Received via email……


Good Afternoon Chosen Ones:

Great day to exchange, yes?

All reports still have us on going this weekend.  Some Saturday, some Sunday.

We know they’re allowing the storm to break up and other nations are not happy about that at all.

However, the eastern sea board of the US radically effects the global algorithm in terms of first basket intake deposits–so the world waits.

At the exchange and call centers:

Live rounds of ammunition are now loaded in the chambers of the security forces.  No more training.  It’s go time.

Pallets of freshly printed USN have arrived and are just waiting to be handed out.  10,000 bundles.

Plastic Visa debit/credit cards by the box loads are ready to be charged up and given out to new account holders.

Redemption staff are both anxious to get started and get back to their families.  Even though the pay is great, the hours are tough and not being told when this will begin is mentally taxing.

Call center staff has new instructions regarding setting East Coast appointments–extending sovereign rate appointment timelines.  That’s a very considerate move on the part of the NPTB.

Wealth, trust, corporate legal, tax and estate management teams are ready to handle the massive initial wave of secondary appointments (2-6 days following your initial redemption appointment).

You guys are so money — you don’t even know it:).  The RV buffet is prepared.  And the sovereign rate meal of humanitarian service and job creation is ready to be served.

Oh, here’s a couple quick self-questions to ask yourself in this final hour:

1) When faced with this currency opportunity did you (be)lieve it was both real and even possible?  If no, please depart.  If yes, continue to the next question.

2) When faced with which currency to buy and how much, did you (do) the deed and pony up hard cash?  If no please depart, if yes continue to the next question.

3) When faced with constant delays, bogus excuses, inaccurate volunteer intelligence reports, and at-best vague signs of geopolitical progress… did you (have) the courage to stay in and finish this race?  If no please depart.  If yes continue to your nearest redemption center.

Pretty simple in the final analysis, right?

Sovereign rates are a reward for those who believed, did something about it and had the courage to stick it out.

You took the risk and kept taking it.  You proved your loyalty with your suffering, loss of reputation and constant surrendering of ego, pride and will.

Absolutely everything else swirling around the RV was just white noise, fear filled echoes, screams meant for distraction and obvious cries of ignorance.  Well, let them all go because all are but illusions.

Only conversion matters at this point.  Staying laser focused on the moment of truth and being prepared to execute all you have learned along the way.

You hold the keys to the next era.  Sure it might look like fancy colored paper now, but soon it will represent life sustaining mana to so many in your family, communities, cities, countries and continents–you will also be restoring Zimbabwe, Vietnam, Iraq, Iran, Indonesia and Afghanistan local economies–and in the process restoring your own economy and rescuing your own country that was in a beyond dire financial situation.

This means you have been chosen dear one.

So today choose to embrace this time in your life as sacred versus over reacting with anxiety, scarcity or disdain.  Be love.  Do give constant praise and thanks.  Have mercy in your heart to make Pono and forgive everyone for everything.

Brothers and sisters, we are living right now in prophetic times, crowned from Heaven as humble stewards by God the Father himself, executing His Will above all others for the benefit of mankind and planet Earth.

Wow!  Talk about amazing grace manifested and personified!  Just wow!

The RV is sacred.  Treat it as such.
The GCR is historic.  Honor it as such.
The Paris Agreement is galacticly epic.  Marvel at its simplicity and unity.

Your participation and soul are irreplaceable in this process.  Thus it’s now prudent to acknowledge both your soul’s importance and divinity in this moment.

So enough with the rage.  As we only hear love now.  Enough with the he said, she said nonsense.  It just wastes digital cloud server space.  And enough with posting fear and doubt, the RV has been on our shores, converting in USA/Canadian banks since 12:01am October 1, 2016.

Struggle no longer exists as it relates to the RV.  So please stop borrowing drama.  It’s embarrassing.

For you are right now wealthy beyond all traditional measure of earthly abundance–and far, far greater than any Forbes 500 list–favored by God like the Human Angels we all are.

Yes we are the Chosen Ones.  And our time hath come to serve the most high by picking up the lowest in our midsts.

Be the blessing today and everyday moving forward.  And do those small and large philanthropic acts for the rest of your life; always having the security of knowing God is with us eternally in the truth of Yeshua Ben Yosef.

Aloha Ke Akua
(God is Love)