As the level of consciousness increases people will become more intuitive and less likely to accept what they are expected to believe.

Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 30 November 2018


Mike Quinsey

As the level of consciousness increases people will become more intuitive and less likely to accept what they are expected to believe. For ages they have been fed with news that has not given them the full truth and at times have been outright lies. Now the situation is changing as people are becoming more aware and they are beginning to demand the truth. Their voices will be heard and at one end of the scale there will be demonstrations until they get what they want. It is regretful that violence has been used but it does nevertheless show the passion that people feel about such issues. The same energy must be channelled into peaceful protests, as otherwise it will give the authorities an excuse to use greater force to control the protesters. The authorities have no wish to fight the people, but if order is to be maintained it sometimes becomes necessary to act when violence is used. It is unfortunate that unscrupulous people use demonstrations as a cover for it as it is not necessarily connected with the aims of the protesters.

The people of Earth have much more power than they realise, and when their collective thought forms focus upon the same things it brings results, and it is why group meditation is so powerful. For the same reason prayer is powerful but not the degree of repetition that is often associated with religion. The message must come from the heart and be filled with love. When you call upon the greater powers such as God for help, be assured that your prayer is received. Sometimes it will be responded to in such a way that you would not necessarily link it with your request. Those who make negative requests are likely to find that it rebounds upon them through the Law of Attraction.

If you consider that there has been no apparent let up to the changes occurring on Earth, it should be obvious that there is no going back to the old ways or conditions. A new era has already begun and with it the old ways have been overtaken by new ideas, and the New Age is slowly but surely becoming firmly established. The time has long past when changes that should have been introduced can be held up by the actions of those who continue to support the old ways. In your present time new inventions and ideas to bring in better ways of doing things are prevented from benefitting you, by those who profit from progress being held back. It is prompted by the desire to maintain the old ways of doing things that are often more profitable. However, progress will ensure that the changes will come and be introduced, and those Beings of Light helping to bring it about will succeed.

Dear Ones whatever situation you find yourselves in it is more than likely you have attracted it to yourselves. It does not mean you are necessarily going to be involved, but your experience may be from the point of view of an observer. You are in effect learning all of the time whatever situation you find yourself in. for example if you think upon it, you may see an accident and would your first thought be to give assistance, or not get involved as some people choose. Many such situations crop up quite frequently and they are in a sense a test of your reactions. Clearly you cannot be all things to everyone, but if your first thoughts are for the wellbeing of others you are raising your vibrations.

The Earth is a tough place to gain your experiences, through which you learn what is right or wrong from a spiritual point of view. Bear in mind that what you reap comes back to you, and when you believe an experience has been unjust it may not necessarily relate to your present life. Karma can be held until an appropriate time comes up when it can be cleared, so be assured there are no mistakes where it is concerned. Take it all seriously and accept what you perceive the lesson to be, and it is almost certain you will not have to experience it again. Karma is not a punishment but a learning curve that evolving souls have to go through. The system is absolutely fair and we have often told you that as a result of lessons once learnt, you will never have to go through the same experience again.

If you find the experiences of life overpowering know that you always agree to them before you incarnate, and no one is expected to accept more than they can cope with. After all, your Guides are ever present and help you through the difficult times if you listen to them. Then again you have your Higher Self, your ever present aspect that knows you better than yourself who also gives you guidance, but it is never forced upon you. Freewill is respected even if you use it incorrectly but it will incur karma. So accept your lessons with grace and goodwill as they are your stepping stones to evolution. If you knew exactly how much your Guides have helped you, it would surprise you as they influence you to take the right action when your thoughts may take a different path.

In your loneliest or saddest moments your Guides try to lift you up, they are always by your side. They send you loving energies all of the time and are ecstatic when you in turn give your love and blessings to another soul. Every kind deed is noted and goes a long way towards increasing your vibrations. Other people that come in contact with you will experience them without knowing what they are, and feel very good in your company because the higher energies are healing in nature. At the other end of the scale negative energies make people feel uncomfortable as they are clearly unpleasant. In the near future such souls will find themselves with like-kind, whilst the souls that are ready will ascend.

Life can seem unfair if you do not understand the system of karma, and what you need to do to move on and create your own opportunity to evolve, is leave the lower vibrations behind. You should concentrate on your own progress as no one soul is favoured over another, and all are given equal opportunity to learn and evolve. It is up to you when you consider you are ready to advance, and as soon as you wish to do so help will be on hand. Those who have already evolved to the higher dimensions will help you along your chosen path. At many different levels you are helped through your lives, as it is in every ones interests to help as many souls as possible to ascend. It releases them from the wheel of karma and frees them from the necessity to have to keep reincarnating into the lower dimensions to evolve.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. It is certainly needed in the middle of so much confusion.

This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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