Astrology for the Soul February 5, 2020

New Paradigm Astrology 101K abonnees Come to Astrology Rising!

Regardless of my surroundings,

What people say, do, or feel,

I have a core, essential truth,

It’s my destiny to reveal.

Haha! That is so Leo, isn’t it? But it can also be Aquarius! So it is just perfect for that full Moon in Leo opposite the Sun in Aquarius, especially following the new Moon in Aquarius on the 24th. I think we should also strike while the iron is hot as they say, before Mercury goes retrograde. While he’s still direct (externalization of the internal impulse) is a wonderful time to share your dreams, fantasies, and who you’d like to be or see yourself as becoming. He’ll soon be going retrograde which is a better time for inner reflection and can even signal miscommunication and misunderstandings. While we have Chiron in Aries for the next 7 years or so, Venus coming upon him this week may highlight some sensitive feelings that we would be wise to integrate into that “core essential truth,” of ourselves. The more we incorporate our heart/feelings into our identity the more “true” and “core” it is, eh? Wishing you the best in all your endeavors!