Astrology for the Soul November 27, 2019

New Paradigm Astrology 99,2K abonnees Join us to hear all about 2020!… There’s right and wrong and good and bad, As clear as the nose on my face. I need to stand up and speak it out, Before it gets too late. Typing that out reminds me of another thing I forgot to discuss (always happens). The “I don’t know” phenomena. BS. Having both raised and taught kids growing up I know this is a favorite, but you can hear it from adults too. My response is to be still, FEEL deeply, and you will find that you DO know. Not knowing is simply being out of touch with yourself, your feelings, and your intuition. There are many causes/reasons for this, but the remedy is simple. You may not want to know, you may not want to tell, you may not want to discuss it, or you may just be hiding it from yourself. Whenever I get into a space of not knowing, I know it’s time to meditate and get back in touch, eh?! Sometimes I need to stop my ego driven, left brain thinking in order to get in touch with my intuition (Jupiter/Sag) which most definitely knows. Go for it! For more astrology and Kyoga with Kaypacha visit: For info on the intro music: For info on the closing music: