Astrology for the Soul April 4, 2018

Gepubliceerd op 3 apr. 2018


Rather than look outside myself, For guidance, strength and support, I read the wind and go within, To sail my ship to port. These can be good days to shape up and ship out! Take all that pent up energy (or anger), slam your fist down and commit to breaking some bad habits or old patterns. Just for the hell of it. Don’t need a “reason” even, just “This is who I want to be and I’m going to be it. So there. Not because anybody is telling me to or even cares, just for myself.” Yup, sometimes there’s nothing but self determination left to make the changes. It’s a real test of character and we can come up with endless things or people to blame for what we’re feeling (or not), but in the end we know we are responsible for our own shit. These are the days when the mirror mirror on the wall just maybe telling you “Get a job.” Haha! OMG, as hard as it is to take, the truth might just set you free…… and we’ll all be so glad we did it! Astrology at COLD DEPRESSION MEDITATION:… More astrology and kundalini yoga with Tashi Powers at: End music at: