Astrology for the Soul October 10, 2019

New Paradigm Astrology 97,6K abonnees The true measure of power, Is not money, fame, or sex, But the capacity to see and know, And do exactly what is best. Could be getting pretty knarly here for the rest of the month the way these transits are playing out folks. Like I say in the report….. after these Sun squares we’ve got Mars squares. And it’s coming on now, especially as the Moon enters Aries (the warrior) and comes full on! Yikes! Not for the faint of heart! Probably hardest on the watery/air signs as the earth signs will ground in and the fire signs will charge back. Any which way, as the mantra says, there is no predicting what will come up for you so it is a time where great discernment is needed and you will need to trust yourself and do exactly what is right for you (and everyone) at any given time. That may be charging and/or retreating, sometimes within moments of each other or from one phone call/chat to the next. Time to MASTER THE SITUATION. To get the Pele Report newsletter and more astrology/Kyoga with Kaypacha visit: !