Astrology For Valentine’s Day! February 14, 2018

Gepubliceerd op 14 feb. 2018

I see what it is that I need to do, As my eyes have now been opened, And I call upon the spirit world, That pure love not be forgotten. As I mention in the report, we couldn’t have a better astrological reflection of Valentine’s Day! What I didn’t get into so much was the larger cycle of the eclipses that this solar eclipse in Aquarius is part of. The Moon’s nodes entered the Leo/Aquarius axis in May last year and will remain there until November. So you may well remember the eclipse season of last year, particularly the total solar eclipse on August 21st as it occurred within 2 degrees opposite to Thursday’s at 27 Aquarius 08! I mention this now because many will have been “working” on similar themes from last August until now and this can be a time when the fog lifts, clarity returns, and we see what/why we created or were a part of such and such madness for the last six months haha! Hindsight is always so much clearer than when we’re “in it” eh? Lastly, then, we can also see that so much is out of our control for some time to come with the emphasis in Cap-Pisces, that we must continue to strengthen our awareness of and reliance on the spirit world. To assume that we “know” or are in control during these times is arrogant as well as foolish, leading to disastrous results. Love both humbles us and lifts us to unknown heights. Best not to assume we have it together but rather let the world reveal It’s “togetherness” to us! Injoy! Want more? Subscribe to the free newsletter or join the NPA community (free Q and A webinar Friday!) at: Valentine’s Day Astrology Raffle closes at midnight Wednesday!…