Astrology for the Soul May 9, 2018

Gepubliceerd op 9 mei 2018


When dealing with forces beyond my control, I must summon my strength from within, And like a tall tree with roots that run deep, Stand strong and move with the wind. Jupiter in Scorpio reveals 2018 as a year of BIG feelings triggered by loss, endings, conflict, and unions that result in deep transformation. We will be seeing more of this. Let’s keep in mind that intensity is a tool of the soul to assist us in accessing our deepest fears and emotions AND showing us our deepest values and truth. Through the trials and tribulations of these times (and those approaching) may we feel deeply and love intensely. The temperature is going to be rising around here so let’s try not to get too carried away with these winds of change but rather use them to see ourselves and share ourselves more fully, wholly, and completely. May the force be with you!! To join the Uranus in Taurus Intensive for FREE visit:… For info on the intro music: For info on the closing music: