Astrology for the Soul Jun 20, 2018

Gepubliceerd op 20 jun. 2018


My creative juices are flowing, As I’m ready to give birth, Ready to give it all I’ve got, For I have seen the new earth. Yup! We’ve all been awakened (some by an alarm) with Mars going into Aquarius and squaring Uranus. Now Mars will station and go retrograde for two months. Time to take the awakened vision, roll up the sleeves, and make the changes necessary for the new vision to manifest. This will test us each on many different levels and in many different ways (depending on your personal chart). What we will all be going through together is the question “Do I change myself or try and change the outside world?” Is this objective or subjective? Is it my problem or is my mission? Do I try and change my partner, leave my partner or change the way I relate? How much control do I really have, should have? Do I buckle down and accept or revolt? Know what I mean? As we all sit with these questions the answers each of us comes up with will determine, actually form/create who we are. Who are you? Wanna know more? Check out our free webinar coming up!… For more astrology and Kyoga with Kaypacha visit: For info on the intro music: For info on the closing music: