Ascended Master St. Germain Beloved Friends

Ascended Master St. Germain Beloved Friends!

Most Of You Have Heard Of Ascended Masters Throughout This Waking Dream!
There Is One That We Will Speak About That Is Familiar To Many!
The Term Ascended Master Will First Be Clarified.
Before One Ascends To The Higher Realms, Know Fully They Have Descended To Experience The Lower Vibrational Frequencies And To Transcend All Lower Densities As They Choose To Leave Without Experiencing The Death Of The Body Prior To Exiting As The Soul.

Master St.Germain Has Incarnated To Earth Many Times.
His Soul Has Also Manifested In Form In A Pure State Without Birth.
You Might Understand This With The Pleiadian Teaching Of Arriving To Assist And Meeting With White Hats. He Is An Arcturian Soul Named BEKEE LAMES.
He Is On Earth Now As Barron Trump, Son Of President Donald Trump And Melania Trump.
On Arcturus, His Mother Is Melania Who Is Named AIMEO.

He Will Be A Leader In SHEEN With Others That Will Assist In Life On The New Earth.
His First Incarnation From Arcturus Was In Atlantis Thousands Of Years Ago.
He Was Called ‘VASILIS’. He Was A Peace Warrior And Arrived Without Being Born.
He Manifested From A Body Of Light And Projected As An Avatar With Long Black Hair And Blue Eyes.
He Was Muscular And Tall. He Came To Teach About Light, Telepathy And Peace.
He Was Loved Greatly And Understood The Demise Of Atlantis That Was To Be.
He Taught People About The Soul And Their Infinite Life. He Taught Them To Let Go Of Fear In The Face Of Adversity.
He Remained 200 Years Before Exiting To A Mothership. He Was Welcomed Back To Arcturus With Celebrations.

He Incarnated 8 More Times To Earth. The Last Waking Dream Before Barron Trump Was 500 Years Ago. This Is Where The Name, St. Germain Began. He Was Born And Named Germain Gabin In France. He Was Completely Gifted With Telepathy, Healing Gifts And An Understanding Of The Infinite Soul. He Drew Crowds That Listened Intently And Learned Beyond The Religions They Were Bound By In Life. He Meditated Daily And Created Light Wherever He Went. Lives Were Changed And His Mission Was Complete. He Left The Earth In 100 Years.
Again, The Celebrations Were Grand On Arcturus. Arriving As Barron Trump Was A Plan Created With Great Purpose By This Mighty Soul.
He Will Share Love And Unity As Peace Will Abound With All Life. Everyone Will Understand All Lives Chosen By This Soul As Well As Their Own. For No Soul Is Without Great Purpose! This Was The Message Always From Our Beloved Friend, BEKEE LAMES! You Will Know, Just As You Are Known!

In Light We Rise! EN EEKE MAI EA! LAKA