Astrology for the Soul March 21, 2018

Gepubliceerd op 21 mrt. 2018

The more I watch my temper, The more conscious I become, Of how I need to change my life, So I can have more fun! Simple Simon says, haha! Really, Aries (where we have the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus now) is known for being blunt, possibly brash, but for sure straightforward and clear! Get it done, get it outa’ the way, and get on with it! And when it’s blocked (like it is now) the fire can rise. Aries rules the head in astrology and they can have a temper and be “hotheads.” However, with these aspects this will not be limited to only Aries for sure lol! So, rather than get all in a huff……. make the change! I know Mercury is retrograde, that just means you should reflect on the change, plan it out, prepare it, not jump on it, but not not do it. Time to trust those Aries instincts too, your passion detector is a good indicator of what makes life worth living now isn’t it? What lights your fire? What makes it burn brighter? That’s it, you got it! Injoy! We’re having a special that ends tonight ar midnight PDT! You get 2 free months, a whole Uranus intensive, and discounts on readings if you join the NPA Community!!!! Check it out and hurry!… More Kaypacha! more end music!