mob justice.  And you will be redeem your currency and assisting in unconditional removal (victory of the meek) of all evil doers from ultimate power.  That’s pretty cool stuff.
You can believe this or not, but these are the times in which we live.