Astrology for the Soul April 22, 2020

eergaven•22 apr. 2020 823 16 Delen OpslaanNew Paradigm Astrology 112K abonnees My feelings are a pathway, Leading to my Soul, Exploring them in silent stillness, My true Self I come to know. Happy Earth Day! Let’s celebrate our Great Mother! Our great mother and all mother’s and all women, and all feminine, yin, receptive, still, dark, introverted, feeling energy everywhere in men, women, plants, animals, stars and galaxies! Let’s balance the DOING with BEING as the the new Moon in Taurus shows us the way (ruling the north node at 0 degrees Cancer). There is so much music in the silence and soul in the space if we can quiet ourselves enough to hear/feel it. I didn’t even get to Ceres entering Pisces! She’s closing her almost 5 year cycle from now until next February. While Ceres is associated with everything earthy, nutritious, nurturing, and prolific, she also has to do with grief. Grief at the loss of her daughter to the underworld. We may all be feeling/dealing with loss over these coming months as she transits Pisces, the final, closing sign of the zodiac. Truly an old way of being is passing to give way to a new birth. Fully feeling into our feelings at this time will best prepare us for birthing a sensitive, caring, love-based future paradigm. No need to rush, fix, fight, or yell, rather, trust, sense, forgive, pray, and give thanks for all that supports us through this transition. Blessings Be! I grabbed some footage of off “Today I Rise” at the end of the report. Check out the whole video HERE!… Absolutely! For more astrology and Kyoga with Kaypacha visit: For info on the intro music: For info on the closing music: