Astrology for the Soul April 15, 2020

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When surrounded with news some false some true, Where the total truth is yet to be known, I stay in my center and calmly connect, With my friends in the eye of the storm.

Well, this is a weekend to connect with friends, get creative, and have some fun no matter how that is accomplished! Venus in Gemini loves to socialize, Mercury in Aries is all fired up, and Mars in Aquarius has some brilliant new ideas to share. Much of the socializing might be about the future (Saturn in Aquarius etc.) and finances as the Sun moves into Taurus. Let’s all brainstorm about a new paradigm so we can co-create it after this reset! While all that is going on the surface, inwardly we may well be feeling the loss of those dear to us or the pain and suffering of so many of our brothers and sisters. The Moon is waning from her last quarter square and making her way through sensitive, empathic Pisces (conjunct Neptune). We’re all letting go of a lot these days and it is important to grieve those losses. Hopefully some isolation will be lifted so we don’t have to grieve alone and our human nature which is fundamentally social can return for some nourishing, loving, connection. For more astrology and Kyoga with Kaypacha visit: For info on the intro music: For info on the closing music: A Verse for Our Times: “We must eradicate from the soul All fear and terror of what comes toward us out of the future. We must acquire serenity In all feelings and sensations about the future. We must look forward with absolute equanimity To everything that may come. And we must think only that whatever comes Is given to us by a world-directive full of wisdom. It is part of what we must learn in this age, Namely, to live out of pure trust, Without any security in existence. Trust in the ever present help of the spiritual world. Truly, nothing else will do If our courage is not to fail us. And let us seek the awakening from within our selves, Every morning and every evening.” Rudolf Steiner