Astrology for the Soul November 20, 2019

New Paradigm Astrology 98,9K abonnees Come and join us! I want a ticket on the love boat, But find the price is high, I have to be humble, surrendered, and open, And let my old self die. HaHa! Is that a high price or what? Life/Love is humbling. We do need to surrender to it at times, and certainly, one of the hardest things to do if you have been hurt is to open up your heart again and keep it open. One the other hand, the rewards are also high. There’s nothing like LOVE! And Venus joining Jupiter is a day (or more) of just that! Now as I mention in the report, there is the Mars opposite Uranus happening at the same time (Moon too) on Sunday. They are calling for radical amounts of freedom and exploration. I asked the question in the report of just what freedom is. On the way home it struck me that freedom is consciousness. The more conscious we are the less we are driven (and make choices) by our unconscious past and ingrained patterns. Hence, less shadow = greater freedom. So these days are days where Love (lover’s feedback) can help us become more conscious of our unconscious (Mars opposite Uranus) resulting in becoming more free (Venus conjunct Jupiter in Sag)! Perfect! Now all there is left to do is DO IT! Injoy! For more astrology and Kyoga with Kaypacha visit: For info on the intro music: For info on the closing music: